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Oasis Political Party

Views & Beliefs Held By Oasis Party



Foreign Policy

Foreign Aid



Super Pacs, Lobbying, Special Interest Groups


Freedom of Speech


Term Limits

Big Tech Censorship/Bias

Climate Change / Environment

Copyright Law

Net Neutrality


Border Security

Prison Reform


What other items are we missing that need discussion?

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Re: Oasis Political Party

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REFORM for Super Pacs, Lobbying, Special Interest Groups

see: Colbert and his Colbert Super PAC
and   Congressional Fundraising: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Religion AND Freedom from it.
Taxation of churches over income over operating costs/repairs/15%savings that isn't used to help people below poverty line.

Foreign Aid Reform
what is spent in foreign aid, must be spent domestically on homelessness

Right to Healthcare
gotta clarify!

Copyright Law reform
no one needs 120 year copyright.

Taxes and Wealth Limit.
$999M anything over that goes to taxes and used for Universal Basic Income.
Congratulations you won capitalism!

Net Neutrality and Universal Access
Unlimited Data access on "Obama phones" made available to anyone


Freedom from Discrimination of all

Universal Basic Income

Non-Combatant Conscription for all - 2 years

Re: Oasis Political Party

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Right to Privacy seems to be a growing issue that I think we would align on

Re: Oasis Political Party

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We should be the first paleolibertarian party

Guns - The right to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. And yes, citizens should be allowed to own military grade weapons if they have the money and don't hurt others with it

Military - Cut military spending a bit

Healthcare - No more stealing taxpayer money to pay for everyone's "free" healthcare

Drugs - Totally legal, deregulated

Freedom of Speech - All free speech is legal, including "hate speech"

Abortion - I'm not having it, especially late-term

Big Tech Censorship / Bias - Big tech giants are inevitable monopolies, on par with the government in terms of power, and aren't subject to the same freedom as other big corporations, and do need to be regulated

Climate Change / Environment - It's real, but who fucking cares? There are probably better solutions than regulation anyway

Copyright Law - Fuck copyright law

Net Neutrality - Based

Immigration - We're the land of the free, and that freedom stays within our borders. Fuck you, commies B)

Religion - Church and state should be kept separated. I'm not a big god guy myself, though I do think that Christianity is pretty based.

Re: Oasis Political Party

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We should be the first paleolibertarian party

hey no offense but this post is the funniest thing I've ever read on this site


Re: Oasis Political Party

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Federal vs Unitary or how much government should be centralized
Democratic vs Authoritarian
Individualism vs Collectivism
Technological advancement vs primitivism
Patriarchy vs Matriarchy
Should people only live with those similar to them (race)
Eugenics based on IQ, race, economic, ideology, etc.
Retributive justice vs Rehabilitative justice