» Mesa Radeon Vulkan Driver Sees ~30% Performance Boost For APUs
7 minutes ago from Phoronix
Mesa's RADV Radeon Vulkan driver just saw a big performance optimization land to benefit APUs like Raven Ridge and Picasso, simply systems with no dedicated video memory...

» Photos: New Apple Waterside Shops brings latest design to Southwest Florida
7 minutes ago from 9to5Mac
Apple’s retail store at Waterside Shops in Naples, Florida has reopened with a larger footprint and an all-new design. The store was temporarily closed and completely reconstructed over the past yea...

» #OSSUMMIT: Confidential Computing Consortium Takes Shape to Enable Secure Collaboration
16 minutes ago from LXer Linux News
At the Open Source Summit in San Diego, California on August 21, the Linux Foundation announced the formation of the Confidential Computing Consortium. Confidential computing is an approach using encr...

» Uber tries to reassure customers that it takes safety seriously, following NYTimes book exerpt
18 minutes ago from TechCrunch
It’s hard at times not to feel sorry for CEO Dara Khosrowshahi, given all that he inherited when he became the ride-share giant’s top boss back in April 2017. Among his many to-do items: take publ...

» Brazil Tries Deploying Its Military To Fight Fires in the Amazon
19 minutes ago from Slashdot
"As an ecological disaster in the Amazon escalated into a global political crisis, Brazil's president, Jair Bolsonaro, took the rare step on Friday of mobilising the armed forces to help contain blaze...

» Ethereum Is in a Bear Market, But One Analyst Explains Why He’s Long
52 minutes ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Ether’s USD and BTC pairings are still being ravaged by bears

» ITER: 'Where the Sun Will Be Re-Born on Earth'
1 hour ago from Slashdot
Long-time Slashdot reader rinka shares an article about "the place where the Sun will be re-born on Earth": The world's best scientists are trying to create a 'miniature Sun' on Earth to tap its fusi...

» Marvel’s Avengers Preview – A Super-Heroic Live Service?
1 hour ago from Wccftech
We all know about the reaction from people when it comes to Marvel’s Avengers when certain aspects were first revealed at E3. Let’s just say that the character designs weren’t completely well re...

» US Man Pleads Guilty to Running $25 Million Bitcoin Laundering Scheme
2 hours ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Alleged dealer pleads guilty to running a $25 million Bitcoin money-laundering scheme and sale of methamphetamine

» This wonderful turbine-powered car should have won at Pebble Beach
2 hours ago from Ars Technica
But why didn't the world's most beautiful car win best in show?

» Y Combinator Demo Day, revenue-based VC funding, Pivotal, Dell, Tumblr, WeWork, and more
2 hours ago from TechCrunch
Editor’s note Due to bad travel logistics (thanks SFO), I wasn’t able to get the mid-week edition of the Extra Crunch roundup newsletter out. Sorry about that. Instead, here is everything we publi...

» 2019 Hugo Award Winners Include a Fan Fiction Site and 'Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse'
2 hours ago from Slashdot
DevNull127 writes: The 77th World Science Fiction Convention announced the winners of the 2019 Hugo Awards at a ceremony Sunday night. Here's some of the highlights. At least two of these stories ca...

» Outsourcing to Microsoft and Openwashing as a Service (OaaS): This is the Linux Foundation in 2019
2 hours ago from LXer Linux News
The concept of "Open" at the Linux Foundation gives room for thought; are things really being opened or mostly marketed as "Open" and, if so, is the Foundation more like a marketin...

» The new Disney+ streaming service is oriented around fans and families
2 hours ago from TechCrunch
You can tell a lot about a service by what it prioritizes on its home screen. With the new Disney + service the focus is initially organized by fan base, with different silos for the company’s vario...

» Amazon follows suit after Walmart in complaining of Tesla's fiery solar panels
2 hours ago from Neowin
The Seattle giant claimed one of Tesla's solar panel systems at its warehouses caught fire in 2018. Subsequently, Amazon has made it clear that it has no plans of installing any more Tesla systems. Re...

» OnePlus 7T Shown With A Disappointing Upgrade In Alleged Leak
2 hours ago from Wccftech
Smartphone starlet OnePlus made some big moves this year as it chose to launch two smartphones as a part of its flagship smartphone lineup. The OnePlus 7 and OnePlus 7 Pro differ in a few specific are...

» Windows 10 news recap: more Samsung phones could get “Link to Windows” feature, Minecraft to get a new rendering engine, and more
2 hours ago from OnMSFT.com
Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Other Samsung Android phones may get built-in “L...

» Halo: Reach PC Insider testing for Firefight now live, invites sent to 10,000 players
2 hours ago from Neowin
343 Industries has kicked off another Halo Insider session for PC players, this time giving them access to the wave-based cooperative mode Firefight for the weekend. 10,000 invites have been sent out....

» Cisco released 4CAN hardware tool to find flaws in automotive computers
3 hours ago from Security Affairs
Cisco has released a hardware tool, called 4CAN, developed to help researchers to discover vulnerabilities in automotive systems.  Computer systems in modern vehicles are very complex, they contain a...

» Pirate Site Blocking Boosts Netflix Subscriptions, Research Suggests
3 hours ago from TorrentFreak
The effectiveness of pirate site blocking is widely debated. Soon to be published research suggests that, under the right conditions, it can be an effective anti-piracy tool. If enough sites are targe...

» Facebook Awards $100,000 Prize For New Code Isolation Technique
3 hours ago from Slashdot
ZDNet reports: Facebook has awarded a $100,000 prize to a team of academics from Germany for developing a new code isolation technique that can be used to safeguard sensitive data while it's being p...

» France says social media platforms will still sign hate speech pledge
3 hours ago from Reuters: Technology News
France said it was optimistic that U.S.-based social media platforms including Facebook and Snapchat would still sign a pledge to fight online hate speech despite a last-minute delay.

» Trump says U.S. would tax French wine in response to digital tax
3 hours ago from Reuters: Technology News
U.S. President Donald Trump on Friday reiterated criticism of a French proposal to levy a tax aimed at big U.S. technology companies and threatened again to retaliate by taxing French wine.

» Ewan McGregor confirms he will return as Obi-Wan for new Star Wars series
3 hours ago from Ars Technica
Plus first trailers for What If...? and The Mandalorian; more new series under way.

» Xbox One version 1910 is now feature-complete
3 hours ago from Neowin
Microsoft is releasing a new Xbox One version 1910 build today to the Preview Alpha ring, and the company says that the update is feature-complete, but features will be announced next week. Read more....

» Driving Volkswagen’s all-electric ID Buggy concept
3 hours ago from TechCrunch
The VW electric ID Buggy concept is delightful and bright, stout and smiling. It’s a vehicle fit for the sunshine and sand dunes, or perhaps a less committing slow roll along the beach. And so my fi...

» Neowin Podcast Episode 13 - Edge Beta is here!
3 hours ago from Neowin
On this week's episode of the Neowin Podcast, we talk about the long-awaited release of Edge Beta, Intel's new Comet Lake processors, and the end of dessert names for Android versions. Read more...

» India's Chandrayaan-2 Spacecraft Enters the Moon's Orbit
4 hours ago from Slashdot
Long-time Slashdot reader William Robinson writes: An unmanned spacecraft, Chandrayaan 2, India launched last month has begun orbiting the moon before it lands on the far side to search for water. The...

» Microsoft news recap: privacy issues extend to Xbox, LinkedIn blocked 21.6 million fake accounts, and more
4 hours ago from OnMSFT.com
Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Microsoft’s privacy issues expand to Xbox users...

» In Berlin, A ‘DAO Renaissance’ Begins
4 hours ago from CoinDesk
New tools and the rise of DeFi have made decentralized autonomous organizations, or DAOs, newly attractive to ethereum's top developers.

» Galaxy Note 10+: Exynos Vs Snapdragon Test Shows Frame Rate Problem
4 hours ago from Wccftech
Each year Korean tech giant Samsung launches its Galaxy Note and Galaxy S mobile gadgets in two flavors. The one headed for North America and China runs on Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chipsets, while the ...

» From ProdOps to DevOps: Surviving and thriving
4 hours ago from LXer Linux News
A reluctant former ProdOps pro's story of learning to love DevOps.

» Kovalev vs Yarde live stream: how to watch today's boxing online from anywhere
4 hours ago from TechRadar - All the latest technology news
Unbeaten Brit set for first world title challenge in showdown with Russian light-heavyweight champ. See how to live stream Kovalev vs Yarde from absolutely anywhere.

» Dell XPS 15 review: With 4K OLED, Core i9-9980HK, and a GTX 1650, what else could you want?
4 hours ago from Neowin
As usual, Dell's new XPS 15 is the ultimate prosumer PC, packing a ton of power and a beautiful OLED display into a relatively thin and light form factor that weighs just 4.5 pounds. Read more...

» Google Pay is getting a dark mode
5 hours ago from xda-developers
Android 10 is going to be here any day now, with Android 10-specific security patches getting released and Google announcing a rebrand of Android as a whole. One feature that Android 10 has is a syste...

» Toodledo Plus lifetime subscription now 86% off at only $39.99
5 hours ago from Neowin
With today's highlighted deal you could increase your productivity by efficiently managing your tasks and reminders with this online task manager. Get the lifetime plan to Plus at over $250 off. Read ...

» Poloniex Pledges to Reimburse Flash Crash Losses, Victims Displeased
5 hours ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Poloniex to offer 100% lending fee rebate to flash crash victims, according to a Circle spokesperson amid community discontent

» Three Smart Ovens Turned On Overnight, Then Preheated To 400 Degrees
5 hours ago from Slashdot
AmiMoJo quote the Verge: At least three smart June Ovens have turned on in the middle of the night and heated up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. The ovens' owners aren't sure why this happened, ...

» Hacker will compensate victims with $1.1 million Bitcoin illegally earned
5 hours ago from Security Affairs
UK authorities have seized over £920,000 ($1.1 million) worth of Bitcoin from a prolific hacker, the funds will be used to compensate his victims. Grant West, aka ‘Courvoisier,’ is a hacker that ...

» What do you associate with certain web browsers?
5 hours ago from gHacks Technology News
You have lots of choice when it comes to selecting one or two web browsers for computer and mobile use. On desktop, you may select the browser that is included with the […] Ghacks needs you. You can...

» Liverpool vs Arsenal live stream: how to watch today's Premier League football online from anywhere
5 hours ago from TechRadar - All the latest technology news
Will the Gunners make amends for last season's Merseyside misery? We'll tell you how to live stream Liverpool vs Arsenal in the Premier League wherever you are.

» Does Amazon have answers for the future of the NHS?
5 hours ago from Technology | The Guardian
The technology behemoth is preparing a move into the healthcare market, but critics fear profit will come before patients and privacyEnthusiasts predicted the plan would relieve the pressure on hard-p...

» Rachio 3: A Smart Yard Sprinkler Controlling Water Consumption
5 hours ago from ReadWrite
As a homeowner, I’ve embraced smart home technology by adding numerous devices designed to reduce energy consumption and use natural resources wisely. The smart devices have helped with the regulati...

» Poll: Would you be willing to sacrifice sound quality for a cheaper HomePod?
6 hours ago from 9to5Mac
Earlier this week, Bloomberg published a breakdown of the new hardware likely coming from Apple over the next year. One detail in the report was that Apple is apparently planning a lower-cost HomePod....

» Why Are 'Supply Chain Attacks' on Open Source Libraries Getting Worse?
6 hours ago from Slashdot
"A rash of supply chain attacks hitting open source software over the past year shows few signs of abating, following the discovery this week of two separate backdoors slipped into a dozen libraries d...

» American ISPs fined $75,000 for fuzzing airport's weather radar by stealing spectrum
6 hours ago from The Register
FCC also moves, albeit glacially, on robocalls Three ISPs will be fined $25,000 apiece by America's broadband watchdog, the FCC, for interfering with weather signals in Puerto Rico.…

» 5 reasons why this bank holiday is the perfect time to sort your broadband deal
6 hours ago from TechRadar - All the latest technology news
The sun may be shining, but don't miss out on these bargains - it's time to finally get your internet nailed with our pick of the best broadband deals.

» Netflix is testing new human-curated 'Collections' feature
6 hours ago from Neowin
TV shows or movies with similar tone or in the same genre are hand-picked and organized into groups by expert editors. The feature is currently being tested with a limited set of iOS users. Read more....

» A lone gunman roams a galaxy in chaos in first trailer for The Mandalorian
6 hours ago from Ars Technica
New series takes place a few years after the fall of the Empire.

» Trump orders companies to ‘start looking for an alternative to China,’ AAPL falls over 4%
6 hours ago from 9to5Mac
President Trump sent a series of tweets on Friday afternoon addressing the relationship between the United States and China. The president ordered that U.S. companies “immediately start looking for ...

» How to Replace Spaces in Filenames with Underscores on the Linux Shell
6 hours ago from LXer Linux News
In this article, we will explain two ways for you to convert all spaces in filenames to underscores, simply through the command line.

» How relevant is the Canon EOS 90D when mirrorless cameras are better than ever?
6 hours ago from TechRadar - All the latest technology news
Whether or not it's as appealing as mirrorless rivals, Canon's upcoming EOS 90D looks like a sound proposition for enthusiasts.

» Microsoft Is Now Helping Developers Port Their DirectX 12 Games to Windows 7
6 hours ago from Wccftech
DirectX 12 was long bound by Microsoft to Windows 10, which forced gamers to move from Windows 7 or Windows 8 to the latest Windows in order to play DirectX 12-only titles. That’s all changing now, ...

» Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Yoga Gen 4 unboxing and first impressions
6 hours ago from Neowin
Lenovo's new ThinkPad X1 Yoga is the first to use an all-aluminum chassis. Fitting in a much smaller footprint this time around, it ditches the Lift and Lock keyboard, and comes with a 4K display. Rea...

» We tried Gears 5 Horde Mode, Halo: Reach on PC, Minecraft Dungeons and more at gamescom, here are our first impressions
7 hours ago from OnMSFT.com
I went to gamescom in Cologne, Germany, earlier this week to check out the latest games shipping later this Fall, and I spent some time with Gears 5 Horde Mode, Halo: Reach on PC, Age of Empires II De...

» Disney Plus will serve up 4K and four streams for each account
7 hours ago from TechRadar - All the latest technology news
We're hearing more about what you're going to get for your money once Disney Plus launches in November.

» OnePlus 7T renders show off circular triple rear camera module
7 hours ago from xda-developers
OnePlus is gearing up to launch its first-ever OnePlus TV at an event in India on September 26, 2019. But that is not all there is planned for that day. The newest set of leaks comes to us through not...

» Netflix testing new ‘Collections’ feature on iOS to highlight content curated by humans
7 hours ago from 9to5Mac
Netflix is testing a new feature on iOS called “Collections” that highlights content curated by humans. This is different than many of the current recommendation features offered in the Netflix ap...

» Our favorite gaming studios, expos, museum exhibits—in a photo blowout
7 hours ago from Ars Technica
Flip through nearly a decade of costumed fans, rare consoles, and much more.

» Top Stories: Apple Card Launch, Titanium Apple Watch, iPhone and HomePod Rumors
7 hours ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Following a couple of weeks of trickling out early invitations, Apple this week launched Apple Card for all U.S. customers, offering broad access to the new digital and physical credit card issued in ...

» New CRISPR Method Advances the Clock for Genetic Editing
7 hours ago from ExtremeTechExtremeTech
Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) molecule, illustration. If genetic editing wasn't crazy enough for your reality, a recent breakthrough in CRISPR technology has paved the way for editing entire ge...

» Apple @ Work: Did web apps allow the Mac to flourish in the enterprise?
7 hours ago from 9to5Mac
Apple products used to be something IT departments hated to deploy, but that mindset has certainly shifted in recent years. A lot has changed to get us to this point, but one thing was the key enabler...

» FTC Settles With Promoters of Multi-Level Marketing Crypto Scheme
7 hours ago from CoinDesk
Four promoters of crypto-denominated chain-referral scams are ordered to pay fines totaling less than $500,000.

» At $899, the new MacBook Air isn't just a good deal, it solidifies the laptop's legacy
7 hours ago from TechRadar - All the latest technology news
In short, we’re seriously considering buying a 2019 MacBook Air at this price, because it’s a great value.

» Quantum Radar Has Been Demonstrated For the First Time
7 hours ago from Slashdot
An anonymous reader quotes a report from MIT Technology Review: Shabir Barzanjeh at the Institute of Science and Technology Austria and a few colleagues have used entangled microwaves to create the wo...

» Early Labor Day Sales: Save on Dell and Alienware PCs, Amazon Devices, and more
7 hours ago from Neowin
This weekend there are some great Dell deals, with the XPS desktop still on sale and the Inspiron 15 7000 getting a discount code. Also, the DTW3 got an extra $200 discount and much more inside! Read ...

» Crypto Funds Are Outperforming – You Shouldn’t Be Surprised
8 hours ago from CoinDesk
Josh Gnaizda of Crypto Fund Research looks into possible reasons behind the relative performance of crypto funds vs bitcoin since Q1 2017.

» Ex-Morgan Stanley Exec Joins His Former Colleagues at Shenzhen Crypto Firm
8 hours ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Ex-Morgan Stanley Asia head of derivatives Jeffrey Wang joined his former colleagues at Shenzhen-based crypto firm

» LG Has Been Working On Reduced Boot Times With Hibernation Optimizations
8 hours ago from Phoronix
LG Electronics has been exploring improvements around hibernation/suspend-to-disk to speed-up the Linux boot process for consumer electronics rather than performing cold boots and as part of that is w...

» Tracking online hate groups reveals why they’re resilient to bans
8 hours ago from Ars Technica
When Facebook kicked the KKK, it re-formed on a Russia-based social network.

» Disney+ to support 4K quality, 4 simultaneous streams for $7 per month
8 hours ago from 9to5Mac
Ahead of its launch this November, we continue to learn more about Disney+. This week, Disney again showcased its upcoming streaming service at the D23 Expo in California, offering new details on what...

» Startups Weekly: Diamond-encrusted disruption
8 hours ago from TechCrunch
In this week's newsletter: Andreessen Horowitz's latest investment, Pietra, is tackling the $250 billion jewelry market.

» Netflix and chill: how the streaming service could make TV social again
8 hours ago from TechRadar - All the latest technology news
TV streaming services like Netflix largely lack built-in social features, but do viewers really want constant distractions from their favorite shows?

» Book publishers sue Audible to stop new speech-to-text feature
8 hours ago from Ars Technica
Publishers say Audible's new captions feature is illegal. Is it?

» The lifecycle of Linux kernel testing
9 hours ago from LXer Linux News
In Continuous integration testing for the Linux kernel, I wrote about the Continuous Kernel Integration (CKI) project and its mission to change how kernel developers and maintainers work. This articl...

» Intel Iris Gallium3D Is Close With SPIR-V Support For OpenGL 4.6
9 hours ago from Phoronix
This week saw OpenGL 4.6 support finally merged for Intel's i965 Mesa driver and will be part of the upcoming Mesa 19.2 release. Not landed yet but coming soon is the newer Intel "Iris" Gallium3D driv...

» Valve reveals two new Dota 2 heroes at The International, Void Spirit and Snapfire
9 hours ago from Neowin
Dota 2's massive roster of heroes is expanding by two more this year. Valve announced during its The International 2019 tournament two more heroes for the free-to-play MOBA, Void Spirit and Snapfire. ...

» England vs Ireland live stream: how to watch today's rugby online from anywhere
9 hours ago from TechRadar - All the latest technology news
All eyes on Twickenham ahead of this key pre-World Cup rugby encounter. See who comes out on top by following our England vs Ireland live stream guide.

» Challenge Cup Final 2019 live stream: how to watch St Helens vs Warrington Wolves rugby league from anywhere
9 hours ago from TechRadar - All the latest technology news
The Rugby League Challenge Cup competition reaches its climax with St Helens taking on Warrington Wolves at Wembley. Don't miss out on a free final live stream.

» Why people keep falling for viral hoaxes
9 hours ago from Ars Technica
How did this latest Instagram hoax spread? Simple: Our dumb brains.

» Can Blockchain Become an Integral Part of Autonomous Vehicles?
9 hours ago from Cointelegraph.com News
How blockchain technology could become an integral tool in the operation of autonomous vehicles

» FreeBSD's Executive Director Calls For Linux + BSD Devs To Work Together
9 hours ago from Phoronix
While called the Open-Source Summit, the event is primarily about Linux as after all it's hosted by the Linux Foundation. But at this week's Open-Source Summit in San Diego, Deb Goodkin as the executi...

» Call off the hunt - these are the top five Samsung Note 10 deals you can buy this weekend
9 hours ago from TechRadar - All the latest technology news
The massive Samsung smartphone is finally weighing down the shelves - there's something for everyone with these Note 10 deals.

» Microsoft Weekly: gamescom 2019, Win32 apps in S Mode for enterprises, and Edge Beta
10 hours ago from Neowin
The last seven days have seen the arrival of a bunch of gaming news - courtesy of gamescom -, some optional Windows updates, and the unveiling of the Edge Beta branch. Be sure to catch up below. Read ...

» Enlightenment 0.23 Released With Massive Wayland Improvements
10 hours ago from Phoronix
It has been almost two years since the release of Enlightenment 0.23 while surprising E23 has now surfaced...

» Motorola One Action Brings Ultra-Wide Videos To Budget Phones
10 hours ago from Fossbytes
Lenovo-owned Motorola has launched a new smartphone in India under its Motorola One series — the Motorola One Action. As a reminder, the smartphone was initially launched in Brazil recently. Motorol...

» Hackers are actively trying to steal passwords from two widely used VPNs
10 hours ago from Ars Technica
Got Fortigate or Pulse Secure? Now would be a good time to make sure they're patched.

» Scotland vs France live stream: how to watch today's rugby international online from anywhere
10 hours ago from TechRadar - All the latest technology news
The Scots meet the French on home turf for this rematch. Watch all the action from Murrayfield with our Scotland vs France live stream guide.

» Telx Technologies Launches First Crypto-Facilitating SIM Card
10 hours ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Telx launches a crypto SIM card that allows transactions via SMS

» La Vuelta a España 2019 live stream: how to watch cycling online from anywhere
10 hours ago from TechRadar - All the latest technology news
The final Grand Tour of the summer is getting underway in Spain - watch all the La Vuelta a España 2019 action with our live stream guide.

» Got a grand for my cat's gap year? The unstoppable rise of 'I want' crowdfunding
10 hours ago from Technology | The Guardian
Forget sponsoring Bob in accounts to run a charity marathon: these days you can ask anyone for anything Iwan Carrington wanted AirPods but he couldn’t afford them, and for most 16-year-old boys that...

» New iPad Pro 2019: what we want to see
10 hours ago from TechRadar - All the latest technology news
Apple is likely gearing up to release a new series of iPad Pro tablets, so this is what we know, and what we want to see.

» Why we shouldn’t let AI write for us
10 hours ago from Computerworld News
Machines are getting better at writing. They can finish our sentences. They can reply to our emails. They can write news reports and even novels. But just because they can doesn’t mean they should.A...

» Amazon Joins Walmart In Saying Tesla Solar Panels Caught Fire
10 hours ago from Slashdot
Earlier today, it was reported that Tesla is working to resolve the lawsuit Walmart filed against the company earlier this week over defective solar panels. However, this story is far from over as Ama...

» EBook.Bike Copyright Case Heading Towards Trial, Default Set Aside
10 hours ago from TorrentFreak
Travis McCrea, the operator of controversial eBook download platform eBook.bike, appears set for his day in court. A motion for default judgment against McCrea filed by author John Van Stry has been s...

» Rumored AMD Ryzen 5 3500 could take out Intel’s budget CPUs going by this leak
10 hours ago from TechRadar - All the latest technology news
Intel could have plenty to worry about, given what we’re hearing about this new budget Ryzen processor.

» England vs Australia 3rd Test live stream: how to watch Ashes cricket from anywhere
10 hours ago from TechRadar - All the latest technology news
It's the Aussies' for the taking - can England save the Ashes at Headingley? You can watch every minute of England vs Australia cricket with an Ashes 3rd Test live stream.

» CD Projekt Red will stream more Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay in August
11 hours ago from TechRadar - All the latest technology news
CD Projekt Red has confirmed that it plans to show 15 minutes of additional Cyberpunk 2077 gameplay this month.

» Headphone Jack Considered a Top Three Feature, According to 1% of U.S. Smartphone Customers
11 hours ago from Wccftech
If you still miss the headphone jack and are bummed out that manufacturers are slowly moving away from this component, you’re not alone. According to a survey carried out by Ting, around 1 percent o...

» Google breaks ‘sweet’ tradition by officially naming latest OS, Android 10
11 hours ago from TechWorm
Google ditches dessert naming scheme, Android Q is now officially Android 10 Google broke its 10-year-old ‘sweet’ naming tradition for its mobile operating system, Android, as its next release, pr...

» Gears Tactics Is Coming to Xbox One, Too, The Coalition’s Rod Fergusson Confirms
11 hours ago from Wccftech
Gears Tactics was one of the surprises The Coalition had for franchise fans at E3 2018. Studio Head Rod Fergusson jumped on the stage to announce not one but three games: Gears 5, Gears Pop! and Gears...

» How to Install FreeRADIUS and daloRADIUS on Ubuntu 18.04 LTS
11 hours ago from LXer Linux News
FreeRADIUS is a free and open-source client/server protocol that provides centralized network authentication on systems and daloRADIUS is a web-based application for managing RADIUS server. In this tu...

» Our exclusive NOW TV deal knocks up to 50% off the box sets Entertainment pass
11 hours ago from TechRadar - All the latest technology news
Want Sky's hottest TV show channels and box sets without a long and expensive contract? NOW TV is the answer.

» Netflix is testing human-curated collections to go with its algorithms
11 hours ago from TechRadar - All the latest technology news
A select number of users have access to a new feature, which relies on picks put together by Netflix staff.

» Weekend PC Game Deals: Freebies, free events and gamescom sales pour in
11 hours ago from Neowin
This weekend's PC game deals include giveaways from Ubisoft and the Epic Games Store that are hosting Fez and For Honor for free, a host of new free events, and even more sales to check out. Read more...

» 6 Best File Compression Software To Use In 2019
11 hours ago from Fossbytes
File compression can be handy if you’re running low on disk space or want to share files on social media networks or messaging websites. If you’re not familiar with how file compression works, you...

» Disney+ Will Offer up to Four Simultaneous Streams and 4K Content for $6.99 a Month
11 hours ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Disney's annual D23 Expo kicked off in Anaheim on Friday, and the company has revealed more details about its upcoming streaming service, Disney+. According to CNET, Disney+ will cost $6.99 a month ...

» EE is giving away free Xbox, Sonos speaker or B&O headphones with Google Pixel 3a deals
11 hours ago from TechRadar - All the latest technology news
A tempting tech goody with one of 2019's best cheap smartphones - these Google Pixel 3a and 3a XL deals are flying off the virtual shelves.

» 20 years later, the Blair Witch is still scaring the **** out of me
11 hours ago from TechRadar - All the latest technology news
I tried out the Blair Witch game at Gamescom 2019 and a German journalist laughed at my terror.

» Walmart sues Tesla over fires at 7 stores with rooftop solar panels
11 hours ago from TechWorm
Tesla sued by Walmart after rooftop solar panels at 7 of its stores catch fire Walmart Inc. on Tuesday sued Tesla Inc. over repeated rooftop solar panel fires that took place in at least seven of its ...

» 6 Best Food Delivery Apps In India For 2019 | Satisfy Your Hunger Anytime
11 hours ago from Fossbytes
Online food ordering in India is on the rise as more and more people are getting access to the internet. For many people like me who live in metro cities and don’t know how to cook, various food del...

» Bitcoin Hovers Around $10,130 as Altcoins Suffer Minor Losses
11 hours ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Most of the top 20 cryptos suffer losses while Bitcoin hovers around $10,130

» Buffer overflow exposes unpatched Squid servers to RCE and DoS attacks
12 hours ago from Security Affairs
Some versions of the Squid web proxy cache server built with Basic Authentication features are affected by a heap buffer overflow vulnerability. The heap buffer overflow security flaw, tracked as CVE...

» Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro is all set to launch later this year
12 hours ago from TechWorm
Apple to release 16-inch MacBook Pro later this year Apple has been rumored to be working on a new 16-inch MacBook Pro for quite some time now. There were also reports of this revamped version to be...

» Graphcore founder Nigel Toon to talk about AI chips at Disrupt Berlin
12 hours ago from TechCrunch
It’s easy to forget that Silicon Valley starts with ‘silicon’, and that there would be no technology innovation without innovation at the silicon level. And Graphcore is well aware of that as th...

» Jellyfin is an open source alternative for Plex, and here's how to setup a server on Windows
13 hours ago from gHacks Technology News
Plex users and tech savvy users may be aware of what a media server is. Here is a brief explanation for those who are new to the concept. When you install a […] Ghacks needs you. You can find out ho...

» How To Configure, Create, Scan, List, Query, Rename, Delete OracleASM Disk in Linux
13 hours ago from LXer Linux News
Learn, how to configure raw disk as an ASM disk in Linux.

» Binance Offers Lifetime VIP Membership to KYC Leak Victims
13 hours ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Binance offers free VIP membership to the recent KYC leak victims

» 6 Best Hard Drive Eraser Tools For Your PC: Wipe Hard Drive In 2019
13 hours ago from Fossbytes
Just like many people, are you also looking for some good hard drive wipe software? Even if you’re not, here’s why you should know of a worthy solution: It’s definitely true that we are living i...

» Razer Losses Narrow, But the Company Still Can’t Quite Hit Profitability
13 hours ago from Wccftech
Razer () reported its best half-year revenue as a listed company this week, with revenue hitting $357.2 million, up 30% from a year earlier. While Razer still posted a loss, its loss has narrowed duri...

» Netflix Tests 'Collections' That Are Curated By Humans Instead of Algorithms
13 hours ago from Slashdot
Netflix is testing an all-new recommendation system called "Collections" that relies on humans instead of neural networks. TechCrunch reports: While Netflix today already offers thematic suggestions o...

» Mastercard data breach affected Priceless Specials loyalty program
13 hours ago from Security Affairs
Mastercard disclosed a data breach that impacted customer data from the company’s Priceless Specials loyalty program. The American multinational financial services corporation notified the data br...

» Xiaomi Mi Band 4 Review: Fitness tracking done right and done cheap, again
14 hours ago from xda-developers
One of the biggest draws from Xiaomi as a brand is the fact that one can expect a really strong value deal from practically everything that the company decides to put its name to — ranging from smar...

» Is my iPhone about to be become obsolete?
14 hours ago from Technology | The Guardian
I bought it just three years ago and I won’t be very pleased if Apple stop supporting itEvery week a Guardian Money reader submits a question, and it’s up to you to help him or her out – a selec...

» ASUS Cascade Lake-X Core i9 10000X HEDT for Socket 2066 Listed - 18 cores, but 48 PCIe lanes
14 hours ago from Guru3D.com
We like these little whoops moments. At an ASUS specification listing, they make mention of the Prime X299 Edition 30. You do wonder if that means 30 rehashes of the chipset :) Pun aside,  the whoops...

» Huawei Ascend 910: World’s Most Powerful AI Chipset Launched
14 hours ago from Fossbytes
Following its announcement in 2018, Huawei has now launched the Ascend 910 processor, which is touted to be the world’s most powerful AI processor. Ascend 910 Processor Huawei’s new Ascend 910 AI ...

» Facebook’s Internal Mails Reveal Some Nasty Details About CA Scandal
15 hours ago from Fossbytes
Facebook has finally disclosed the internal mails which it fought to keep secret for a long time. The emails reveal that the social media giant knew about the infamous Cambridge Analytica scandal two ...

» The Linux kernel: Top 5 innovations
15 hours ago from LXer Linux News
The word innovation gets bandied about in the tech industry almost as much as revolution, so it can be difficult to differentiate hyperbole from something that’s actually exciting. The Linux kernel ...

» Microsoft is offering up to $30,000 to hack Chromium-based Edge browser
15 hours ago from TechWorm
Researchers Can Earn Up To $30,000 With Microsoft’s New Chromium Edge Browser Bounty Program Microsoft has launched a new Insider Bounty Program for its beta version of its new Chromium-based Edge ...

» Intel Shares Highlights From Their 2019 Open-Source Technology Summit
16 hours ago from Phoronix
Taking place back in May at the beautiful Skamania Lodge in Washington was Intel's OSTS 2019 for their annual Open-Source Technology Summit that traditionally was internal-only but has begun opening u...

» Alabama woman says ‘no doubt’ Apple Watch atrial fibrillation detection saved her life
17 hours ago from 9to5Mac
Apple Watch Series 4 has been on the market for less than a year and it’s already been credited with saving dozens of lives around the world. Anne Rowe of Fairhope, Alabama joins the growing group o...

» Complex Quantum Teleportation Achieved For the First Time
17 hours ago from Slashdot
An anonymous reader quotes a report from Phys.Org: Researchers from the Austrian Academy of Sciences and the University of Vienna have experimentally demonstrated what was previously only a theoretica...

» How to Delete MySQL Users Accounts
17 hours ago from LXer Linux News
MySQL allows you to create multiple user accounts and grant appropriate privileges so that users can connect and manage databases. If the user account is no longer needed, it is a good idea to either...

» Seattle Has Figured Out How To End the War On Drugs
18 hours ago from Slashdot
Nicholas Kristof writes in an opinion piece for The New York Times about Seattle's "bold approach to narcotics that should be a model for America." Instead of being prosecuted for being caught with sm...

» FTC, AT&T settle 2014 lawsuit over data slowdowns: court
18 hours ago from Reuters: Technology News
The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and AT&T Inc reached a settlement agreement on a 2014 case that accused the company of slowing down data sent to wireless devices, a federal court ruling showed ...

» Top U.S. publishers sue Amazon's Audible for copyright infringement
18 hours ago from Reuters: Technology News
Amazon.com Inc's Audible was sued by some of the top U.S. publishers for copyright infringement on Friday, aiming to block a planned rollout of a feature called 'Audible Captions' that shows the text ...

» Qualcomm wins a pause in enforcement of FTC ruling
18 hours ago from Reuters: Technology News
Qualcomm Inc won a partial stay against the enforcement of a sweeping antitrust ruling in a lawsuit brought by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC), according to a court filing on Friday.

» U.S. House lawmakers ask regulators to scrutinize bank cloud providers
18 hours ago from Reuters: Technology News
Two U.S. lawmakers have called on a top financial regulatory panel to consider direct oversight of the cloud services big tech companies provide to banks, saying they have become a critical component ...

» YouTube Says It Will Now Remove 'Violent' and 'Mature' Videos Pretending To Be Kid-Friendly
19 hours ago from Slashdot
YouTube announced it is changing its policy in regard to how it treats videos targeted toward minors and young children. "The video platform says it will now remove all content that contains 'violent'...

» Circle CEO Says Tokenized Fiat Currencies Are on the Horizon
19 hours ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Circle’s CEO said the company forecasted sovereign digital currencies back in 2013

» 7 Excellent R Natural Language Processing Tools
20 hours ago from LXer Linux News
Natural language processing (NLP) is a set of techniques for using computers to detect in human language the kinds of things that humans detect automatically.

» Google Agrees To Meet With YouTubers Union Right Before Deadline
20 hours ago from Slashdot
Last month, FairTube -- a collaboration between a group that calls itself the "YouTubers Union" and Europe's largest trade union, IG Metall -- sent Google a list of demands to achieve better working c...

» Cointelegraph Launches Korean HQ in Seoul, Expanding Presence in Asia
20 hours ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Cointelegraph celebrates new Korean version and HQ launch in Seoul

» Confirmed: Disney is making an Obi-Wan series with Ewan McGregor
20 hours ago from TechCrunch
The rumors have been suggesting it for a while now, and fans have been pretty much begging for it… and it’s happening: Ewan McGregor will return to the role of Obi-Wan for a new Disney+ series. Di...

» Telnet Is Not A Crime: Unconvincing Prosecution Screenshot Leaked in Ola Bini Case
20 hours ago from Deeplinks
Since EFF visited Ecuador three weeks ago, the investigation into open source developer Ola Bini has proceeded as we described then: drawn out, with little evidence of wrong-doing, but potentially com...

» This Week in Enterprise Tech 356: Vulnerabilities That Shouldn't Have Happened
20 hours ago from All TWiT.tv Shows (Video HD)
The TWiET gang talks about a whole slew of emerging vulnerabilities, including ones found in the TCP/IP stack and Bluetooth protocol, and rant about how you should be securing your data and databases....

» Here’s the first trailer for the upcoming Disney+ Star Wars series, The Mandalorian
20 hours ago from TechCrunch
It’s here! About ten months after we learned that Jon Favreau would be heading up a Star Wars series called “The Mandalorian” on Disney’s soon-to-launch streaming service Disney+, we have the ...

» Apple Contractors Were Each Listening To 1,000 Siri Recordings a Day, Says Report
20 hours ago from Slashdot
According to The Verge, citing a report from the Irish Examiner, Apple used human contractors to listen to an arduous 1,000 Siri recordings every day to help make the digital assistant better at givin...

» 5G is Coming — Here’s How Entrepreneurs Can Leverage It
20 hours ago from ReadWrite
Sprint’s recent launch of its 5G network in Kansas City, Missouri; Dallas; Houston; and Atlanta offers consumers and entrepreneurs a glimpse into the future. As rapid download speeds and seamles...

» Vape lung has claimed its first victim, and the CDC is investigating
20 hours ago from TechCrunch
A person has died from what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention speculate is a vaping-related condition. Nearly 200 other cases of varying severeness have been reported nationwide, describe...

» Disney introduces “She Hulk”, “Moon Knight” and “Ms. Marvel” to Disney+ streaming service
20 hours ago from TechCrunch
As part of its big reveal of the slate of shows coming to Disney+ streaming service, Marvel head Kevin Feige introduced three new shows that would be joining the Marvel pantheon: “She Hulk”, “Mo...

» Blockchain Wallet Adds Support for Crypto Payments Processor BitPay
21 hours ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Blockchain Wallet has integrated with crypto payments service BitPay

» Trump adds tariffs to $550 billion of Chinese imports in trade war reprisal
21 hours ago from TechCrunch
President Trump announced Friday on Twitter that tariffs on Chinese imports will increase 5 percentage points in a tit-for-tat response to China’s own plans to place new duties on U.S. goods. About ...

» Can AI really fix potholes? The city of Memphis and Google say yes
21 hours ago from Articles on TechRepublic
Potholes are often a costly and frustrating problem for cities to manage. TechRepublic's Karen Roby talked with the CIO of Memphis about a new AI program that is making the issue much easier to solve.

» Wayland's Weston 7.0 Compositor Released With PipeWire Streaming Support
21 hours ago from Phoronix
Wayland's Weston 7.0 was released on Friday with the newest features for this reference compositor implementation...

» 6 Smart Ways to Travel Like a Local and Spend (a Lot) Less
21 hours ago from Wirecutter: Reviews for the Real World
During a trip of a lifetime to Maui, I carved out a day to snorkel Molokini Crater. It’s a crescent-shaped geological wonder that attracts fish, and the calm, crystal-clear water makes you feel like...

» Circle CEO: China’s Digital Currency Could ‘Bypass’ Western Bank System
21 hours ago from CoinDesk
Circle CEO Jeremy Allaire said China is setting the pace in the development of a digital currency equivalent of its fiat currency, the renminbi.

» House Financial Services Committee Will Continue Libra Review
21 hours ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Representative Maxine Waters says the Financial Services Committee will continue scrutinizing Libra

» Galaxy Note 10 3D Scanner app is here along with Samsung’s Discord integration
22 hours ago from xda-developers
Today is Samsung Galaxy Note 10 day. The new Note 10 series is officially available in 70 countries and through carriers. Samsung has a habit of not making new features available until the actual laun...

» How to Change Bulk File Permissions Recursively from “abc” to “xyz” in Linux
22 hours ago from LXer Linux News
As Linux administrator, we always use chmod command to change file permissions in Linux. It may happens many times in a day, it depends on your environment size and team size. In this tutorial , lear...

» Lenovo Solution Centre flaw allows hacking Windows laptop in 10 minutes
22 hours ago from Security Affairs
Researchers at Pen Test Partners (PTP) discovered a privilege-escalation vulnerability in Lenovo Solution Centre (LSC) tracked as CVE-2019-6177. Security experts at Pen Test Partners (PTP) discovered ...

» Bithumb Exchange to Launch Cryptocurrency Listing Committee
22 hours ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Bithumb announced a new committee to oversee its crypto listing process

» Bag Week 2019: A whole bunch of fannies
22 hours ago from TechCrunch
It’s finally Bag Week again! The most wonderful week of the year at TechCrunch. Just in time for back to school, we’re bringing you reviews of bags of all varieties: from backpacks to rollers to ...

» Capital One hacker denied release, will remain in jail
22 hours ago from ZDNet | security RSS
Defense argued for her release, but judge decided she was a flight risk and a danger to herself and others.

» Blockchain Will Integrate BitPay’s Payments System For Wallet Payments
22 hours ago from CoinDesk
The largest wallet provider, Blockchain, partnered with the largest bitcoin payment processor, BitPay.

» Galaxy Note 10+ 3D Scanner App Now Available for Download
22 hours ago from Wccftech
There was a lot to unpack at the Galaxy Note 10 reveal. One of the many camera features of the Galaxy Note 10 Plus included the ability to scan 3D objects using the devices ToF (time of flight) sensor...

» Google bans politics, aka embarrassing stuff that gets leaked, from internal message boards
22 hours ago from The Register
Chocolate Factory sees some benefits in a censorship model Google may be lax in policing policy violating videos on YouTube, but at least it's adding oversight where it's needed – to mute overly opi...

» The Best Dog Beds
23 hours ago from Wirecutter: Reviews for the Real World
Your dog deserves a good, comfortable bed, but there’s no single best bed for all dogs or all situations. After putting in more than 50 hours of research and testing 13 beds, we think the Majestic P...

» Apple Contractors Listened to 1,000+ Siri Recordings Per Shift
23 hours ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Apple has suspended the grading program that used contractors to listen to Siri recordings for quality control purposes, but in a new report, The Irish Examiner (via The Verge) gives some additional i...

» Document reveals how Facebook downplayed early Cambridge Analytica concerns
23 hours ago from Technology | The Guardian
Internal correspondence provides new insight into how Facebook staff reacted to concerns about use of user data by political campaign consultantsInternal Facebook correspondence from September 2015, r...

» Chinese tariff retaliation, presidential tweets and market unease sends exchanges plummeting
23 hours ago from TechCrunch
After a week of modest gains, major stock indexes plummeted on Friday as China retaliated against U.S. tariffs by imposing $75 billion worth of tariffs on U.S. goods coming into the country. China’s...

» Triangulation 411: Yan Zhu, AKA bcrypt
23 hours ago from All TWiT.tv Shows (Video HD)
Yan Zhu, AKA bcrypt, is the Chief Security Officer at Brave. Yan joins Leo Laporte to talk about her past dropping out of high school and earning a B.S. at MIT; her work on Brave's security-focused br...

» Walmart and Tesla are going to try and work things out
23 hours ago from TechCrunch
Walmart came out swinging earlier this week in a lawsuit that accused Tesla of breach of contract and gross negligence over problems with rooftop solar panel systems installed at the retail giant’s ...

» The Best Car Wash, Wax, and Detailing Supplies
23 hours ago from Wirecutter: Reviews for the Real World
Taking good care of your car is worth it. Regular washing and detailing not only makes the car nicer to drive but can also help your car retain thousands of dollars in value down the road. This guide ...

» Bank of England Governor: Libra-Like Currency Could Replace US Dollar
23 hours ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Bank of England Governor Mark Carney said that a Libra-like digital currency could become the world’s reserve currency, replacing the U.S. dollar

» Deadly superbug outbreak in humans linked to antibiotic spike in cows
23 hours ago from Ars Technica
Use of certain antibiotics in cattle increased 41% just before the outbreak.

» How to Wash and Detail a Car the Right Way
23 hours ago from Wirecutter: Reviews for the Real World
You don't need a super-fancy car to want to keep it clean and spiffy—plenty of people enjoy the process of washing and detailing their cars, especially when the before-and-after is dramatic. Keeping...

» Best SSD Deals: Samsung 1TB Drives, M.2 NVMe and External USB-C Drives – August 2019
23 hours ago from ExtremeTechExtremeTech
Upgrading from a traditional hard drive to an SSD can remarkably improve the speed and response time of your PC. These blazing fast storage devices cost more than their outdated counterparts, but here...

» Research Suggests Tether Sentiment Could Provide Chance for Manipulation
23 hours ago from Cointelegraph.com News
New research suggests a strong correlation between Tether sentiment and its market capitalization

» Rep. Waters Says Congress Will Continue Review of Facebook’s Libra
23 hours ago from CoinDesk
Congresswoman Maxine Waters announced a tentative schedule for this fall including a continued review of Facebook's Libra initiative.

» Maker Foundation Tried and Failed to Register ‘DEFI’ Trademark
23 hours ago from CoinDesk
Under current law, the responsibility of defending trademarks falls on the holder of the trademark.

» Black Desert Mobile to Launch Globally on Android This Winter
23 hours ago from Wccftech
Earlier this year, Korean developer Pearl Abyss announced that they’d bring Black Desert Mobile to mobile devices across the globe. The massively popular MMORPG already made its debut on the platfor...

» The LG V50 Dual Display is cool, but is that enough? [VIDEO]
23 hours ago from xda-developers
The LG V50 ThinQ was announced all the way back in February, but it only recently launched in the U.S. Unfortunately, the U.S. model doesn’t have one of the phone’s most unique features, the Dual ...

» The Most Interesting Features in Samsung's New Galaxy Note 10+ Flagship Smartphone
1 day ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Samsung recently released its latest flagship smartphones, the Galaxy Note 10 and the Galaxy Note 10+, which will be two of Apple's main competitors for the upcoming 2019 iPhones. The new Galaxy Note...

» Japan Display to receive majority of rescue funds, reportedly $100M from Apple
1 day ago from 9to5Mac
One of Apple’s suppliers, Japan Display has had a challenging time over the last few years. While the company was set to receive a lifeline of $737 million to expand its OLED operations, it lost abo...

» Oracle OKs Oracle investors to sue Oracle: Put NetSuite suit before a judge – board panel
1 day ago from The Register
Investors peeved Larry Ellison owned 40% of the biz he paid billions in Big Red cash to buy Three members of Oracle's board of directors say a class-action lawsuit, filed against Oracle in the US by O...

» Qualcomm interim CFO David Wise to retire
1 day ago from Reuters: Technology News
Chipmaker Qualcomm Inc said on Friday interim Chief Financial Officer Dave Wise will retire, effective immediately, and named Akash Palkhiwala as a temporary replacement.

» Amazon removes hundreds of toxic and unsafe products after news report
1 day ago from Technology | The Guardian
Wall Street Journal found that more than 4,000 items for sale on Amazon have been declared unsafe by federal agenciesAmazon has removed hundreds of toxic and unsafe products from its site after a Wall...

» How Pivotal got bailed out by fellow Dell family member, VMware
1 day ago from TechCrunch
When Dell acquired EMC in 2016 for $67 billion, it created a complicated consortium of interconnected organizations. Some, like VMware and Pivotal, operate as completely separate companies. They have ...

» IBM Open Sources Its Workhorse Power Chip Architecture
1 day ago from LXer Linux News
RISC-V now has formidable competition from an architecture with a long track record in servers and supercomputers.

» Police to sell hacker's $1.1 million Bitcoin stash to compensate victims
1 day ago from ZDNet | security RSS
Hacker told to give up bitcoins or face four more years in prison.

» Feature Request: Apple Card improvements for couples sharing finances
1 day ago from 9to5Mac
Apple Card is officially available to the public and it’s stirring up a lot of interest. Even though the rewards for the new credit card aren’t a standout feature, there are many aspects that make...

» UK Central Bank Chief Sees Digital Currency Displacing US Dollar as Global Reserve
1 day ago from CoinDesk
BOE governor Mark Carney called on Friday for the creation of a wholly digital alternative to the U.S. dollar.

» [Update 2: Photos of Blue Color] Leaked Nokia device shows off 48MP rear camera and waterdrop notch
1 day ago from xda-developers
HMD Global releases smartphones with the Nokia branding on them. These Nokia smartphones boast of a close-to-stock Android experience, which puts HMD Global in a unique position of having most of its ...

» Hundreds of “banned” goods still for sale on Amazon, report finds
1 day ago from Ars Technica
WSJ report finds "flea market" environment with scant oversight for merchants.

» Australian Hacker Pleads Guilty to Stealing $450,000 in XRP Last Year
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
An Australian woman has pleaded guilty to stealing $450,000 in XRP

» Vaping-linked lung disease cases jump from 94 to 153 in 5 days, CDC says [Updated]
1 day ago from Ars Technica
That's a 60% rise in cases in five days; CDC has since reported even more probable cases.

» Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and Witcher 3 Drop Tons of Gamescom Footage
1 day ago from Wccftech
Nintendo is, as usual, a major presence at this year’s Gamescom, and all this week they’ve been streaming revealing new looks at anticipated games like The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening, Lui...

» Largest Korean Exchange to Review Listings and Drop Failing Coins
1 day ago from CoinDesk
Bithumb will assemble a committee to periodically review its listed cryptocurrencies, becoming the second exchange in Korea to update its listing policies.

» Optimize Micro-Interactions to Enhance your UX Design
1 day ago from ReadWrite
Micro-interactions have become increasingly important in a world with a dizzying amount of digital platforms, and an ocean of content. While it used to be thought of as a cool feature in the early day...

» Ransomware Trains Its Sights on Cloud Providers
1 day ago from Dark Reading:
Ransomware writers are now targeting cloud service providers with network file encryption attacks as a way to hold hostage the maximum number of customers that they can, notes Chris Morales, head of s...

» First-Generation Pixel & Pixel XL Start From Only $79.99 [Both Unlocked Models]
1 day ago from Wccftech
It has been almost three years since the first-generation Pixel and Pixel XL models were introduced by Google, sporting one of the best cameras the industry could churn out. Unfortunately, their start...

» US phone carriers make empty, unenforceable promises to fight robocalls
1 day ago from Ars Technica
All 50 states agree to let telcos keep doing what they're already doing.

» 10 Most Popular Programming Languages In 2019: Learn To Code
1 day ago from Fossbytes
For beginners in the world of programming, the biggest dilemma is to decide where to begin or which language one should master for career benefits. At times, professional coders also face a situation ...

» Leak Points to Intel Comet Lake Desktops Arriving in 2020: 10 Cores, New Socket
1 day ago from ExtremeTechComputing – ExtremeTech
A new leak suggests Intel Comet Lake will pack up to 10 cores and a 125W TDP in a new LGA1200 socket. The post Leak Points to Intel Comet Lake Desktops Arriving in 2020: 10 Cores, New Socket appeared...

» Markets in Freefall as Trump Orders American Companies out of China
1 day ago from Wccftech
Things are heating up in the US – China trade war today as President Trump went on the twitter warpath with a series of tweets ordering American companies to “start looking for an alternative to C...

» Pokemon Go becomes Pokemon No as games biz Niantic agrees to curb trespassing addicts
1 day ago from The Register
It’s a class action agreement so guess who gets the $4m payout? If you guessed the plaintiffs, guess again The programmers behind augmented-reality pest-chasing Pokemon Go have settled a class-actio...

» IRS Warns Taxpayers of New Scam Campaign Distributing Malware
1 day ago from BleepingComputer
The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) issued today a warning to alert taxpayers and tax professionals of an active IRS impersonation scam campaign sending spam emails to deliver malicious payloads. [.....

» Price Analysis 23/08: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, LTC, BNB, EOS, BSV, XMR, XLM
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Which altcoins are offering short-term trading opportunities? Let’s consult the charts

» WordPress Plugins Exploited in Ongoing Attack, Researchers Warn
1 day ago from Threatpost
Researchers warn users of several plugins to update as vulnerabilities are being actively exploited to redirect website visitor traffic.

» iPhone 11 OLED Panel Mass Production Commences With A Surprise
1 day ago from Wccftech
Almost every year before Apple’s latest iPhones are official, we see news surface that the Cupertino tech giant will use displays for the smartphones from LG. Last year, reports claimed that the Sou...

» Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 pre-orders kick off today in the U.S.
1 day ago from Neowin
The Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 is now available for pre-order via the company's official online storefront. The 6GB/128GB variant costs $650 and the 8GB/256GB version can be had for $730. Read more...

» Intel Shows That Their 9th Gen Core CPU Lineup Is Faster Than AMD Ryzen 3000 In Everything Except Cinebench – Shows ‘Real Usage’ Performance Tests
1 day ago from Wccftech
Remember back at Computex 2019 when Intel mentioned that they would be using real-world performance benchmarks to test their processors against competitor products, well, the company has just released...

» Waxed canvas messengers from Trakke, Waterfield and Mission Workshop are spacious and rugged
1 day ago from TechCrunch
It's nearing the end of Bag Week 2019, where we highlight the best receptacles for the tech we cover daily, and we've got a few more winners for you. Earlier this week I collected a few excellent waxe...

» Cryptocurrency OS Makes It Easy to Buy and Spend Digital Cash
1 day ago from LinuxInsider
If you are ready to jump into the digital world of a bitcoin economy, Cryptocurrency OS might be your most convenient way to fast-track your entry. Cryptocurrency OS is a specialty Linux distribution ...

» HP's Omen X 27: A 240Hz QHD Monitor with FreeSync 2 HDR
1 day ago from AnandTech
Among the monitor announcements to come out this week, HP has introduced a new display aimed at hardcore gamers and esports professionals. With a 240 Hz max refresh rate, FreeSync 2 support, and HDR, ...

» Uncle Sam is asking Americans if they could refrain from slapping guns on their drones
1 day ago from The Register
Right to bear arms doesn't cover armed UAVs If you were wondering whether your right to bear arms extends to the right to bear an armed drone, we have bad news.…

» Hacker Ordered to Pay Back Nearly £1 Million to Phishing Victims
1 day ago from The Hacker News
A prolific hacker who carried out phishing scams against hundreds of companies worldwide has been ordered to pay back more than $1.1 million (over £922,000) worth of cryptocurrencies to his victims. ...

» App looks to get tips from coffee drinkers to Colombia growers
1 day ago from Reuters: Technology News
An app that sends money in the form of tips from appreciative caffeine devotees around the world to coffee growers in Colombia could help farmers battered by dismal prices earn more income, the initia...

» [Update: It’s the Kirin 990] The Kirin 985, expected to debut on the Huawei Mate 30, will be a 7nm chip made using EUV Lithography
1 day ago from xda-developers
Huawei’s current flagship SoC is the HiSilicon Kirin 980. The Kirin 980 was announced at IFA 2018, and it is featured in the Huawei Mate 20, Huawei Mate 20 Pro, Honor Magic 2, Honor View 20, and the...

» Health and Activity: What's New in iOS 13
1 day ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Apple added new features and new functionality to most of its built-in apps, including Health and Activity, both of which have either changed significantly or have major new features worth noting. Th...

» 'I hereby order': Trump mocked for highly formal, meaningless decree
1 day ago from Technology | The Guardian
Trump’s demand that US companies boycott China, which he doesn’t have the power to enforce, inspired responses on TwitterLeaning further into a burgeoning economic war with China of his own design...

» NBA 2K Developer Visual Concepts is Working on a Vehicle-Based Open-World Game
1 day ago from Wccftech
It seems like 2K Sports may be expanding its line of games in a somewhat unexpected direction. As spotted by eagle-eyed ResetEra user Marmalade, NBA 2K and WWE 2K developer Visual Concepts recently po...

» [Update: Moving to SourceForge] OpenGapps team explains the future of their Google apps hosting situation
1 day ago from xda-developers
Although Android is open source, it’s difficult for most users to stomach using an Android device without Google Play apps and services. Projects like OpenGApps make it possible for users to easily ...

» Microsoft’s Note 10 Exclusive “Link To Windows” Feature May Soon Be Coming to More Galaxy Devices
1 day ago from Wccftech
Microsoft’s Satya Nadella joined Samsung at its launch of Galaxy Note 10 earlier this month. The Windows maker introduced a new “Link to Windows” feature exclusive to the latest Galaxy Note. It ...

» Windows 10 KB4505903 Update Breaks Bluetooth Speakers Connectivity
1 day ago from BleepingComputer
Microsoft says that Bluetooth speakers will stop connecting to devices running Windows 10, version 1903 after installing the KB4505903 cumulative update released on July 26, 2019. [...]

» Install ILIAS E-Learning LMS on Ubuntu
1 day ago from LXer Linux News
Install ILIAS E-Learning LMS on Ubuntu 16.04. This guide explains how to install and setup ILIAS Learning Management System with PHP 7.1, Apache and MySQL 5.7

» ET Deals: Overpowered DTW3 Core i7 Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti Gaming Desktop $1,299, Dell Core i7 15.6-Inch 1080p Laptop $599, Seagate 4TB External HDD $69
1 day ago from ExtremeTechExtremeTech
With school starting back it's been a great month to buy a new computer. Today's top deal is a little different as an excellent high-end gaming desktop at a remarkable price tag that's lower than the ...

» Security gone in 600 seconds: Make-me-admin hole found in Lenovo Windows laptop crapware. Delete it now
1 day ago from The Register
Solution Centre WONTFIX amid EOL date shenanigans Not only has a vulnerability been found in Lenovo Solution Centre (LSC), but the laptop maker fiddled with end-of-life dates to make it seem less impo...

» [Update 2: Paused] Qualcomm ordered to license modem patents to other chip makers
1 day ago from xda-developers
Qualcomm has been facing legal battles these last two years. Regulatory bodies such as the FTC have filed lawsuits against the company. Qualcomm has been targeted by South Korea, Taiwan, China, and th...

» Binance: Leaked Images Overlap With Those Processed by Third Party
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Binance has found that some leaked KYC images overlap with images that were processed by a third party vendor this winter

» Samsung's 'Link to Windows' integration coming to more Galaxy phones
1 day ago from Neowin
One of the key features in Samsung's new Galaxy Note10 is Link to Windows, which provides better integration with Microsoft's Your Phone. The feature is coming to more Galaxy handsets. Read more...

» China aims to overtake US as global leader in AI innovation
1 day ago from Articles on TechRepublic
The US still ranks far ahead of both China and the EU in AI innovation, but China is making moves to change things, according to a Center for Data Innovation report.

» How China became a hero in open source
1 day ago from Articles on TechRepublic
China's 10th five-year plan made software a priority, but Android made open source software a reality.

» MacRumors Giveaway: Win a Signature 2.0 Backpack From Vessel
1 day ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
For this week's giveaway, we've teamed up with Vessel to offer MacRumors readers a chance to win a Signature 2.0 Backpack. Vessel makes all kinds of backpacks, briefcases, and bags, but the Signature...

» Binance Offers VIP Accounts to Hacked Users
1 day ago from CoinDesk
Binance will offer VIP accounts to affected users but recommends hacked users replace their government IDs.

» Qualys Launches Free App for IT Asset Discovery and Inventory
1 day ago from Dark Reading:
Qualys's Chairman and CEO, Philippe Courtot talks about changes in the security landscape he's witnessed during the company's 20-year lifespan, as well as what motivated the vendor to give away its Gl...

» ASUS Unveils Low-Profile GeForce GTX 1650 Cards
1 day ago from AnandTech
ASUS has quietly added two low-profile GeForce GTX 1650 graphics cards to its products lineup. The boards come with a dual-slot dual-fan cooling system and offer a similar set of essential display con...

» Netflix tests human-driven curation with launch of ‘Collections’
1 day ago from TechCrunch
Netflix is testing a new way to help users find TV shows and movies they’ll want to watch with the launch of a “Collections” feature, currently in testing on iOS devices. While Netflix today alr...

» A new variant of Asruex Trojan exploits very old Office, Adobe flaws
1 day ago from Security Affairs
Experts at Trend Micro discovered a new variant of the Asruex Trojan that exploits old Microsoft Office and Adobe vulnerabilities to infect systems. Malware researchers at Trend Micro discovered a new...

» Backup service IDrive launches a face recognition API for developers
1 day ago from TechCrunch
I did a bit of a double take when I first saw this announcement. IDrive, an online cloud storage and backup service, is launching a face recognition API today that goes up against the likes of AWS Rek...

» Africa’s Largest Bank Joins Blockchain-Based Marco Polo Network
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Standard Bank is the first African bank to join the blockchain-based trade finance consortium, the Marco Polo Network

» 11 Productivity Hacks That Don't Suck - Free eGuide
1 day ago from Neowin
We don't want to waste any of your time, you need to be more productive! Inside this guide you'll discover eleven productivity tips in rapid-fire fashion that you can start using today for free! Read ...

» Daily Crunch: Overstock CEO resigns
1 day ago from TechCrunch
The Daily Crunch is TechCrunch’s roundup of our biggest and most important stories. If you’d like to get this delivered to your inbox every day at around 9am Pacific, you can subscribe here. 1. Ov...

» Dealmaster: iPhone cases, PS4 controllers, and more in today’s top tech deals
1 day ago from Ars Technica
Plus a big Xbox One S bundle, an Apple Mac mini discount, and more.

» IBM Announces Quantum Safe Encryption
1 day ago from Dark Reading:
Techniques too tough for quantum computing solutions will be part of public cloud and tape storage encryption.

» Watch a Waymo self-driving car test its sensors in a haboob
1 day ago from TechCrunch
Waymo, the self-driving car company under Alphabet, has been testing in the suburbs of Phoenix for several years now. And while the sunny metropolis might seem like the ideal and easiest location to t...

» Edge won't let you read ePub e-books anymore
1 day ago from Neowin
After getting rid of the book section on the Microsoft Store, it seems like the company is removing support for the ePub file format in Microsoft Edge, forcing users to find alternatives. Read more...

» Telling Lies takes an intimate, expansive view of interactive storytelling
1 day ago from Ars Technica
Sam Barlow's Her Story follow-up adds welcome polish and scope.

» The Best Home Security System
1 day ago from Wirecutter: Reviews for the Real World
Peace of mind doesn’t have to be pricey. Home security systems often require long contracts and pro installation, but there are smart systems you can install yourself that include a monitoring plan ...

» Deals Spotlight: Save With Low Prices on Apple's 2019 iMac and MacBook Pro (Starting at $1,599)
1 day ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Discounts on the latest iMacs remain ongoing this month, with Amazon and B&H Photo now offering a new all-time-low price on the 27-inch Retina iMac with 8GB RAM and a 1TB Fusion Drive. This model ...

» Web3’s Gavin Wood Launches Kusama Network to Test Polkadot Protocol
1 day ago from CoinDesk
The Web3 Foundation launched a live experimental version of the Polkadot network on Friday. Here's what Kusama will be testing.

» How to work with multiple worksheets in a Microsoft Excel workbook
1 day ago from Articles on TechRepublic
Learn how to take advantage of Excel's ability to link and sync multiple worksheets in the same workbook.

» British Hacker to Hand Over $1M in Crypto for Phishing Attacks
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
A British judge has ruled to confiscate $1.1 million in crypto from a hacker who used phishing emails to steal customers’ personal data and sell it

» PSA: Google Calendar Experiencing Syncing Issues With Apple Calendar
1 day ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Google and Apple calendars are not playing friendly right now. As alerted to us by multiple MacRumors readers, there appears to be a syncing issue with Google Calendar and Apple's Calendar that began...

» Linux Gaming FINALLY Doesn't SUCK!
1 day ago from LXer Linux News
A video about gaming on Linux.

» Internet Archive Faces Permanent ISP Blocking Following Audiobook Lawsuits
1 day ago from TorrentFreak
An anti-piracy group representing the rights of authors is calling for the Internet Archive to be blocked by ISPs in Russia forever. A pair of lawsuits concerning two audiobooks, including Metro 2033,...

» No One Knows How Many US Homes, Businesses Lack Broadband Access
1 day ago from ExtremeTechExtremeTech
Data from a new survey of who has broadband in the US shows that the previous method of estimating service coverage has been downright bad. We have no real idea how many Americans can't purchase inter...

» Gears 5 Microtransactions Will be “Very Player-Friendly,” No Loot Boxes Reconfirmed
1 day ago from Wccftech
The upcoming Gears 5 is definitely being set up as a “live service” game, with lots of post-launch content being promised, so, of course, the subject of monetization is on a lot of fans’ minds. ...

» FSP Launches FlexGuru 250W & 300W Modular FlexATX PSUs
1 day ago from AnandTech
FSP has introduced its first FlexATX power supplies, which will be available through retail channels and value added resellers. The FlexGuru PSUs are fully modular and are rated at 250 W and 300 W. Su...

» Create Malicious QR Codes to Hack Phones & Other Scanners
1 day ago from Null Byte « WonderHowTo
QR codes are everywhere, from product packaging to airline boarding passes, making the scanners that read them a juicy target for hackers. Thanks to flaws in many of these proprietary scanning devices...

» Get Complete Adobe Mastery Bundle For Just $39 And Learn New Skills Right Away – Limited Time Discount
1 day ago from Wccftech
Now certain skills may seem underrated, but they can get you very ahead in life. These skills include becoming a total pro at Adobe. Editing tools can help you in a lot of ways, especially now that th...

» LG unveils ThinQ voice control app for connected home appliances
1 day ago from Neowin
LG has unveiled its ThinQ mobile app for controlling Internet-connected home appliances using your voice. The app will be available in Korea this month and in North America in the fourth quarter. Read...

» Alleged “snake oil” crypto company sues over boos at Black Hat [Updated]
1 day ago from Ars Technica
Crown Sterling seeks damages after attendees disrupt "controversial" talk on prime prediction.

» 80 Charged in Massive BEC Operation Bust
1 day ago from Dark Reading:
A group of mostly Nigerian nationals attempted to steal $46 million through business email compromise and romance scams, the FBI reports.

» Mastercard Reports Data Breach to German and Belgian DPAs
1 day ago from BleepingComputer
Mastercard disclosed a data breach to the German and Belgian Data Protection Authorities (DPA) involving customer data from the company's Priceless Specials loyalty program. [...]

» 9to5Mac Happy Hour 239: Titanium Apple Watch, new iPhone 11 details, Arcade preview leak
1 day ago from 9to5Mac
This week Benjamin and Zac discuss the full rollout of Apple Card in the US, new Apple Watch material leaks including titanium cases, what the latest EEC database entry tells us about Apple’s fall h...

» News Wrap: Linux Utility Backdoor, Steam Zero Day Disclosure Drama
1 day ago from Threatpost
From a backdoor placed in the Webmin utility to vulnerability disclosure drama around zero-days in Valve's Steam gaming clients, Threatpost breaks down this week's top stories.

» Blockchain May Be Used in FDA Medical Reviews and Recalls
1 day ago from CoinDesk
The FDA's acting chief information officer said the agency is rolling out a modernization plan using AI and blockchain.

» Ubisoft Feels It’s the Right Time to Invest in New Genres and IPs
1 day ago from Wccftech
Speaking to MCVUK at gamescom 2019, Ubisoft EMEA Executive Director Alain Corre talked about the importance of investing in new genres and new IPs in this specific time due to all the innovations that...

» AMD Ryzen 5 3500 6 Core, 6 Thread CPU Specifications Leak Out – Up To 4.1 GHz Clocks, Aiming The $150 US Price Point
1 day ago from Wccftech
AMD is silently working on new Ryzen 3000 processors which would be launched soon for both OEMs and consumers. The new processors include models such as the Ryzen 5 3500 which has been leaked by TUM_A...

» Other Samsung Android phones may get built-in “Link to Windows” experience currently exclusive to the Note 10
1 day ago from OnMSFT.com
The “Link to Windows” feature that’s currently exclusive to the Note 10 may apparently come to more Samsung Android devices in the near future.

» Official iPhone cases on sale from $20, deals on Eve HomeKit accessories, and $5 digital movies
1 day ago from 9to5Mac
Official iPhone cases from Apple on sale starting at $20 highlight today’s 9to5Toys Lunch Break. You’ll also find deals on Eve HomeKit Sensors and the latest $5 movie sale from iTunes. Hit the jum...

» Tesla working to resolve dispute with Walmart over solar panel fires
1 day ago from Ars Technica
"Walmart and Tesla look forward to addressing all issues," the companies say.

» Deals We Love From REI’s Labor Day Sale 2019
1 day ago from Wirecutter: Reviews for the Real World
REI’s annual Labor Day sale kicks off today. If you’re looking for outdoor gear, now is the time to snap some up. We’ve checked the 150 Wirecutter-recommended items made or sold by REI against t...

» Instagram Phishing Emails Use Fake Login Warning Baits
1 day ago from BleepingComputer
Instagram users are currently targeted by a new phishing campaign that uses login attempt warnings coupled with what looks like two-factor authentication (2FA) codes to make the scam more believable. ...

» How Facebook Libra Has Been Influencing Crypto, Politics and Finance
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Just two months in, Libra’s influence on the industry is already evident: Learn how Facebook has been storming regulators and prompting other actors to launch rival projects

» Hackers are scanning the web for vulnerable Fortinet, Pulse Secure Products installs
1 day ago from Security Affairs
Hackers are exploiting recently disclosed flaws in enterprise virtual private network (VPN) products from Fortinet and Pulse Secure. The popular cybersecurity expert Kevin Beaumont has observed threat...

» Hong Kong protesters warn of Telegram feature that can disclose their identities
1 day ago from ZDNet | security RSS
Message shared on discussion boards sparks panic among protesters.

» Lenovo High-Severity Bug Found in Pre-Installed Software
1 day ago from Threatpost
Security researchers at Pen Test Partners have found a privilege escalation flaw in the much-maligned Lenovo Solution Center software.

» The world's first Quantum Radar has just been prototyped
1 day ago from Neowin
The discreet radar is not only hard to detect but also demonstrates better results than conventional radars up to a certain range, making it ideal for security and biomedical applications. Read more....

» Virtual World of Containers, VMs Creates New Security Challenges
1 day ago from Dark Reading:
Containers, virtual machines, and the advent of DevOps as a software creation tool all put new pressures on organizations' security strength, according to Dan Hubbard, CEO of Lacework. Cloud's ability...

» A muggle's guide to AWK arrays: 3
1 day ago from LXer Linux News
An AWK array can be something like a lookup table, held in memory. You can use that lookup table for data operations on another file, and in this post I demonstrate reformatting and table joining.

» This Google Cloud Mastery Bundle is all the way down at 97% off
1 day ago from Neowin
With today's highlighted deal, bring greater flexibility to your cloud projects with four courses on Google Cloud, Kubernetes and more. Plus you'll save over $350 (90%) off the normal price! Read more...

» How to obscure logos in video with Premiere Pro
1 day ago from Articles on TechRepublic
There are some instances when a videographer needs to obscure a logo or face in their footage. Learn how to handle this task in Premiere Pro.

» Sun’s solar wind recreated in lab with aid of Big Red Ball
1 day ago from Ars Technica
Laboratory model of solar wind may improve space weather forecasts.

» Samsung releases wallpapers to fit the Galaxy Note 10 hole punch design
1 day ago from xda-developers
The “hole punch vs notch” debate continues to wage in the Android community. One manufacturer who hasn’t dabbled much on the notch side of things is Samsung. While they do use the notch in some ...

» 9to5Mac Daily: August 23, 2019 – Apple Music playlists, ‘Designed by Apple’ book
1 day ago from 9to5Mac
Listen to a recap of the top stories of the day from 9to5Mac. 9to5Mac Daily is available on iTunes and Apple’s Podcasts app, Stitcher, TuneIn, Google Play, or through our dedicated RSS feed for Over...

» Cybercrook hands cops £923k in Bitcoin made from selling phished deets on the dark web
1 day ago from The Register
27-year-old also shipped weed, flogged 'how-to' fraud guides A hacker from Kent, England, has handed over almost a million quid in Bitcoin following a lengthy police investigation.…

» This Fast Charging Choetech Wireless Car Charger is 43% off at Amazon for $16.99
1 day ago from Neowin
You can save $13 off the CHOETECH Wireless Car Charger, that supports Fast Charging for recent iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models, by applying a coupon that is valid to use until Sunday, August 26. Read...

» VMware to Buy Carbon Black for $2.1B
1 day ago from Dark Reading:
Virtual machine giant's big cloud move includes plans to shell out $2.7 billion in stock transactions for Pivotal Software.

» How to mount removable storage devices in Windows 10
1 day ago from OnMSFT.com
The ability to use a microSD card as a permanent storage solution in Windows 10 for when the base storage of your Windows 10 PC fills up can be a useful solution if you need more storage. The ability ...

» Huawei launches Ascend 910, the "world's most powerful" AI processor, and MindSpore
1 day ago from Neowin
Huawei claims that the Ascend 910 has more computing power than any other AI processor in the world. MindSpore is an AI computing framework announced alongside the aforementioned processor. Read more....

» Microsoft Makes It Easier to Bring DirectX 12 Games to Windows 7
1 day ago from ExtremeTechExtremeTech
Microsoft is making it easier to bring DirectX 12 games to Windows 7, with new resources and guidelines for doing so. The post Microsoft Makes It Easier to Bring DirectX 12 Games to Windows 7 appeare...

» Switching to edge computing needn't be a gamble. We've got some aces up our sleeves to help you make the move
1 day ago from The Register
Make that the winning move, are we right? Webcast  It feels as though everyone's talking about edge computing, and yet, once you've torn through all the hype and bluster, what are you left with? What...

» Dell Rolls Out 32-Inch QHD Curved Gaming Monitor (S3220DGF): Up To 165Hz with FreeSync 2
1 day ago from AnandTech
Having launched a revamped version of its flagship Alienware 34-inch curved gaming display, Dell has also put together something similar for the broader mid-range gaming market. Dell new 32-inch QHD C...

» ZENS Unveils AirPower-Like Wireless Charger With 16 Coils to Charge Two Devices Anywhere on Mat
1 day ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Dutch brand ZENS today unveiled a wireless charging mat with 16 overlapping coils, allowing two devices to be charged anywhere on the mat. The ZENS Liberty will be able to charge any Qi-enabled devi...

» Samsung reportedly removed a sex toy company from a women in tech event
1 day ago from - inquirer
Much a (dil)do about nothing

» LG launches its new range of ultraportable ‘gram’ laptops in India
1 day ago from OnMSFT.com
LG Electronics has launched its new range of ultraportable laptops – LG gram – in India. The 17-inch variant LG gram was recognized as the world’s lightest laptop by Guinness World Records earli...

» Wine 4.0.2 Released With 66 Bug Fixes
1 day ago from Phoronix
Wine 4.0.2 is out today as the second stable point release to this year's Wine 4.0 cycle...

» Apple working with soy sauce company on clean energy project in Taiwan
1 day ago from 9to5Mac
There’s a rather confusing story from Bloomberg today about Apple working with a soy sauce company in a clean energy project in Taiwan. Apple Inc. is developing rooftop solar arrays with Taiwan’...

» Critical Patches, Automox – Richard Melick – PSW #617
1 day ago from Security Weekly
Critical Patches, Automox The post Critical Patches, Automox – Richard Melick – PSW #617 appeared first on Security Weekly.

» Recorded Future and Virsec – PSW #617
1 day ago from Security Weekly
Recorded Future and Virsec The post Recorded Future and Virsec – PSW #617 appeared first on Security Weekly.

» Deobfuscating JavaScript to Investigate Phishing Domains – PSW #617
1 day ago from Security Weekly
Deobfuscating JavaScript to Investigate Phishing Domains The post Deobfuscating JavaScript to Investigate Phishing Domains – PSW #617 appeared first on Security Weekly.

» What piece of advice had the greatest impact on your career in DevOps?
1 day ago from LXer Linux News
I love learning the what, why, and how of new open source projects, especially when they gain popularity in the DevOps space. Classification as a "DevOps technology" tends to mean scalable, ...

» Capital One Breach: What Security Teams Can Do Now
1 day ago from Dark Reading:
Knowing the methods of the attacker, as laid out in the federal indictment, allow us to prevent similar attacks.

» Tech event calendar 2019: Upcoming shows, conferences and IT expos
1 day ago from Computerworld News
Tech Events Event Description Starts Ends Location IFA⁺ Summit 2019 The IFA⁺ Summit 2019 aims to highlight creative visionaries, disruptive ideas and entertainment in a data-scripted wor...

» Android 10: Best Features, Expected Names, And Release Date
1 day ago from Fossbytes
The next version of Android, now officially named as Android 10, is right around the corner. Google’s Android 10 beta program that allowed users to test the new Android update, before its wider rele...

» Actually, NASA is looking at all options for the Moon—including prizes
1 day ago from Ars Technica
“We, at NASA, are actively pursuing similar plans."

» ‘Nokia 3310 Found With 70% Battery After 20 Years’ Is Fake News
1 day ago from Fossbytes
You must have been reading in the news recently about a Nokia 3310 with 70% battery which was found after 20 years. Well, I am afraid to inform you but this news is totally fake. There is no consumer ...

» Instagram phishing uses 2FA as a lure
1 day ago from Naked Security
If the phishing page looks OK, and it has an HTTPS padlock, how are you supposed to spot phishes these days? Read our tips...

» Hack Microsoft’s Chromium-based Edge And Get Paid Up To $30,000
1 day ago from Fossbytes
A few days back, Microsoft released a new beta version of its Chromium Edge browser. Alongside this, the company also announced a huge bounty program for the researchers. According to the official blo...

» Canadians Charged for $220,000 Bitcoin Scam on Twitter
1 day ago from CoinDesk
Two Canadian nationals posed as HitBTC customer service representatives in order to steal a user's login credentials.

» Contractor association blasts UK.gov guidance on hated IR35 tax law's arrival in private sector
1 day ago from The Register
Advice 'falls woefully short' The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self-Employed has said UK government guidance on private sector changes to off-payroll working falls "woefully short"...

» Giveaway: Supermicro Z390 C9Z390-CGW Gaming Motherboard
1 day ago from AnandTech
Taking us into the final weeks of the summer, we have a new giveaway courtesy of the always awesome Supermicro. The company has sent our community team one of their Z390 ATX motherboards, the SuperO C...

» Spirent Nixes Over-Reliance on Compliance Checklists for Good Security
1 day ago from Dark Reading:
Enterprises must regularly validate their security efficacy based on real-time conditions, not compliance criteria, says John Weinschenk, General manager, Enterprise Network and Application Security o...

» Intel Comet Lake Procs for Desktop has 1200 pins - to require a new motherboard
1 day ago from Guru3D.com
Yeah, it's been a bit messy with AMD on the PCIe Gen 4.0 thing at X470 I know, but hey, props to AMD to make it possible to use so many generations of processors with even an architecture change on t....

» Google Photos is rolling out the ability to search your photos by text
1 day ago from xda-developers
Google Photos is, inarguably, one of the best Google applications for Android in recent memory. This photo sharing and storage service from Google outlasted Google’s own social network, Google+ by a...

» Week in security with Tony Anscombe
1 day ago from WeLiveSecurity
ESET research uncovers the first known instances of spyware that is based on the AhMyth Remote Access Tool and has snuck into Google Play The post Week in security with Tony Anscombe appeared first on...

» Bitcoin Miners Are Heating Homes Free of Charge in Frigid Siberia
1 day ago from CoinDesk
Hotmine makes a bitcoin mining rig that doubles as a home heating appliance. It's targeting places where winter is brutally cold.

» How to search for text in your Google Photos pictures
1 day ago from Articles on TechRepublic
Google added the ability to search photos for words and even copy and paste text from those photos. Here's how to do it.

» Contractors in Ireland heard 1,000 Siri audio recordings every shift, now laid off following suspension of Siri grading
1 day ago from 9to5Mac
Apple and Siri hit headlines at the start of the month as a report highlighted how Apple hired teams of contractors to listen and review audio clips from customer’s Siri interactions. Apple responde...

» 10 basic Linux commands you need to know
1 day ago from LXer Linux News
Out of the hundreds of possible Linux commands you could learn, here are the ten basic ones you really need to know.

» The EU wants strict controls on facial recognition
1 day ago from - inquirer
Neither the time nor the face

» Comment: Drawing attention to security is the greatest Apple Card benefit
1 day ago from 9to5Mac
Whether the Apple Card benefits justify the hype has been a hotly-debated topic ever since the card was launched. Never before has a mainstream credit card attracted so much media attention and genera...

» Polkadot Soft-Launches Its Experimental ‘Canary Network’ Kusama
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Kusama canary network launched to test Polkadot technologies

» ET Deals: 3-Year Subscription of IPVanish VPN For Just $33/Year
1 day ago from ExtremeTechExtremeTech
Looking for an affordable VPN solution that doesn't skip on features? Right now, IPVanish is offering up a three-year subscription marked 58 percent off to just $99. This sale ends soon though, so act...

» Chinese Vendor Designs PCIe 4.0 GPU, Targets GTX 1080 Performance
1 day ago from ExtremeTechComputing – ExtremeTech
A Chinese company, Jingjia Micro, is claiming their upcoming 28nm GPU will be capable of challenging the GTX 1080. Could we see a new graphics company enter the space in the next few years? The post ...

» Dive into Data Science and Machine Learning with this $35 Course Bundle
1 day ago from xda-developers
From speech recognition to self-driving cars, most cutting-edge technology relies on big data and intelligent software. For obvious reasons, recruiters are on the lookout for people with knowledge in ...

» Leaked EU doc plots €100bn fund to protect European firms against international tech giants
1 day ago from The Register
Bawwww we don't have anything like Amazon bawwww The European Commission wants to set up a €100bn wealth fund to invest directly in local technology companies to help businesses fight international ...

» Best Laptops: Q3 2019
1 day ago from AnandTech
It's time for our quarterly look at the laptop market. For Q3 we're in the midst of laptop updates, launches, and refreshes coordinated around the launch of Intel's 10th generation Core processors. Wh...

» 10 Low-Cost (or Free!) Ways to Boost Your Security AI Skills
1 day ago from Dark Reading:
The following hardware and software options will amplify your know-how about artificial intelligence and how to apply it to security - without busting any budgets.

» How to setup your developer workstation
1 day ago from OnMSFT.com
My development tools and setup have changed a lot over the years. For many developers like myself, these changes have mainly been driven by shifts in technology and languages. When I began my career a...

» Bitcoin worth £900,000 seized from hacker to compensate victims
1 day ago from Technology | The Guardian
Judge told Grant West he would face four more years in jail if he refused to complyA judge has ordered the confiscation of bitcoin worth more than £900,000 from a jailed hacker in the first case of i...

» Huawei says U.S. curbs to cut smartphone unit's revenue by over $10 billion
1 day ago from Reuters: Technology News
Chinese technology giant Huawei said on Friday the impact of U.S. trade restrictions on its business will be less than what it initially feared, though the curbs could push its smartphone unit's reven...

» $100K Crypto Donation to Amazon Rainforest Charity Blocked By BitPay
1 day ago from CoinDesk
A large donation to a non-profit working to protect the Amazon rainforest has been blocked by compliance hurdles at crypto payments firm BitPay.

» Emotet Botnet Is Back, Servers Active Across the World
1 day ago from BleepingComputer
Command and control (C2) servers for the Emotet botnet appear to have resumed activity and deliver binaries once more. This comes after being inert since the beginning of June. [...]

» AMD Ryzen 5 3400G Is Working Well On Linux
1 day ago from Phoronix
AMD Raven Ridge APUs were a rough launch particularly on Linux where even with the latest motherboard BIOS updates and Linux kernel I am still hitting occasional stability issues, so when the opportun...

» It looks like the move from Google Play Music to YouTube Music is back on on
1 day ago from - inquirer
The tiny tweaks are coming thick and fast now

» Gammy: Adaptive Screen Brightness Tool For Linux
1 day ago from LXer Linux News
Gammy, an adaptive screen brightness GUI tool that that was originally only available for Microsoft Windows, was ported to Linux (X11 only) recently.

» MIUI 10 betas end this month for all devices in preparation for MIUI 11
1 day ago from xda-developers
Xiaomi’s MIUI is a fun ROM to follow along, mainly because Xiaomi makes it a point to involve the community for testing out updates on a regular basis. Through MIUI Betas that roll out for a wide ra...

» Wait a minute, we're supposed to haggle! ISPs secretly want folk to barter for broadband
1 day ago from The Register
11?!! This cost me 12! Do you want to ruin me?! Just like the market stall owner in the The Life of Brian, it turns out internet service providers want customers to haggle with them to cut better deal...

» Land a Lifetime of Elite Cloud Storage for $19.99 with Koofr
1 day ago from ExtremeTechExtremeTech
Ditch the expensive and unreliable hard drives and land a lifetime of 25GB of secure cloud storage with Koofr Cloud Storage for just $19—over 90% off its usual price. The post Land a Lifetime of El...

» Quiz: Would you still pass your driving theory test?
1 day ago from Technology | The Guardian
There are regional variations in how easy it is to pass your practical driving test – but there is also the theory part. Could you still pass?Newly released figures show that there are some areas of...

» Cybersecurity alert: 34% of vulnerabilities found this year remain unpatched
1 day ago from Articles on TechRepublic
The overall number of reported vulnerabilities in the first half of 2019 has dropped slightly from last year, but risks remain high, according to Risk Based Security.

» App Security Still Dogs Developers, End-User Organizations
1 day ago from Dark Reading:
Lots of re-used code, cost pressures and long lead times for application software all lead to porous security where application software is concerned, says Chris Eng, Chief Research Officer for Veraco...

» GitHub adds WebAuthn support for biometric and security key logins
1 day ago from - inquirer
Gitting more secure

» PUBG Mobile May Soon Get Helicopters, Rocket Launchers, And Combat Vehicles
1 day ago from TechWorm
Since it’s launch in 2018, PUBG Mobile has always been in news either due to the new features or the troubles caused by it. Well, the 8th season of PUBG Mobile will end soon and some of the new feat...

» Bitcoin Advocate Becomes ‘Nobody’ to Run for New Hampshire Town Mayor
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Bitcoiner changes name to Nobody and runs for mayor

» Craig Wright Again Claims Authorship of Bitcoin White Paper
1 day ago from CoinDesk
Wright has made another attempt to cement his claim to be Satoshi Nakamoto, posting bitcoin's white paper on a scientific paper hosting site.

» US Charges Two Canadian Nationals Over Alleged $230K Bitcoin Fraud
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
A U.S. court charged two Indian-origin Canadians with a $230K Bitcoin fraud using fake HitBTC account on Twitter

» Guidemaster: Finding the best gaming monitors you can buy in 2019
1 day ago from Ars Technica
Including picks for 1440p, ultrawide, budget models, 240 Hz, and more.

» ‘Privacy policy change’ hoax infects Instagram; it confirms it’s crud
1 day ago from Naked Security
Multiple celebs fell for this one. Don't believe them - it's as much as a hoax as it's always been.

» Google moves closer to letting Chrome web apps edit your files despite warning it could be 'abused in terrible ways'
1 day ago from Articles on TechRepublic
Using the new Native File System API, web apps would be able to read and save files, as well as gather info on files stored on your device.

» Guidemaster: The best keyboards, mice, and more for your gaming PC
1 day ago from Ars Technica
Gaming PCs need a lot of extras—here are the best ones we could find.

» HomePod Launches in Japan and Taiwan [Updated]
1 day ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Update: On schedule, the HomePod has now launched in Japan and Taiwan. Original story follows. Apple's HomePod is set to launch in Japan and Taiwan next week, on Friday, August 23, Apple announced t...

» Scientists Use ‘UniverseMachine’ to Simulate 8 Million Universes
1 day ago from ExtremeTechExtremeTech
The universe is a big place. The Hubble Space Telescope's views burrow deep into space and time, but cover an area a fraction the angular size of the full Moon. The challenge is that these "core sampl...

» Asruex Trojan exploits old Office, Adobe bugs to backdoor your system
1 day ago from ZDNet | security RSS
The malware’s selection of old vulnerabilities highlights a patching issue worldwide.

» UK Employee Explains Why He Chose a 100% Bitcoin Salary
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
An employee at crypto exchange Coin Center was given the option to receive part — or all — of his salary paid in Bitcoin, and he went the full monty

» Tim Cook mourns the passing of ‘father of GDPR’ Giovanni Buttarelli
1 day ago from 9to5Mac
Apple CEO Tim Cook has written a piece for Italy’s most popular newspaper, mourning the passing of Europe’s head of data protection, Giovanni Buttarelli. Buttarelli took the lead on the introducti...

» Tesla in advanced talks with LG Chem on battery supply in China: source
1 day ago from Reuters: Technology News
U.S. electric vehicle maker Tesla Inc is in advanced talks with South Korea's LG Chem Ltd to source batteries for vehicles to be made in its Shanghai plant, a person familiar with the matter said.

» Google looks to be prepping a successor to the Home Mini
1 day ago from - inquirer
And it could double as a Chromecast Audio

» US regulators push back against White House plan to police social media censorship
1 day ago from The Register
New powers? No thanks The Federal Communications Commission and Federal Trade Commission have pushed back against US President Trump's proposal to put them in charge of policing social media firms he ...

» Bitcoin Price Looks Bearish Despite Bounce to $10.2K
1 day ago from CoinDesk
Bitcoin's recovery to $10,255 seen in the last 24 hours could be short-lived, suggest bearish price and volume indicators.

» Developers: 5 tips for launching new app features
1 day ago from Articles on TechRepublic
Mobile development is on the rise, and these tips can help DevOps teams better plan for app feature releases.

» Clogged Cache? The Edge Cartoon Contest Winners
1 day ago from Dark Reading:
Creativity flowed, but two captions rose to the top.

» Intel Submits Final Batch Of Graphics Driver Changes For Linux 5.4 - Growing Tiger Lake
1 day ago from Phoronix
After having been submitting various feature updates to DRM-Next the past few weeks of new graphics driver feature code to introduce in Linux 5.4, a final pull request was sent in today with the remai...

» Apple Music Replaces 'Best of the Week' Playlist With 'New Music Daily'
1 day ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Apple Music today launched a new curated playlist called "New Music Daily," which as the name suggests, is updated every day with fresh songs. Made up of "new music you simply can't miss" from a broa...

» AlertManager and Prometheus Complete Setup on Linux
1 day ago from LXer Linux News
When using modern monitoring solutions, we often want to be alerted when something goes wrong in our infrastructure. We may want to receive an email if one of our hosts goes down. Or we may want to re...

» Bumper Cisco patches fix four new ‘critical’ vulnerabilities
1 day ago from Naked Security
Cisco just issued some urgent patching homework in the form of 31 security fixes, 4 of them for flaws rated ‘critical’.

» Circle Looks to Raise $100M for Its Equity Platform SeedInvest
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Circle seeks talent to raise and to deploy a $100 million venture capital fund for its equity crowdfunding platform SeedInvest

» Parallel CPU Microcode Updates Being Restored To Help Large Core Count Servers
1 day ago from Phoronix
Following Spectre/Meltdown, the Linux CPU microcode updating was made serial while now a new patch pending for the Linux kernel would restore the behavior to be parallelized in order to speed-up the p...

» Microsoft partners with a premier business school in India to advance AI skilling in the country
1 day ago from OnMSFT.com
Microsoft India has announced a partnership with the Indian School of Business (ISB) to take forward their shared vision for an AI-empowered India.

» Litecoin’s Mining Power Has Fallen 28% Since Its Halving
1 day ago from CoinDesk
Mining power on the litecoin network has dropped by 28 percent since its recent "halving" event as miners struggle for profit.

» [Update: ZenFone 5Z Too] ASUS recruits Android Q beta testers for the ZenFone 6
1 day ago from xda-developers
The ASUS ZenFone 6 has been one of the surprise devices in 2019. We don’t usually get excited for ASUS phones, but the ZenFone 6 came out of nowhere and impressed us. ASUS has been doing a good job ...

» Google Chrome to Warn If Logins Are Found in a Data Breach
1 day ago from BleepingComputer
Google is adding a built-in data breach notification service to the Chrome browser that will alert users when they are logging into sites with credentials that have been exposed by breaches. [...]

» Winklevoss Twins on Bitcoin: ‘Wall Street Has Been Asleep at the Wheel’
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
The Winklevoss twins say Wall Street remains one step behind the retail sector when it comes to crypto

» Bill Aims to Deter Piracy by Teaching Copyright in Philippine Schools
1 day ago from TorrentFreak
A new bill that's currently being reviewed by Philippine lawmakers proposes to add copyright classes to the required curriculum. According to local Congressman Rufus Rodriguez, this should help to det...

» Nouveau's Changes Sent Out For Linux 5.4 In Fixing Up The Open-Source NVIDIA Support
1 day ago from Phoronix
While NVIDIA recently began publishing more hardware documentation, don't expect it to make an immediate difference in the quality of the open-source NVIDIA "Nouveau" driver. Today the pull request wa...

» Google DeepMind co-founder takes mysterious leave of absence
1 day ago from - inquirer
Boffin takes breather as balance sheet wobbles

» Data stolen from Hy-Vee customers offered for sale on Joker’s Stash Dark Web forum
1 day ago from ZDNet | security RSS
A card dump of 5.3 million accounts may be tied to the recent security breach.

» Crypto Taxation Around the Globe — What Do Regulations Look Like?
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Different countries use individual taxation schemes to govern their respective crypto industries. Let’s take a look at some of them...

» Valve's Proton Offers Branch With VKD3D For Direct3D 12 Over Vulkan
1 day ago from Phoronix
While VKD3D continues to be under heavy development, Valve already appears pleased with it enough that it's now being built as part of their Wine-based Proton software for powering Steam Play on Linux...

» NCSC warns devs to shed Python 2 over fears of WannaCry-style incident
1 day ago from - inquirer
Cyber cops fear hiss-tory will repeat itself

» Got a burning desire for a Hololens 2.0? Microsoft insists its math coprocessor won't be too hot for headgear
1 day ago from The Register
Ow, ow, my forehead is on fire Hot Chips  Now your humble Reg vulture is back from the Hot Chips conference in Silicon Valley, it seems right to briefly run this Microsoft development by you all.…

» Guru3D Thermal Paste Mega Roundup 2019
1 day ago from Guru3D.com
Thermal paste is an often-overlooked part of most computer setups. You can simply use the pre-applied stuff, or the thermal paste that comes with your motherboard, and still get reasonable processor t...

» Microsoft provides group policies for enterprise control of 'full-Chromium' Edge updates
1 day ago from Computerworld News
Microsoft has published the template and documentation that will be required to manage updates of the not-yet-finalized "full-Chromium" Edge browser, making good on a promise of earlier this summer.Wh...

» Life-saving sartorial advice
1 day ago from Computerworld News
It’s the late 1960s and pilot fish, freshly discharged from the Army, gets his dream job. He’ll be maintaining equipment manufactured by a large computer company. Not to name names, but this compa...

» Android 10 and the end of whimsy
1 day ago from Computerworld News
When I first heard about Google's plan to ditch the Android dessert naming system, my reaction was pretty minimal.After all, the name of an Android version doesn't really mean that much. It's what's i...

» Tensions Rising at Facebook Libra as Backers Consider Quitting: Report
1 day ago from CoinDesk
Several backers of Facebook's Libra cryptocurrency project are said to be considering backing out due to growing "pushback" from regulators.

» Microsoft acquires jClarity for optimizing Java workloads on Azure
1 day ago from LXer Linux News
JClarity is a key contributor to the AdoptOpenJDK project, which is building binaries of OpenJDK for a variety of platforms, including Linux and Windows. JClarity provides software performance analyti...

» [Update 5: Specifications Appear] The OnePlus TV may launch next month
1 day ago from xda-developers
OnePlus CEO Mr. Pete Lau had expressed his company’s intention to diversify from smartphones into the TV segment. Information on the same was not available for a while, but last week, we finally hea...

» Google wants everyone to dump their nasties in its Sandbox
1 day ago from - inquirer
Life could be a beach (box)

» Cyberbullying: What schools and teachers can do
1 day ago from WeLiveSecurity
How schools and educators can address and help prevent abusive behavior on the internet The post Cyberbullying: What schools and teachers can do appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

» Apple Music launches ‘New Music Daily’ playlist
1 day ago from 9to5Mac
Apple Music today launched a new curated playlist on the service, called “New Music Daily”. Unlike most Apple Music human editorial playlists, New Music Daily is refreshed every single day. The de...

» 4 Reasons Why Ethereum Classic Is Soaring — Up 40% This Week
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Ethereum Classic price is soaring this week as hype builds in the run-up to the Atlantis fork next month

» 80 suspects arrested in massive business email scam takedown
1 day ago from ZDNet | security RSS
Police say the mainly-Nigerian network was responsible for the attempted theft of $46 million.

» The story so far: How's that Autonomy High Court battle with HPE looking at half-time?
1 day ago from The Register
It hasn't gone away, you know Autonomy trial  Just how far has HPE come in proving its $5bn fraud allegations against former Autonomy CEO Mike Lynch and co-defendant CFO Sushovan Hussain? While the w...

» Bitmain Valuation to Hit $12B With New 600K Chip Order, Source Says
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Bitmain goes all out with giant 600,000 chip order

» New icon for Windows 10’s Camera app leaks online and looks pretty cool
1 day ago from OnMSFT.com
After new icons leaked for Microsoft’s Mail and Calendar apps a few days ago, a fresh new design for the Windows 10 Camera app has popped up online today. The new icon was posted online on the Aggio...

» HP's CEO is stepping down this year
1 day ago from - inquirer
Packard-ing it in

» Pompeo tells Trudeau U.S. focused on release of two Canadians in China
1 day ago from Reuters: Technology News
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Thursday assured Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that American officials were working to free two Canadian men who have been held by China since late last...

» China blames Canada for difficulties in relationship, demands Huawei executive be freed
1 day ago from Reuters: Technology News
China's embassy in Canada said on Thursday that bilateral ties were suffering "gross difficulties," and demanded Ottawa free Huawei Technologies Co Ltd Chief Financial Officer Meng Wanzhou.

» Deal: Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 is now 40% off in the Windows 10 Microsoft Store app store
1 day ago from OnMSFT.com
Adobe Photoshop Elements 2019 is once again on sale in Windows 10’s Microsoft Store app store. The popular photo editing app usually sells for $99.99 but is now just $59.99, $40 cheaper than its ful...

» Mouse & Video adds mouse controls to video players on the Web
1 day ago from gHacks Technology News
Mouse & Video is a free browser extension for the Mozilla Firefox web browser that adds mouse-powered controls to HTML video players on the Internet. You may use the add-on to change […] Ghacks ...

» Employees abused systems at Ukrainian nuclear power plant to mine cryptocurrency
1 day ago from Security Affairs
The Ukrainian Secret Service is investigating the case of employees at a nuclear power plant that connected its system online to mine cryptocurrency. The Ukrainian Secret Service (SBU) launched an inv...

» Amazon Cloud Outage Causing Major Issues at Some Crypto Exchanges
1 day ago from CoinDesk
Problems with Amazon's cloud service, AWS, in Tokyo are disrupting services at some cryptocurrency exchanges on Friday.

» GitHub upgrades two-factor authentication with WebAuthn support
1 day ago from The Register
Standard enables more security key options with passwordless a future possibility GitHub has announced support for the Web Authentication (WebAuthn) security standard.…

» IBM taking early steps in securing data in the quantum world of tomorrow
1 day ago from Neowin
The company has open-sourced unbreakable cryptographic algorithms, prototyped the world's first quantum computing safe tape drive, and is providing security assessment to customers of IBM Cloud. Read ...

» Google Proposes 'Privacy Sandbox' to Develop Privacy-Focused Ads
1 day ago from The Hacker News
Google today announced a new initiative—called Privacy Sandbox—in an attempt to develop a set of open standards that fundamentally enhances privacy on the web while continuing to support a free, o...

» Galaxy Note 10 deals, specs and news: Note 10, Note 10+ start shipping in Blighty
1 day ago from - inquirer
Flagship can be picked up from £899

» Project Scarlett: Microsoft talks about the next Xbox console’s huge CPU boost
1 day ago from OnMSFT.com
During Gamescom 2019, Microsoft’s Aaron Greenberg, the current Xbox general manager, spoke with OXM and elaborated a bit on what kind of CPU power gamers can expect from the company’s upcoming nex...

» [Update 4: Liquid cooling and Gamepad] Redmi Note 8 series and 70-inch Redmi 4K smart TV to launch on August 29th
1 day ago from xda-developers
Xiaomi’s spin-off brand, Redmi, has been pulling off one feat after another. While it was earlier confined to the budget segment, Redmi entered the premium segment with its refined flagship killer i...

» Google wants to help protect your privacy on the web
1 day ago from Neowin
In a new attempt to vaunt its credentials as the guardian of the web, Google is launching an initiative called Privacy Sandbox that is aimed at reducing the amount of data advertisers can collect. Rea...

» Cisco warns of the availability of public exploit code for critical flaws in Cisco Small Business switches
1 day ago from Security Affairs
Cisco provided updates for security advisories for three flaws affecting Cisco Small Business 220 Series Smart Switches patched in early August. Cisco has updated security advisories for three vulnera...

» I couldn't possibly tell you the computer's ID over the phone, I've been on A Course™
1 day ago from The Register
That time a PA put the 'ass' into 'asset tag' On Call  How's your Friday shaping up? Come join us for another dive into the piranha-infested waters of what we at The Register like to call On Call.…

» AMDGPU To Allow Memory Re-Clocking Soon For Multi-Monitor Setups
1 day ago from Phoronix
Currently the AMDGPU Linux kernel driver doesn't automatically adjust the video memory clock speeds when running a multi-monitor setup since it's more complicated to gracefully handle when scanning ou...

» DHL stops deliveries for Amazon Fresh in Germany
1 day ago from Reuters: Technology News
(The August 21 story, corrects to read "the market for food ecommerce" in paragraph 1.)

» The Motorola One Action with a GoPro-esque “Action Cam”, 21:9 display, and Android One launches in India
1 day ago from xda-developers
Lenovo-owned Motorola set the precedent for a highly competitive smartphone market in India with the OG Moto G. Over the last five years or so, it has lost its market to Chinese brands which dominate ...

» Erica review – interactive story careens down a dramatic cul-de-sac
1 day ago from Technology | The Guardian
PlayStation 4; Flavourworks/SonyThis experiment in storytelling has a fascinating premise – but its repetitiveness renders it a lesser BandersnatchHad Erica been released a year ago, chances are it ...

» Microsoft Forms to Add Enterprise Automatic Phishing Detection
1 day ago from BleepingComputer
Microsoft is working on also adding automatic phishing to enterprise in-org forms after previously rolling out Microsoft Forms proactive phishing prevention for public forms in July. [...]

» How to redownload apps on iPhone and iPad
1 day ago from 9to5Mac
Are you trying to find an app that you previously purchased or downloaded? Follow along for how to redownload apps on iPhone and iPad. more… The post How to redownload apps on iPhone and iPad appea...

» A Look at Redcore Linux: Gentoo based Linux Distribution
1 day ago from gHacks Technology News
Many people in the technology world have heard, at least in passing, of the Linux distribution Gentoo. Gentoo is one of the most famous distributions to the point of becoming a joke; […] Ghacks need...

» How Services Are Improving the Crypto Mining Landscape in 2019
1 day ago from TechWorm
One of the most ingenious elements of the cryptocurrency movement is its emphasis on empowering users. While sending transactions to friends, family, and customers through a bank transfer relies on th...

» Join us at MCubed to find out how machine learning can fight fraudsters, cut pager noise, and much more
1 day ago from The Register
Our practical no-hype conference on AI development Event  Whether it’s fraudsters or system crashes that keep you awake at night, join us at the MCubed conference to find out how machine learning a...

» Amazon to acquire minority stake in an Indian supermarket chain operator
1 day ago from Reuters: Technology News
Amazon.com Inc is set to snag a 3.58% minority stake in India's Future Retail, which operates more than 1,500 stores in India and owns several supermarket brands, including budget department and groce...

» Hong Kong protests: YouTube takes down 200 channels spreading disinformation
1 day ago from Technology | The Guardian
Google-owned service says it discovered channels ‘behaved in a coordinated manner’ against pro-democracy protestsYouTube has disabled 210 channels that appeared to be part of a coordinated influen...

» What is Todo.Txt and how to use it?
1 day ago from gHacks Technology News
Have you ever written down a list of things to do or buy? Things have changed over time, and paper and pen lists have paved the way for modern alternatives like to-do […] Ghacks needs you. You can f...

» My god, it's full of tsars: A gun-toting Russian humanoid robot is on its way to the International Space Station
1 day ago from The Register
What could possibly go wrong? Video  The Russian national space agency has strapped a hefty humanoid robot weighing 160kg (353lb) to a rocket and launched it to the International Space Station.…

» The machine always wins: what drives our addiction to social media
1 day ago from Technology | The Guardian
Social media was supposed to liberate us, but for many people it has proved addictive, punishing and toxic. What keeps us hooked? By Richard SeymourWe are swimming in writing. Our lives have become, i...

» Xiaomi banks on phone data for finance play in India
1 day ago from Reuters: Technology News
China's Xiaomi is poised to launch a consumer lending business in India in the coming weeks, making an ambitious tilt at the booming financial services market where data privacy concerns and fierce c...

» Samsung Galaxy Note 10, Xiaomi Mi A3, Realme X, iPod touch, and more gain support for Google ARCore
1 day ago from xda-developers
When Google first announced ARCore*, I was skeptical because of the spectacular failure that was Project Tango. Google’s second attempt at getting augmented reality in the hands of consumers was mor...

» Walmart, Tesla look to address issues surrounding solar systems
1 day ago from Reuters: Technology News
Walmart Inc and Tesla Inc are looking to address all issues surrounding the solar installations at Walmart stores, the companies said late on Thursday, two days after the retailer sued the electric ...

» Promo: Back-to-school Deals - Microsoft Office 2016 $18 Win 10 Pro $12
1 day ago from Guru3D.com
SCDkey new Back-to-school discounts on Microsoft Windows 10 Pro and Office keys. You can grab a key with a bit of a Guru3D discount, 18 bucks for Microsoft Office 2016 Home/Student and Windows 10 Pro ...

» Ninth Circuit Goes a Step Further to Protect Privacy in Border Device Searches
1 day ago from Deeplinks
The U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit issued a new ruling in U.S. v. Cano [.pdf] that offers greater privacy protection for people crossing the border with their electronic devices, but it d...

» Ubuntu Planning To Drop Qt4 & Its Dependencies Ahead Of 20.04 LTS
1 day ago from Phoronix
With Qt 6 becoming an increasing development focus and Qt 5 already seven years old, Ubuntu developers are looking at finally removing Qt 4 ahead of their 20.04 Long-Term Support release...

» MSI Clutch GM11 mouse and Vigor GK30 as well as Sepira Chassis
1 day ago from Guru3D.com
MSI is showing anumber of new gaming gear as well as new chassis. First off they launch a new mouse and keyboard for gamers: the Vigor GK30 keyboard and the Clutch GM11 mouse. ...

» InWin Announces A1 PLUS and 103 Phantom Gaming Edition Chassis
1 day ago from Guru3D.com
InWin has announced two new chassis developed in partnership with ASRock’s Phantom Gaming Alliance: the 103 Phantom Gaming Edition and A1 PLUS Phantom Gaming Edition. The 103 and A1 PLUS are...

» Philips Momentum displays: 55” (142 cm) 558M1RY, 31.5” (80 cm) 328M1R and a 27” (68.6 cm) 278M1R
1 day ago from Guru3D.com
This series is intended for console users and has since been expanded with three screens. It is a 55, 31.5 and 27-inch monitor, the first of which is the most special....

» Need for Speed: Heat Gameplay video
1 day ago from Guru3D.com
At Gamescom 2019, Electronic Arts revealed the first gameplay trailer for Need for Speed: Heat. Need for Speed: Heat will come out on November 8th.   ...

» Lian Li Introduces the TU150 Chassis
1 day ago from Guru3D.com
LIAN LI Industrial Co. Ltd., a world leading manufacturer of aluminium chassis and PC accessories, is proud to announce the next evolution within its TU family of chassis with the TU150....

» ADATA Releases New MLC IESU317 External SSD and IUFU33B Flash Drive
1 day ago from Guru3D.com
ADATA is pleased to announce the ADATA IESU317 external solid state drive (SSD) and the IUFU33B flash drive. Both products are equipped with MLC NAND flash and support the high-speed USB 3.2 interfac...

» Cloud Services Require a Shift in Security Strategy
1 day ago from Dark Reading:
End-user organizations have their security management tools, but so do cloud service providers, and that forces some hard questions about whose tools will be used to keep everything locked down, says ...

» Samsung’s Android 10 update with One UI 2.0 may have just leaked
1 day ago from xda-developers
In a startling turn of events, an 11-minute video of Android 10 “Queen Cake” running on the Samsung Galaxy S10+ has leaked out today. This video comes from Brazilian YouTuber Dudu Rocha. He goes o...

» The Best 0% APR Credit Cards of 2019
1 day ago from Wirecutter: Reviews for the Real World
Sometimes you need to buy something expensive and you’d rather avoid depleting your savings in one fell swoop. That’s when a credit card with a 0% APR period of a year (or more) comes in handy. Ch...

» How to edit RAW images using Affinity Photo on a Mac
1 day ago from Articles on TechRepublic
RAW photos provide a wealth of editing options unavailable in other file types, but not all image-editing apps support the format. Learn how to edit RAW images using Affinity Photo on a Mac.

» ‘I’m going to where people are’: the viral priest using TikTok to start a church
1 day ago from Technology | The Guardian
His videos were designed to draw Austinites to religion but have made him a star of the new social media app that most of his age still don’t understand‘It just takes off’: how the short-video a...

» Apple Debuts New iCloud.com Beta Site With Fresh Look, Reminders App
1 day ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Ahead of the launch of iOS 13, iPadOS, and macOS Catalina, Apple has updated its iCloud.com beta site with a fresh look and a new Reminders app (via Federico Vittici). The beta version of iCloud.com ...

» U.S. state legal chiefs, telecom firms set to crack down on robocalls
1 day ago from Reuters: Technology News
Attorneys general from 50 U.S. states and the District of Columbia will announce on Thursday they are joining forces with major telecommunications providers, including AT&T Inc, Verizon Communicat...

» Apple rolls out redesigned iCloud interface on the web in beta with new Reminders app, more
1 day ago from 9to5Mac
Apple this week has launched a new beta version of iCloud on the web with the overhauled Reminders app, a new launch screen, and more. The change was first pointed out by Federico Viticci on Twitter. ...

» Regular User Training Most Effective Security Antidote
1 day ago from Dark Reading:
Social engineering remains the top vulnerability organizations face because humans remain the easiest way to access networks or databases, says Stu Sjouwerman, Founder and CEO of KnowBe4. Regular trai...

» Major US carriers join forces with state attorneys general to fight robocalls
1 day ago from 9to5Mac
The fight among carriers and regulators over the robocalling problem continues this week. The Washington Post reports that 12 of the largest telephone companies, as well as 51 state attorneys general,...

» Windows 10 Redstone: A guide to the Insider Preview builds
1 day ago from Computerworld News
Microsoft never sleeps. Even before the Windows 10 May 2019 Update (version 1903) started to roll out, the company began working on upcoming feature updates to Windows 10. As it did with version 1903,...

» SANDMARC launches a line of polarized ND filters designed for iPhone
1 day ago from 9to5Mac
If you’re a photographer at all, then you’ve likely heard of ND (neutral density) and polarizing filters. While you can get them individually for iPhone from companies like Moment or SANDMARC, the...

» A Pivotal moment for VMware: Software biz gobbled up along with Carbon Black for $5bn
1 day ago from The Register
Meanwhile, Salesforce sees profits fall Imaginary computer specialist VMware boosted its security and cloud software lineup today when it confirmed Thursday the purchases of Carbon Black and Pivotal S...

» Google adds Google Lens as a reverse image search option in Chrome
1 day ago from xda-developers
What used to only be a tool for Internet sleuths is now fairly mainstream thanks to services like Google Lens. Reverse image searching, or searching the web for the source of an image, is fairly easy ...

» Strategy Analytics: iPhone upgrade cycle continues to slow as customers perceive a lack of innovation
1 day ago from 9to5Mac
Several reports in the past have linked the increasing prices of smartphones to lengthening iPhone upgrade cycles. A new report today from Strategy Analytics makes similar claims, saying that the aver...

» The Top 10 Tools to Help You Ride Out the Next Hurricane
1 day ago from Wirecutter: Reviews for the Real World
Hurricanes have terrifying power, and because of their sheer scope and unpredictability, each one presents variables that are totally out of your control. How destructive will it be? Will you have to ...

» Dion? He off: HP Inc CEO Weisler quits over 'family health matter', Lores will be High-res
1 day ago from The Register
Wall Street miffed at flat Q3 earnings as printer boss set to take over in November HP Inc on Thursday reported sales of $14.6bn for its fiscal Q3 2019 financial results, up 0.1 per cent from the year...

» VMware to pay $5 billion for firms offering cloud security, developers platform
1 day ago from Reuters: Technology News
VMware Inc said on Thursday it bought two providers of cloud security and cloud developer services in separate deals valued at about $5 billion, as it expands offerings for corporate clients.

» Analytics and Security Prove Effective Security Hybrid
1 day ago from Dark Reading:
Against the backdrop of consolidation in the SIEM and SOAR sectors, infosec professionals are deploying some combination of analytics and security, according to Haiyan Song, Senior Vice President &...

» Steam cleaned of zero-day security holes after Valve turned off by bug bounty snub outrage
1 day ago from The Register
Security bod may be invited back into vuln reward program, Half-Life 3 still ain't happening Games giant Valve is attempting to make nice with the infosec bod who disclosed zero-day exploits for vulne...

» Salesforce sees higher quarterly, FY revenue; shares rise 7%
1 day ago from Reuters: Technology News
Salesforce.com Inc forecast third-quarter and full-year revenue above Wall Street estimates on Thursday, as it benefits from acquisitions and more companies opting for its cloud-based services, sendi...

» Bitcoin Pizza and Our Decentralized Future
1 day ago from ReadWrite
Blockchain, digital currencies, and DLTs have been at the forefront of conversations this past year. During 2019 we’ve seen consistent growth throughout the entire industry landscape driven by new e...

» Tech News Weekly 96: It's Inside the Network
1 day ago from All TWiT.tv Shows (Video HD)
(01:43) Darren Loucaides from OneZero discusses the impact of the "like" button. Increasingly, social networks seem to be pondering the idea of hiding or removing metrics but engagement and profit may...

» The Best Mobile Scanning Apps
1 day ago from Wirecutter: Reviews for the Real World
This may seem shocking, but unless you’re an accountant or archivist, you probably don’t need a traditional scanner—today’s smartphone scanning apps are simply that good. After spending more t...

» Hands-On Tech: LIZ Smart Bottle Review
1 day ago from All TWiT.tv Shows (Video HD)
Jason Howell reviews the NOERDEN LIZ Smart Bottle. This self-cleaning smart bottle features a touch-responsive lid with drinking reminders and a built-in UV-C light, destroying up to 99.9% of viruses ...

» Haas Formula 1 CIO Builds Security at 230 Miles per Hour
1 day ago from Dark Reading:
As the CIO for both Formula 1 and NASCAR racing teams, Gary Foote is tackling the same security issues as other manufacturing CIOs - with a huge dash of motorized mayhem thrown in.

» New Malware Variant Targets Old Adobe, Office Vulnerabilities
1 day ago from Dark Reading:
Criminals appear to have developed it knowing some users have not patched or updated to newer versions, Trend Micro says.

» 100+ IT policies at your fingertips, ready for download
1 day ago from Articles on TechRepublic
From BYOD and social media to ergonomics and encryption, TechRepublic has dozens of ready-made, downloadable IT policy templates.

» Ahead of Apple TV+, new data shows Amazon Prime Video and Hulu gaining on Netflix
1 day ago from 9to5Mac
We’ve learned quite a bit more about Apple TV+ over the last week, including details on Apple’s ballooning content budget and a potential monthly price. Now, new data detailed by TechCrunch offers...

» Employees connect nuclear plant to the internet so they can mine cryptocurrency
1 day ago from ZDNet | security RSS
The Ukrainian Secret Service is investigating the incident as a potential security breach.

» HP CEO steps down, taps veteran insider; flags quarterly profit below Street view
1 day ago from Reuters: Technology News
HP Inc said on Thursday Chief Executive Officer Dion Weisler is stepping down after nearly four years in the role, and forecast fourth quarter profit below Wall Street estimates, sending its shares d...

» U.S. Bank Cash+ Review: An Honest Assessment
1 day ago from Wirecutter: Reviews for the Real World
At first blush, the U.S. Bank Cash+ rewards card has lucrative cash-back rewards rates—especially compared with similar rotating-category cards like the Chase Freedom and Discover it. And if you’r...

» Steam Patches LPE Vulnerabilities in Beta Version Update
1 day ago from BleepingComputer
Almost 48 hours after security researcher Vasily Kravets (PsiDragon) released his proof of concept (PoC) for a second vulnerability in Steam client for Windows leading to privilege escalation, Valve ...

» U-Boot Has Been Seeing Better x86 Support, EFI Improvements
1 day ago from Phoronix
Google's Simon Glass who is part of the Chromium / Chrome OS team presented at this week's Embedded Linux Conference in San Diego on U-Boot...

» Breach at Hy-Vee Supermarket Chain Tied to Sale of 5M+ Stolen Credit, Debit Cards
1 day ago from Krebs on Security
On Tuesday of this week, one of the more popular underground stores peddling credit and debit card data stolen from hacked merchants announced a blockbuster new sale: More than 5.3 million new account...

» Time to Get Smarter About Threat Intel
1 day ago from Dark Reading:
Bad actors move faster than threat intelligence feeds and the infosec pros who monitor them, notes Joakim Kennedy, Threat Intel Manager for Anomali Research. Organizations need to establish a dedicate...

» As browser rivals block third-party tracking, Google pitches 'Privacy Sandbox' peace plan
1 day ago from The Register
Disclaimer: No advertisers were harmed in making this project On Thursday, Google reminded everyone who might have forgotten that "privacy is paramount to us" and announced an initiative called "Priva...

» This Week in Computer Hardware 530: 10th-Gen Intel CPUs & Minecraft RTX
1 day ago from All TWiT.tv Shows (Video HD)
6-Core Mobile CPUs??? Let's talk 10th Gen Intel Comet Lake processors! (Wait... could there be a 6-core Dell XPS 13?) Minecraft gets gorgeous with Nvidia RTX ray tracing, new gear from Alienware, and ...

» MSI’s New Prestige 14 & 15 Laptops Get Intel's Comet Lake-U CPUs & Calibrated 4K Display
1 day ago from AnandTech
Among the many manufacturers launching new or updated laptops this week alongside the release of Intel's new Comet Lake processors is MSI. This week the company is introducing its new compact Prestige...

» Bose Announces AirPlay 2-Equipped Portable Home Speaker
1 day ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Bose today announced the launch of a new speaker, the Bose Portable Home Speaker, which is designed to work with Apple's AirPlay 2 protocol. The Bluetooth-enabled Portable Home Speaker is designed to...

» Microsoft Tops Phishers' Favorite Brands as Facebook Spikes
2 days ago from Dark Reading:
Microsoft remains the favorite brand to spoof in phishing campaigns, but more attackers are impersonating Facebook.

» Aviation Faces Increasing Cybersecurity Scrutiny
2 days ago from Dark Reading:
Some aviation experts and security researchers are trying to foster closer alliances for securing airplane networks.

» Deloitte launches ‘Blockchain in a Box’ hands-on demonstrator
2 days ago from Computerworld News
Consultancy Deloitte this week unveiled a mobile, self-contained computing platform that can be used to host a blockchain network on a small-scale so companies can test its capabilities.Called "Blockc...

» Cisco Warns of Public Exploit Code for Critical Switch Flaws
2 days ago from BleepingComputer
Cisco updated the security advisories for three vulnerabilities patched in early August warning customers that its Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) team is aware of public exploit cod...

» Overstock dot-gone: Surplus biz CEO now surplus to requirements, ejects after Russian spy fling, deep state rant
2 days ago from The Register
Resigns – or punished for telling the truth? Wake up, sheeple! Ten days after releasing a corporate press release that raved about the deep state, men in black, and confirmed his love affair with a ...