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Haven't been able to connect to it since last night :(

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Down for me too


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Yes, I'm aware. Its our provider's upstream that is having issues.

Chat is hosted on different network than main weboasis site. Hence the site working fine but chat not.

You can see via link above its connectable via half the world, and dead to other half...

I was able to connect to a VPN from Sweden...then I was able to connect and see chat.

The whole reason I chose this provider was Novogara/Ecatel/FiberExpress all the same bulletproof provider/network was one of our chat provider's upstreams...This was to ensure we could do filesharing in chat without having to worry about dmca and abuse reports...However this is an obvious downside...Being a notorious hoster, not only do you attract large attacks like DDOS attacks but you also regularly get depeered or lose upstream providers.

I spoke with our host and they said they are aware of the problem and working on a fix but provided no ETA. I'm wondering if its even up to them, or if they have to wait on their upstream provider (ecatel) to fix.

Hopefully its fixed soon, otherwise I'll just dump this server and rent a new one elsewhere and avoid this notorious network due to too  much downtime.