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September 14th 2019

Some upcoming changes...

I plan on deleting our Twitter account very soon. Not only do I think its not really helping us in any way, but its also supporting a platform I dislike. I also don't trust them when it comes to data collection, working with governments, censorship, and many other issues. Maybe I'll move to gab. Maybe I'll start our own Mastodon service - TLDR: Our Twitter Account's Day Are Numbered...

Our chat server has been having network problems the last few days. Our host is working on it they said. Don't be alarmed if chat server appears down to you.

We have now made our new dark forum theme the default look of WebOasis forum. We are still working on ironing out all the bugs, but feel its good enough now to be publicly released. Please report any and all bugs you find here:

Re: September 14th 2019

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I feel like it’s a shame your deleting the twitter account but I understand your reasoning

Re: September 14th 2019

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On a positive note, it seems the chat server is no longer having network issues.


Re: September 14th 2019

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The dark theme is very nice, definitely like how it's the default over the blinding white that a lot of sites have.