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How Can I Help With WebOasis?

I often have people in chat or on the forums ask me how they can help or contribute and I never have a good answer for them...until now...I'll try to update this post with anything that we could use some assistance with :-)
Feel free to help however you can!

  • Spread the word to as many people as possible about us. Tell you friends and family. Post about WebOasis on social media. Share our link on other forums. Please do it respectfully and professionally. The more information you provide, the better.
  • Share as many items on our forum here as possible. You can look at posts already made to see which file hosts we typically use.
  • If you are good with the python programming language, you could look into finishing this: - Please notice their is a newer version posted towards bottom. The end goal is a portable exe that anyone could run without installing python. Fix bugs if you find any.
  • Create a new user guide on the WebOasis forums. We are looking for something that explains WebOasis completely to the user while highlighting the benefits and features. We want it to explain in detail how to use the features.
  • More Coming Soon

Re: How Can I Help With WebOasis?

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Already made 4 big posts and not stopping also can you add a raspberry pi section? Please

Re: How Can I Help With WebOasis?

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Someone please package into exe with python integrated so end user doesn't have to install python runtime or interpreter

My goal is to make All In One Torrent Search that is super fast