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Dadroit JSON Viewer - Open BIG JSON Data In a Blink

Open BIG JSON Data In a Blink
A new approach to process JSON Data files

Whats Dadroit? Dadroit is a brilliant tool that treats JSON as a Data format, not a plain text. It provides you quick outline view with the help of tree representation of JSON Data from root to last nodes. You can browse and query JSON like an enterprise DBMS.

Save you time.

Dadroit is made from scratch with one important goal in mind, performance. We achieve this goal by treating JSON as a Data format, not a plain text. Everything is custom made to make it happen and the result is astonishing: Open a gigabyte file in a couple of seconds.

1:1 System Usage.

The first JSON viewer that can handle JSON files in gigabyte sizes. It takes as much ram as the file size, nothing more.

Find As You Type.

Real-time search in any JSON file size, followed by full feature functionality including RegEx, JSONPath, highlighted results and instant go-to.

Auto reload

With monitoring opened file, Dadroit will detect any change in the file and will reload it automatically. Keep everything up to date. Of course, this option can be configured.


Data integration is a critical step in digital transformation. Dadroit makes it easy with providing exporting any part of a document to your desired formats like JSON and XML including formatted and minified options. More formats will coming soon.