» What is firewall-cmd and how to use it
8 minutes ago from LXer Linux News
A properly configured firewall is one of the most important tasks of any Linux system administrator. Firewalld is a complete firewall solution and an alternative to the iptables service that can be us...

» Week in Review: Pet startups will be the death of Silicon Valley
36 minutes ago from TechCrunch
Hey everyone. Thank you for welcoming me into your inboxes yet again. I’m in Berlin where TechCrunch just pulled off another great Disrupt event, we’ve got a lot of great Europe-focused startup co...

» With $4B food delivery acquisition, Korea poised to enter upper tier of startup hubs
39 minutes ago from TechCrunch
Seoul and South Korea may well be the secret startup hub that (still) no one talks about. While often dwarfed by the scale and scope of the Chinese startup market next door, South Korea has proven ove...

» Do You Remember the Y2K Bug?
1 hour ago from Slashdot
harrymcc writes: In the late 1990s, lots of people were concerned that the Y2K bug could lead to power outages, financial collapse, riots, and worse when the clock rolled over to January 1, 2000. Hun...

» Rav1e Achieves Another ~20% Speed-Up For Rust-Based AV1 Video Encoding
1 hour ago from Phoronix
Rav1e's weekly-ish pre-releases for this Rust-written AV1 encoder have been focusing a lot on better performance via hand-written x86 Assembly, making use of SIMD extensions, and other fine tuning of ...

» This alleged Bitcoin scam looked a lot like a pyramid scheme
1 hour ago from Ars Technica
Five men face federal charges of bilking investors of $722 million.

» Telenor says Huawei will still play role in 5G rollout
1 hour ago from Reuters: Technology News
Telenor will use equipment from Huawei in building Norway's 5G network, the telecoms operator said on Sunday, one of several companies to continue working with the Chinese company despite U.S. pressu...

» FTP Commander Pro 8.03 Local Stack Overflow
1 hour ago from The Exploit Database - CXSecurity.com
Topic: FTP Commander Pro 8.03 Local Stack Overflow Risk: High Text:# Exploit Title: FTP Commander Pro 8.03 - Local Stack Overflow # Date: 2019-12-12 # Exploit Author: boku # Discovered by: U...

» Yachtcontrol Webapplication 1.0 Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution
1 hour ago from The Exploit Database - CXSecurity.com
Topic: Yachtcontrol Webapplication 1.0 Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution Risk: Low Text:# Exploit Title: Yachtcontrol Webapplication 1.0 - Unauthenticated Remote Code Execution # Google Dork: N/A...

» Raspberry Pi CM3 dev board breaks through with $38 price
1 hour ago from LXer Linux News
Waveshare’s $38 “Compute Module PoE Board” extends the Raspberry Pi CM3 with a PoE-enabled 10/100 LAN port, 4x USB, HDMI, MIPI-DSI and -CSI, 40-pin GPIO, and an optional case. We’ve seen a var...

» Microsoft Weekly: Xbox Series X, 2019's last Patch Tuesday, and productivity on Edge
2 hours ago from Neowin
Beyond the expected release of this month's Patch Tuesday updates, Microsoft also surprised everybody by unveiling its next-generation Xbox at The Game Awards. Be sure to catch up below. Read more...

» Sky on a Mission to Purge Hundreds of Pirate IPTV Sites From Google
3 hours ago from TorrentFreak
As 'pirate' IPTV sellers continue to grow in both volume and popularity, efforts continue to bring the phenomenon under control. For Comcast-owned broadcaster Sky, that means sending large volumes of ...

» Fidelity Digital Assets to Consider Rolling Out Ether Support in 2020
3 hours ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Fidelity Digital Assets plans to add support for Ether next year subject to sufficient demand, said the firm’s president

» Games with Gold: Jurassic World Evolution and Castlevania Mirror of Fate are now free
3 hours ago from Neowin
Two more games have entered the Games with Gold program of Microsoft, giving Xbox One and Xbox 360 owners a game each. The newest titles are Jurassic World Evolution and Castlevania Mirror of Fate. Re...

» At a Refugee Camp in Iraq, a 16-Year-Old Syrian Is Teaching Crypto Basics
3 hours ago from CoinDesk
Here's what an unbanked refugee really thinks about crypto.

» Guest Article: The Free Software Movement Should Come Out From the Box
3 hours ago from LXer Linux News
"From now onwards we have to think from a user’s rights perspective and mobilise users of Free software. They should know what rights they ought to get."

» Intel Revises The Shared Virtual Memory Support For Their Linux Graphics Driver
4 hours ago from Phoronix
In their journey towards the Intel Xe GPUs expected to launch initially next year in the form of Ponte Vecchio, just about one month ago Intel posted patches implementing Shared Virtual Memory support...

» Red Magic 3S review: The fastest phone I've used, marred by big display issues
4 hours ago from Neowin
nubia's gaming brand is back with the Red Magic 3S, promising even more performance than its predecessor. While the company delivered on that, the display issues stop me from recommending it. Read mor...

» 'The Next Nuclear Plants Will Be Small, Svelte, and Safer'
5 hours ago from Slashdot
"A new generation of reactors will start producing power in the next few years," writes Wired, addingi that "They're comparatively tiny -- and may be key to hitting our climate goals." For the last 2...

» Russian Police Raids NGINX Moscow Office, Detains Co-Founders
5 hours ago from TechWorm
Russian Police on Thursday raided the Moscow office of NGINX over a copyright infringement complaint filed by Rambler Group, according to multiple reports. For those unaware, NGINX (pronounced as “...

» Install Odoo 13 on CentOS 8
5 hours ago from LXer Linux News
Odoo is the most popular all-in-one business software in the world. It offers a range of business applications, including CRM, website, e-Commerce, billing, accounting, manufacturing, warehouse, proje...

» AMD's GPU Performance API Library 3.5 Drops ROCm/HSA Support
6 hours ago from Phoronix
Released on Friday was a new version of AMD's GPU Performance API "GPUPerfAPI" project under the GPUOpen umbrella. This is the AMD library used by CodeXL, Radeon Compute Profiler, and others for tappi...

» How to Install Jetty 9 on Ubuntu 16.04
7 hours ago from LXer Linux News
Jetty is free and open source, Java HTTP (Web) server and Java Servlet container similar to Tomcat, GlassFish and WildFly. It provides support for SPDY, WebSocket, OSGi, JMX, JNDI, JAAS, and many othe...

» KDE Developers Are Busy As Ever Ahead Of The 2019 Holidays
8 hours ago from Phoronix
KDE developers are working on "something big" but this week in pre-holiday mode still managed to land a lot of improvements to the wide spectrum of KDE software...

» More Small Tests Are Happening For Universal Basic Incomes
9 hours ago from Slashdot
DevNull127 writes: A video report from NBC News profiles "Springboard to Opportunities," an advocacy group for affordable housing residents that's now also testing $1,000-a-month payments (privately-f...

» What GNOME 2 fans love about the Mate Linux desktop
9 hours ago from LXer Linux News
Stop me if you[he]#039[/he]ve heard this one before: When GNOME 3 was first released, many GNOME users were not ready to give up GNOME 2. The Mate (named after the yerba mate plant) project began as a...

» The Tech Guy 1652
10 hours ago from All TWiT.tv Shows (Video HD)
Will Starlink satellites ruin the sky for astronomers? Recovering a GMAIL account, stream music throughout the house, noise-canceling headphones, upgrading storage in a Surface Pro 2, digitizing your ...

» Microsoft Revives Nonfungible Tokens, Sparks Industry's Imagination
10 hours ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Microsoft’s Azure is becoming one of the biggest names in blockchain through the use of NFTs in its new community program

» Sysadmins: How many spare cords do you have sitting around?
11 hours ago from LXer Linux News
Do you stockpile cables and other spare parts like they're going out of style, or do you just hang on to a few and order more when you need them?

» Bank Employee Steals Cash, Then Posts Pics of It On Facebook and Instagram
11 hours ago from Slashdot
"If you're systematically stealing money from a bank vault, it may not be a good idea to post the evidence on your social media pages," reports CNN: A bank employee in Charlotte, North Carolina, alle...

» Linux-on-Jetson SDR board gets major software upgrade
12 hours ago from LXer Linux News
Deepwave Digital’s v0.2 release of the Ubuntu-based AirStack software for its Nvidia TX2 and Artix-7 equipped AIR-T SDR dev board adds variable sample rate, phase locking for MIMO, easier updates, a...

» Will Tesla's Rooftop Solar Panels Revolutionize the Power Industry?
13 hours ago from Slashdot
Long-time Slashdot reader 140Mandak262Jamuna brings news of a triumph for a Tesla power project in South Australia: about 900 residential rooftop solar panels, coupled with storage batteries, "all lin...

» Raspberry Pi Foundation Sells Its 30,000,000th Raspberry Pi
13 hours ago from Slashdot
McGruber writes: In a reply to a Twitter post, Raspberry Pi Foundation's CEO Eben Upton announced that they have sold their thirty-millionth Raspberry Pi. "We don't get sales returns from our licens...

» Building Your Own Open Source, Privacy-Protecting Voice Assistant With A Raspberry Pi
14 hours ago from Slashdot
PC Magazine's "tech nerd" Whitson Gordon writes that "Once you start using a smart speaker to set reminders, play the news, or turn the lights on, it's hard to go back." But if you want the convenie...

» D9VK 0.40 Uses Async Present On All Drivers, Various Other Features + Perf Optimizations
14 hours ago from Phoronix
D9VK 0.40 is out today as the latest feature update to this Direct3D 9 over Vulkan translation layer based on DXVK...

» Secure Nginx with Let's Encrypt on CentOS 8
14 hours ago from LXer Linux News
Let's Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority developed by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG) that provides free SSL certificates. In this tutorial, we'll provide a step ...

» Volkswagen to bring self-driving electric shuttles to Qatar by 2022
14 hours ago from TechCrunch
Volkswagen Group and Qatar have agreed to develop a public transit system of autonomous shuttles and buses by 2022 for the capital city of Doha. The agreement signed Saturday by VW Group and the Qatar...

» America Considers Declassifying Military Information on US, Chinese, and Russian Space Programs
15 hours ago from Slashdot
Long-time Slashdot reader SonicSpike quotes Defense News: The U.S. Air Force's top civilian and a key member of Congress agreed Saturday on the need to declassify a large amount of information about ...

» Fortnite gets lightsabers, courtesy of ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ promo
15 hours ago from TechCrunch
The final installment of the sequel trilogy is getting a lot of creative promotion — even by Star Wars standards. With The Rise of Skywalker out in just under a week, J.J. Abrams (and some spotty se...

» Mesa 20.0-devel Intel Gallium3D Performance Benchmarks Are Looking Good For Ice Lake
15 hours ago from Phoronix
While the Mesa 20.0 cycle is quite young and still over one month to go until the feature freeze for this next quarterly installment of these open-source OpenGL/Vulkan Linux drivers, it's quite exciti...

» Physicists Use Bubbling Quantum Vacuum To Hopscotch Heat Across Empty Space
16 hours ago from Slashdot
Long-time Slashdot reader fahrbot-bot quotes Live Science: When you touch a hot surface, you're feeling movement. If you press your hand against a mug of tea, warmth spreads through your fingers. Tha...

» How to Completely Wipe Your Hard Drive in Linux
16 hours ago from LXer Linux News
Formatting your hard drive doesn't wipe the data within. Here's how you can completely wipe your hard drive in Linux, making data retrieval difficult

» Remembering Rene Auberjonois, 'Star Trek: Deep Space Nine' Actor
17 hours ago from Slashdot
Last weekend saw the death of Rene Auberjonois at age 79, writes Variety. schwit1 quotes their report: Auberjonois was a prolific television actor, appearing as Paul Lewiston in 71 episodes of 'Bo...

» Let’s talk Samsung Galaxy S11
17 hours ago from TechCrunch
We’ve officially entered the mid-December hardware doldrums. Obviously no major hardware maker in its right mind is going to be announcing anything major in the next few weeks, for fear of preemptiv...

» New Orleans declares state of emergency following ransomware attack
17 hours ago from TechCrunch
New Orleans declared a state of emergency and shut down its computers after a cyber security event, the latest in a string of city and state governments to be attacked by hackers. Suspicious activity ...

» 5 Bearish Candlestick Patterns Every Bitcoin Trader Must Know
17 hours ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Here are 5 simple bearish Japanese candlestick patterns that every trader must know

» Gift Guide: Gifts for the commuters in your life
17 hours ago from TechCrunch
Remote working has become a new normal in the life of an employee. Spurred by ubiquitous broadband and mobile connectivity, lighter and smaller computers, and everything you need in the cloud, a lot o...

» Facebook Pledges $130 Million For Its Independent 'Content Oversight Board'
18 hours ago from Slashdot
"Facebook said Thursday it will commit $130 million to support the efforts of its independent oversight board," reports the Bay Area Newsgroup -- though the group won't be in place (or its members ann...

» Eclipse Foundation launches Edge Native Working Group
18 hours ago from LXer Linux News
The Eclipse Foundation announced an “Edge Native Working Group” to develop open source software for edge computing, starting with its Eclipse ioFog and Eclipse fog05 projects. Members include Adli...

» 10 Days Early, Star Wars Fans Started Camping Outside 'Rise of Skywalker' Premiere
18 hours ago from Slashdot
Anticipating next week's release of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, 20 fans are already camping out in front of Hollywood's TCL Chinese Theatre, reports Cinema Blend: The tight-knit group of fans h...

» The Great Crypto Experiment Continues
18 hours ago from CoinDesk
It wasn't a year for regulatory clarity, huge investments or mass adoption. Yet crypto still progressed.

» Exclusive Clip From 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' Debuts In Fortnite
19 hours ago from Slashdot
In 30 minutes an exclusive clip from the yet-to-be-released Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will premier in the videogame Fortnite. An anonymous reader quotes the Verge: We've known about the clip...

» Bitcoin Price Diary: Long BTC and Profitable on Many Altcoin Positions
19 hours ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Bitcoin continues to trade sideways in a tightening range and this is giving altcoins the green light to continue their multi-week rally

» 37-Year-Old Mom Finds Instagram's Sex Predators By Pretending To Be 11
19 hours ago from Slashdot
Sloane Ryan is a 37-year-old woman who runs the Special Projects Team at Bark, a child-safety tech company selling a $9-a-month software that monitors text messages for bullying, threats of violence, ...

» Change Won’t Happen With Chairman Clayton Around: Kristin Smith
20 hours ago from CoinDesk
A lobbyist surveys current attitudes towards blockchain in Washington D.C.

» How the community can help your business: People Powered
20 hours ago from LXer Linux News
Open source took over the world because of community, and community expert Jono Bacon explains how this concept can revolutionize your business in his new book People Powered.

» Sabrent Rocket 4.0 NVMe Gen4 Linux Benchmarks Against Other SATA/NVMe SSDs
20 hours ago from Phoronix
When it comes to PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs, the drives we have been using are the Corsair Force MP600 that have been working out great for pairing with the newest AMD Ryzen systems. But a Black Friday deal h...

» Two Las Vegas Men Plead Guilty in U.S. Criminal Streaming Piracy Case
20 hours ago from TorrentFreak
Two defendants have pleaded guilty for their role in the operation of two streaming services that offered access to pirated movies and TV-shows. According to the U.S. Department of Justice, ]iStreamI...

» Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 2 review: OLED, Core i9, and everything you want
20 hours ago from Neowin
Lenovo's new ThinkPad X1 Extreme looks similar to last year's model, but it has some serious upgrades. It comes with up to a ninth-gen Core i9, an Nvidia GeForce GTX 1650, and a 4K OLED display. Read ...

» PayPal Sues Consumer Protection Agency for ‘Confusing’ Digital Wallet Rules
20 hours ago from Cointelegraph.com News
PayPal sues U.S. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau for allegedly confusing rules regarding digital wallets

» Save 98% off this Complete Microsoft Excel & VBA Bundle
20 hours ago from Neowin
With today's highlighted deal, you can learn Microsoft Excel 2013, 2016 & 2019/365 from the basics to VBA with this huge 9-course bundle. Save a couple hundred dollars in the process as well! Read...

» The Week in Ransomware - December 13th 2019 - Data Extortion
20 hours ago from BleepingComputer
This has been a busy week with large scale attacks targeting local governments, new variants released, and another ransomware stating that they will use stolen data as leverage to get victims to pay...

» Google Has $100 For Teachers Who Steer 20+ Children To 'Google CS First'
21 hours ago from Slashdot
Long-time Slashdot reader theodp writes: In what has become a holiday tradition of sorts, Google is again rewarding teachers who steer kids to Google Hour of Code lessons with $100 gift codes. "When t...

» One in every 172 active RSA certificates are vulnerable to attack
21 hours ago from ZDNet | security RSS
Researchers say improper number generation can impact the security of keys used to protect everything from IoT to medical devices.

» FBI secretly demands a ton of consumer data from credit agencies. Now lawmakers want answers
21 hours ago from TechCrunch
Recently released documents revealed the FBI has for years secretly demanded vast amounts of Americans’ consumer and financial information from the largest U.S. credit agencies. The FBI regularly us...

» Twenty tech trends for 2020
21 hours ago from Technology | The Guardian
From new gaming consoles to activism at Apple, we predict the things you will – or won’t – see in tech this yearThis is an easy prediction to make, because even Tesla isn’t claiming that its e...

» To err is human – is that why we fear machines that can be made to err less? | John Naughton
21 hours ago from Technology | The Guardian
Algorithmic bias can be fixed more easily than the prejudices of people – so why do we still have a problem with it?One of the things that really annoys AI researchers is how supposedly “intellige...

» Petitioning for rehearing in Mozilla v. FCC
21 hours ago from LXer Linux News
Today, Mozilla continues the fight to preserve net neutrality protection as a fundamental digital right. Alongside other petitioners in our FCC challenge, Mozilla, Etsy, INCOMPAS, Vimeo and the Ad Hoc...

» Lessons From the First Digital Gold Boom
22 hours ago from CoinDesk
Long before crypto, there was digital gold. The boom of the mid-1990s has echoes for today.

» Ten Years Past GNOME's 10x10 Goal, The Linux Desktop Is Still Far From Having A 10% Marketshare
22 hours ago from Phoronix
Way back in 2005 the GNOME "10x10 Goal" was formed to "own 10% of the global desktop market by 2010." Now approaching ten years past that failed goal, GNOME or even the broader Linux desktop marketsha...

» Wearable band shipments grew globally, driven by Xiaomi
22 hours ago from TechCrunch
Apple may dominate the wearable conversation here in the States, but things look a fair bit different on the other side of the world. In Asia, Xiaomi is the giant in the room. According to new numbers...

» ByteDance unit establishes venture with Chinese state media firm
22 hours ago from Reuters: Technology News
A unit of ByteDance, the owner of video-sharing platform TikTok, has established a joint venture with a Chinese state media group, official registration documents showed.

» Ridiculous in the right way: Unmatched: Battle of Legends
22 hours ago from Ars Technica
What if Sinbad, King Arthur, Medusa, and Alice started a fight club?

» Lenovo Yoga C940 14 unboxing and first impressions
22 hours ago from Neowin
Lenovo's Yoga C940 14 packs the Dolby Atmos soundbar from last year, the pen garage, and it also has a new design. The convertible PC comes with Intel's Ice Lake processors with Iris Plus graphics. Re...

» Top Stories: New Mac Pro Orders Begin, Apple Card iPhone Installments, iOS 13.3 Released
23 hours ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
This week's big news was obviously the launch of the new Mac Pro, and we had tons of coverage about Apple's new professional desktop machine and accompanying display. The first orders will begin arriv...

» Meet Crypto’s New Best Friend: Fiat
23 hours ago from CoinDesk
Fiat and crypto are not enemies. They are complementary in any effective trading ecosystem.

» A sobering message about the future at AI’s biggest party
23 hours ago from Ars Technica
AI leaders say that simply throwing more computers at a problem isn't sustainable.

» How to Install OpenVPN Server and Client with Easy-RSA 3 on CentOS 8
23 hours ago from LXer Linux News
OpenVPN is an open-source application that allows you to create a secure private network over the public internet. In this tutorial, we will show you how to step-by-step install and configure OpenVPN ...

» Microsoft unveils a newly shaped Xbox Series X and new wireless controller
23 hours ago from Guru3D.com
A bit late to report but the new Xbox will be called the Xbox Series X and comes with a new wireless controller. The new game console will be released around the holidays of 2020....

» Monero Compliance Workgroup Says XMR Exempt From Funds Travel Rule
23 hours ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Monero deems compliance to be the responsibility of exchanges, not cryptocurrencies

» KDE Frameworks 5.65 Released With KQuickCharts For Accelerated Charts
1 day ago from Phoronix
KDE Frameworks 5.65 is out this Saturday as the last monthly update to this collection of Qt5 add-on libraries for 2019...

» Startups Weekly: This year in startups
1 day ago from TechCrunch
In this week's newsletter: The moments that defined venture capital and startups in 2019.

» Ars Technica’s ultimate board game gift guide, 2019 edition
1 day ago from Ars Technica
Our massive guide is back—let us help you pick out a board game.

» US Fed to Print $425B for New Year’s — 3 Times Bitcoin’s Market Cap
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
The Fed prepares to do banks a $425 billion Christmas favor as proponents of sound money look on in horror

» Ubuntu's Mir Display Stack Accomplished A Lot In 2019 For Being Discounted Two Years Ago
1 day ago from Phoronix
It was back in April 2017 that Canonical decided they would abandon Unity 8 and switch back to GNOME. While Mir played a big role together with Unity 8, they continued working on Mir with staffing cha...

» 43% of Investors Interested in Bitcoin Are Women: Grayscale Survey
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
43% of investors interested in Bitcoin are women, according to a survey from Bitcoin fund operator Grayscale

» Watch: A Tesla Model 3 Drift Like A BOSS And Melt Tires
1 day ago from Fossbytes
Apparently, Tesla Model 3 can drift like a professional drift car. The Tesla Model 3 is an amazing car on the drag strip. The top of the line performance version can run from 0 to 60 mph in under 3 se...

» How to execute .bin and .run files in Debian
1 day ago from LXer Linux News
In this article, we will explain how to execute/run the file with .run and .bin extensions on Debian Linux. We have run the commands and procedures mentioned in this article on a Debian 10 Buster syst...

» Wine 5.0-RC1 Saw A Number Of Patches Upstreamed From Staging
1 day ago from Phoronix
With yesterday's release of Wine 5.0-RC1 as the last feature release prior to the code freeze for this forthcoming annual Wine stable release, a number of the patches merged came via way of Wine-Stagi...

» Facebook ads are spreading lies about anti-HIV drug PrEP. The company won't act
1 day ago from Technology | The Guardian
Advocates fear such ads could roll back decades of hard-won progress against HIV/Aids and are calling on Facebook to change its policiesSince late summer, many LGBTQ+ Facebook users’ newsfeeds have ...

» Bitcoin Price Must Hit $7.3K to Avoid Bearish Bollinger Band ‘Squeeze’
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Analysts reveal Bollinger Band “squeeze” for Bitcoin, but which direction its price moves depends on daily performance

» Myths and Realities: Sentiment Analysis for Crypto Assets
1 day ago from CoinDesk
Jesus Rodriguez, CTO of IntoTheBlock and chief scientist of AI firm Invector Labs, delves into the complications and nuances of crypto sentiment analysis.

» Creating Kubernetes distributions
1 day ago from LXer Linux News
Making a comparison between Linux and Kubernetes is often one of apples to oranges. There are, however, some similarities and there is an effort within the Kubernetes community to make Kubernetes more...

» The Outer Worlds is getting story DLC in 2020, Obsidian confirms
1 day ago from Neowin
Obsidian Entertainment is not finished with the story of its hit role-playing game The Outer Worlds just yet, with the studio confirming that new story content is heading towards the game as DLC. Read...

» TikTok Owner Reportedly Working With Chinese State Media on Blockchain
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
TikTok’s parent company to develop blockchain and artificial intelligence business models with a Chinese state-owned media firm

» Weekend PC Game Deals: Fill up your library with award winners
1 day ago from Neowin
This weekend's PC game deals include a brand new Paradox management games bundle, two freebies from the Epic Games Store to claim, a whole lot of free events, as well as discounts on award winners. Re...

» QEMU 5.0 Kicks Off For Development
1 day ago from Phoronix
Following yesterday's release of QEMU 4.2, the next version of this open-source processor emulator for hardware virtualization entering development is QEMU 5.0...

» Europe’s New Regulations Force Bitcoin Service Bottle Pay to Shut Down
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Bottle Pay to close social media Bitcoin transfer service citing AML restrictions that will hamper user experience

» How to configure Openbox for your Linux desktop
1 day ago from LXer Linux News
You may have used the Openbox desktop without knowing it: While Openbox is a great window manager on its own, it also serves as the window manager "engine" for desktop environments like LXDE and LXQT,...

» OnePlus holding a special event at CES 2020
1 day ago from Neowin
OnePlus will be holding a special media event at CES 2020 in Las Vegas. This will be the first media event from OnePlus at CES and it is unclear what product the company plans on announcing. Read more...

» Windows 10 news recap: Surface Hub 2X may run Windows 10X, Windows 10 Mobile is no longer supported, and more
1 day ago from OnMSFT.com
Welcome back to our Windows 10 news recap, where we go over the top stories of the past week in the world of Microsoft’s flagship operating system. Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2X, expected for 2020, m...

» Microsoft news recap: Xbox Series X revealed, new Xbox support website launches, and more
1 day ago from OnMSFT.com
Microsoft news recap is a weekly feature highlighting the top Microsoft news stories of the past week. Sit back, grab some coffee, and enjoy the read! Microsoft reveals Xbox Series X, the next-gen Xbo...

» VISA warns of POS malware incidents at gas pumps across North America
1 day ago from ZDNet | security RSS
VISA says it's aware of POS malware being deployed on the networks of five North American fuel dispenser merchants.

» KDE Applications 19.12 Open-Source Software Suite Released, Here's What's New
1 day ago from LXer Linux News
The KDE Project released today the December 2019 update to its open-source and cross-platform KDE Applications software suite, version 19.12.

» Meet Atmotube Pro: A Portable Air Quality Tracking Device
1 day ago from Fossbytes
As someone who hails from India, I can say that air pollution here is a serious problem. With air quality declining on a daily basis, monitoring air quality indoor as well as outdoor has become crucia...

» Apple Releases CUPS 2.3.1 To Fix Security Issue + Other Bugs
1 day ago from Phoronix
Back in August was the release of the very big CUPS 2.3 update that shifted the source code license, added support for IPP Printer presets, added a new utility, and other improvements for this Apple-c...

» Here’s Why Tesla Autopilot ‘Crashed’ Into Stopped Cop Car
1 day ago from Fossbytes
A few days ago, a Tesla Model 3 on Autopilot crashed into a police car, and instantly the news went viral. Occasionally the news of one car hitting another isn’t a matter of national news. However, ...

» 5 Best PC Migration Software For Windows 10 & MacOS | 2020 Edition
1 day ago from Fossbytes
Nowadays, we have so many devices that jumping from one to another seems like a hell of a task. On average, a person might have at their disposal a computer, a smartphone, and a tablet. But what if yo...

» Google Is Banning Popular Linux Web Browsers For Unknown Reasons
1 day ago from Fossbytes
As reported by Bleeping Computer, Google, the search giant, is banning some of the popular web browsers like Konqueror, Falkon, and Qutebrowser. If you’re using any of the mentioned browsers, there ...

» Intel Releases Cloud-Hypervisor 0.4 As Its Rust-Written VMM Built Off KVM
1 day ago from Phoronix
Friday marked not only the release of QEMU 4.2 for Linux virtualization but Intel's open-source crew developing the Cloud-Hypervisor as the Rustlang-based VMM built around Linux's KVM and VirtIO inter...

» How to replace a hard drive on Linux
1 day ago from LXer Linux News
I built my current desktop about three years ago and installed a solid-state drive (SSD). Later, I needed more storage space, so I installed a second drive—an older spindle and platter hard disk dri...

» HP Linux Imaging & Printing Drivers Are Now Supported on Debian GNU/Linux 10.2
1 day ago from LXer Linux News
HP Linux Imaging and Printing (HPLIP) software, an open-source and free print, scan and fax driver solution for HP printers and scanners, has been updated today to version 3.19.12 for Linux-based oper...

» Blockchain Pilot Makes Waves in Russia's Energy Sector
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Waves is partnering up with Rosseti, Russia’s national energy grid operator, to put the sector on blockchain rails. First results are successful. Will the pilot go nationwide?

» This Week in Enterprise Tech 371: Psst: Wanna buy a TLD?
1 day ago from All TWiT.tv Shows (Video HD)
Five years later, Heartbleed is still unpatchedTrickbot operators have a new business: Selling Trickbot3D printing can keep aging Air Force aircraft flyingApple is suing former employee for stealing c...

» Triangulation 425: Stephen Wolfram
1 day ago from All TWiT.tv Shows (Video HD)
Stephen Wolfram is a computer scientist who designed Mathematica, Wolfram Alpha, and the Wolfram Language. He talks to Mikah Sargent about translating between human language, mathematics, and programm...

» New York AG Finds It ‘Perverse’ for Bitfinex and Tether to Criticize Investigation
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
The New York Attorney General and Bitfinex had it out with each other in filings with the State Supreme Court

» Brazilian food delivery app iFood looks to grow in retail in 2020
1 day ago from Reuters: Technology News
Brazilian app iFood, which specializes in delivering ready-to-eat meals to consumers in large cities, is looking to expand its services to other areas and plans to increase operations in retail, chief...

» New Orleans Suffers Ransomware Attack, Emergency Services Intact
1 day ago from BleepingComputer
The City of New Orleans, Louisiana has suffered a ransomware attack that has led to the shut down of the city's servers and computer, but the city states emergency services remain intact. [...]

» Ripple-Based Remittance Firm SendFriend Claims to Save Up to 80% in Fees
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
SendFriend has managed to save up to 80% in remittance fees using XRP

» U.S. agency probes 12th Tesla crash tied to possible Autopilot use
1 day ago from Reuters: Technology News
The U.S. auto safety agency said Friday it will investigate a 12th Tesla crash that may be tied to the vehicle's advanced Autopilot driver assistance system after a Tesla Model 3 rear-ended a parked p...

» T-Mobile CEO takes the stand in T-Mobile/Sprint merger trial
1 day ago from Reuters: Technology News
T-Mobile US Inc Chief Executive John Legere testified on Friday that he believes U.S. regulators considered Dish Network's history of attempting to build a wireless network when they approved the merg...

» Hands-On Tech: Build Your Ultimate Photo/Video Editing PC in 2019
1 day ago from All TWiT.tv Shows (Video HD)
Want to build your own PC for photo and video editing? Ant Pruitt talks with Matt Bach of custom computer maker Puget Systems about how to make the best computer for you. Puget Systems: pugetsystems...

» Facebook, privacy activist Schrems battle nears end on Dec. 19
1 day ago from Reuters: Technology News
Austrian privacy activist Max Schrems' seven-year battle against Facebook reaches a crucial point on Dec. 17 when an adviser to Europe's top court will issue his view on whether tools used by companie...

» Google, Apple asked if apps like TikTok must disclose foreign ties
1 day ago from Reuters: Technology News
The chair of a U.S. congressional panel wrote to Alphabet's Google and to Apple on Friday to ask what if any disclosures mobile apps are required to make regarding overseas ties, a concern that foll...

» And now for this evening's space weather report. We've got a hotspot of satellite-wrecking 'killer electrons' in the outer Van Allen belt...
1 day ago from The Register
...So consider rerouting your journey through that Scientists have discovered a dangerous hotspot in Earth’s Van Allen radiation belts that spews so-called “killer electrons” that can knacker sa...

» How to change an Excel conditional format on the fly
1 day ago from Articles on TechRepublic
Conditional formatting is a flexible and powerful tool in Microsoft Excel, but you can't change a condition without modifying the underlying rule. Don't let that stop you—use an input cell. Here's h...

» AI: How it’s Impacting Surveillance Data Storage
1 day ago from ReadWrite
Our thirst for data is great. Our desire to be connected, at all times, means that by 2025 an average connected person will interact with connected devices one interaction every 18 seconds. The stat i...

» What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech Application
1 day ago from ReadWrite
Since FinTech apps deal with highly sensitive personal and business data, security should be at the forefront of finance and banking solutions development. However, the reality is different. Here’s ...

» LG Updates Ultralight Gram Laptops & Convertible: Ice Lake Inside
1 day ago from AnandTech
Along with their flagship 17-inch model, LG this week has also given its 14 and 15.6-inch LG gram laptops an Ice Lake upgrade. The updated machines pair Intel’s Ice Lake processors with up to 24 GB ...

» Jumanji: The Next Level is less fresh this time around but still lots of fun
1 day ago from Ars Technica
It's worth the price of admission just to watch The Rock channel Danny DeVito.

» Apple’s new Screen Time Communication Limits are easily beaten with a bug
1 day ago from Ars Technica
Apple acknowledges the bug affects iPhones with a "non-standard configuration."

» Going to the dark side: Should you consider becoming a consultant?
1 day ago from Articles on TechRepublic
It's the time of year when you may be considering major life and career changes, and perhaps consulting is on your radar. Here's what you need to know before making the move.

» GitLab Doles Out Half a Million Bucks to White Hats
1 day ago from Threatpost
The DevOps lifecycle management said that response to its year-old bug-bounty program has been robust.

» Apple and Spotify’s podcasts come to Echo devices in the US
1 day ago from TechCrunch
Amazon Alexa can now play podcasts from Apple, making Amazon’s line of Echo devices the first third-party clients to support the Apple Podcasts service without using AirPlay. Before, this level of s...

» Attackers Terrify Homeowners After Hacking Ring Devices
1 day ago from BleepingComputer
In a series of hacks targeting Ring camera devices, attackers are terrifying homeowners and making them feel violated in their own homes after taunting them or speaking to their children over the devi...

» QuadrigaCX Victims Request Proof of Gerald Cotten’s Death by Exhuming Body
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Canadian law firm wants to exhume the body of Gerald Cotten, the deceased owner of the now-defunct crypto exchange QuadrigaCX

» Wine 5.0-RC1 Released With Unicode 12.1 Support, Initial ActiveX Data Objects Library
1 day ago from Phoronix
As was expected, today marks the first release candidate of Wine 5.0 that ushers in the code freeze ahead of this annual stable update for running Windows programs and games on Linux and other platfor...

» Grading the final tech IPOs of 2019
1 day ago from TechCrunch
As the holiday slowdown looms, the final U.S.-listed technology IPOs have come in and begun to trade. Three tech, tech-ish or venture-backed companies went public this week: Bill.com, Sprout Social an...

» ‘Copyright Troll’ Bypasses Federal Court To Get ‘Cheap’ Piracy Settlements
1 day ago from TorrentFreak
Strike 3 Holdings has been the most active copyright litigant in the U.S. this year but, during the summer, it suddenly stopped filing lawsuits in federal courts. Further research now reveals that the...

» 75% of IoT Firms Want to Add Blockchain: Survey
1 day ago from CoinDesk
A majority of those companies using Internet of Things technology has adopted, or is considering adopting, blockchain.

» Feds reap data from 1,500 phones in largest reported reverse-location warrant
1 day ago from Ars Technica
The search warrants demanded nine hours' worth of location history from Google.

» Top 5 ways Apple failed businesses in the 2010s
1 day ago from Articles on TechRepublic
The 2010s weren't perfect for Apple, despite the fact the company introduced a variety of successful new products, including the iPad. Here are five ways Apple failed businesses.

» Stellar Tried to Give Away 2B XLM Tokens on Keybase. Then the Spammers Came
1 day ago from CoinDesk
What was advertised to be a $120 million giveaway will now be much less. Here's why.

» Accenture Picked to Build Sweden’s E-Krona Digital Currency Pilot
1 day ago from CoinDesk
Sweden has picked Accenture to handle its e-krona digital currency pilot.

» Follow the Puck
1 day ago from ReadWrite
Watching ice hockey on television in the days of broadcast television was a challenge, to say the least. You could see players moving around on the ice, but the contrast was such that it was hard to j...

» Western Digital Rolls-Out Two New SweRV RISC-V Cores For Microcontrollers
1 day ago from AnandTech
Western Digital has added two new processor cores — the SweRV Core EH2 and the SweRV Core EL2 — into its SweRV portfolio of microcontroller CPUs. And, keeping in line with past parts, and the comp...

» New Orleans hit by ransomware, city employees told to turn off computers
1 day ago from ZDNet | security RSS
After Atlanta and Baltimore, another major US city grapples with a ransomware attack.

» Google’s Pixelbook Go now comes in high-end 4K, $1,399 variant
1 day ago from Ars Technica
Meet the most expensive Chrome OS laptop on the market.

» This Week in Apps: Apple Arcade’s new franchise, Fortnite takes on Google Play, the Disney+ app footprint
1 day ago from TechCrunch
Welcome back to This Week in Apps, the Extra Crunch series that recaps the latest OS news, the applications they support and the money that flows through it all. The app industry is as hot as ever, ...

» 3 successful data analytics use cases
1 day ago from Articles on TechRepublic
Big data projects are less likely to fail if you can follow models of success. Learn about three data analytics implementations that are having positive results.

» Valuable personal info leaks from Facebook – not Zuck selling it, unencrypted hard drives of staff data stolen
1 day ago from The Register
Car smash-and-grab ends with loss of payroll details for 20,000 employees Facebook has lost a copy of the personal details of 29,000 of its employees after hard drives containing unencrypted payroll i...

» iTunes Remote App Gains Dark Mode and macOS Catalina Support
1 day ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Apple today updated its iTunes Remote app with support for Apple Music and the Apple TV apps in macOS Catalina, enabling a feature that was first introduced earlier this week in ‌macOS Catalina‌ 1...

» Pairing Privacy and Security with Digital Identities in Retail
1 day ago from Threatpost
Omnichannel views of customers are a competitive edge -- but they have to be appropriately implemented.

» Highest in 2 Years: 65% of Bitcoin Hash Power Is in China, Report Finds
1 day ago from CoinDesk
For all of bitcoin’s promise of being the world’s first decentralized, peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, 65 percent of the total hash power resides in China, according to a recent report by CoinShares ...

» Dynamics 365 Customer Service now includes Facebook Messenger capabilities
1 day ago from Neowin
Microsoft has included Facebook Messenger as an expansive and configurable option for service teams that want to offer support to their customers through Dynamics 365 Customer Service. Read more...

» Visa Warns of Targeted PoS Attacks on Gas Station Merchants
1 day ago from Dark Reading:
At least two North American chains have been hit in sophisticated new campaigns for stealing payment card data.

» Bitcoin Miner Canaan’s Shares Plunge 40% Since IPO in November
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Bitcoin mining giant Canaan Creative’s shares have seen a 40 percent drop in value since its IPO

» AWS outperforms rivals in test of cloud capabilities
1 day ago from Articles on TechRepublic
The 2020 Cloud Report from Cockroach Labs finds Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure are catching up to Amazon.

» FCC’s “illogical” claim that broadband isn’t telecommunications faces appeal
1 day ago from Ars Technica
Mozilla, others ask court to reverse ruling that let FCC kill net neutrality.

» Fedora Deciding Whether CD/DVD Installation Issues Should Still Hold Up Releases
1 day ago from Phoronix
Fedora will continue producing ISO images of their distribution that can be installed to a DVD (or CD in the case of some lightweight spins) or more commonly these days copied to USB flash drives, but...

» Why the ECB Is Getting in on the Stablecoin Game
1 day ago from CoinDesk
Discussing the ECB's recent stablecoin comments, the resurfacing of some prominent 2017 token projects and a debate: Is crypto for criminals?

» Bitcoin Price Short-Term Indicators Hinting at $7.4K Weekend Bounce
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Bitcoin trading volume is in decline but a relief rally for the weekend may be in the cards for BTC

» Consumer sous vide startup Nomiku is winding down operations
1 day ago from TechCrunch
Founded in 2012, Nomiku became a plucky Silicon Valley darling by bringing affordable sous vide cooking to home kitchens. A Kickstarter project that same year generated $750,000, several times its $20...

» 32" Samsung 1080p Curved Monitor only $130, $350 off XPS 8930, Oculus Go just $130
1 day ago from Neowin
Along with the tons of Amazon device deals, the 32" Samsung CF39M 1080p Curved Monitor is now $130; the XPS 8930 is back for just $704 with a new coupon code. These and more, this weekend. Read more....

» Adobe turns it up to 11, surpassing $11B in revenue
1 day ago from TechCrunch
Yesterday, Adobe submitted its quarterly earnings report — and the results were quite good. The company generated a tad under $3 billion for the quarter, at $2.99 billion, and reported that revenue ...

» VeChain Foundation Hacked for $6.5M in VET Token Theft
1 day ago from CoinDesk
A VeChain buyback wallet containing 1.1 billion VET was compromised by an unknown hacker, the firm said Friday.

» Can Google (yes, Google) save social media in 2020?
1 day ago from Computerworld News
Laugh all you want. Google’s new approach to social might be the way forward for brands.

» SoftBank’s China strategy wobbles as key bets disappoint
1 day ago from Reuters: Technology News
For SoftBank Group Inc, financial technology firm OneConnect's IPO should have been a vindication of an aggressive China investing strategy.

» Bitcoin App Bottle Pay Shuts Down Over Impending EU Money-Laundering Laws
1 day ago from CoinDesk
Bottle Pay is shutting down, citing the EU's new AML rules, which could compel crypto wallet providers to collect KYC info from users starting next month.

» Elegant sLoad Carries Out Spying, Payload Delivery in BITS
1 day ago from Threatpost
The BITS file-transfer component of Windows as a key piece of sLoad's attack methodology.

» MacRumors Giveaway: Win a Set of Cable Organizers From Fuse
1 day ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
For this week's giveaway, we've teamed up with Fuse to offer MacRumors readers a chance to win a set of cable organizers for Apple device cables from Fuse. Fuse in November added to its Mac cable wra...

» How Data Analytics Can Save Lives
1 day ago from ReadWrite
Technologies like artificial intelligence and data analytics are disrupting all walks of life, including the healthcare sector. We live in a world where robots are performing surgery while people are ...

» US and China wave white flags, hit pause button on trade war
1 day ago from The Register
Pending tariffs on notebooks, phones, monitors shelved as super powers strike 'prelimary' deal Chinese officials have announced a preliminary agreement on phase one of negotiations with the United Sta...

» 200K Users ‘Already in Line’ for Robinhood’s Fractional Stock Trading
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
More than 200,000 Robinhood clients have already expressed their intent to use new fractional stock trading app announced yesterday

» How security orchestration, automation & response tools makes life easier - Report
1 day ago from Neowin
How can your organization leverage an investment in SOAR technology to achieve better security and business outcomes? Download the free report to find out. This is a limited time offer, act now. Read ...

» Ring hackers are reportedly watching and talking to strangers via in-home cameras
1 day ago from Technology | The Guardian
Hackers are using two-way talk function to wake people up in the middle of the night and watch unsuspecting childrenHackers are tapping in to cameras intended for home security, talking to children th...

» Deep Learning breakthrough made by Rice University scientists
1 day ago from Ars Technica
Rice University's MACH training system scales further than previous approaches.

» Last-Minute Holiday Deals: Shop the Best Sales on Apple Accessories From Pad & Quill, Twelve South, and More
1 day ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
With Christmas under two weeks away, we're now entering last-minute holiday shopping season. Although some of the best deals may have already come and gone this year, many brands and retailers still o...

» Attackers Steal Credit Cards in Rooster Teeth Data Breach
1 day ago from BleepingComputer
Rooster Teeth Productions have suffered a data breach that allowed attackers to steal credit card and other payment information from shoppers on the company's online store. [...]

» Critical Bug in WordPress Plugins Open Sites to Hacker Takeovers
1 day ago from Threatpost
One flaw found in WordPress plugins Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder and Ultimate Addons for Elementor is actively being exploited.

» iFixit Shares Mac Pro Uncasing and First Impressions
1 day ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Repair site iFixit managed to get a Mac Pro on Friday, and has kicked off its traditional teardown with an uncasing and first impressions video. The video shows the process of removing the ‌Mac Pro...

» Price Analysis Dec 13: BTC, Cryptos Prepare for Possible ‘Santa Rally’
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Bitcoin and many top cryptocurrencies are at critical levels, suggesting that a decisive move will occur within the next few days

» India shuts down internet once again, this time in Assam and Meghalaya
1 day ago from TechCrunch
India maintained a shutdown of the internet in the states of Assam and Meghalaya on Friday, now into 36 hours, to control protests over a controversial and far-reaching new citizen rule. The shutdown ...

» Xbox Series X will allow users to instantly switch between multiple games
1 day ago from Neowin
Microsoft announced the Xbox Series X last night, and in an interview, the company talked about some of the console's features, including the ability to instantly switch between games. Read more...

» Sweden's Central Bank to Partner with Accenture to Launch E-Krona
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Sweden’s central bank is making plans to create a pilot platform for a digital currency known as the e-krona

» Plenty of Linux Power Is Built Into Linux Lite 4.6
1 day ago from LinuxInsider
Serving two masters, in theory, is nearly impossible. In practice, the Linux Lite distribution easily satisfies Linux newcomers and veteran penguin fans as well. This distro is very beginner-friendly ...

» Reasons to Outsource General Counsel Services for Business
1 day ago from ReadWrite
General counsel plays a vital role in ensuring a company functions within the scope of the law. Apart from assisting and guiding the management in general matters of legal compliance, other legal issu...

» Rocket Lab ends year by cutting ribbon on first launchpad in the US
1 day ago from The Register
Launch opportunities per year now over 130. Actually launched in 2019: 6 Peter Beck, boss of upstart small-sat flinger Rocket Lab, gave himself an early Christmas present this week as he declared the ...

» It’s Time to Walk-the-Talk on Decentralized Governance
1 day ago from CoinDesk
Truly decentralized governance needs to take input from all stakeholders, which requires strong personalities to share the podium.

» Npm team warns of new 'binary planting' bug
1 day ago from ZDNet | security RSS
Npm bug lets booby-trapped npm (JavaScript) packages plant or alter binaries on the victim's system.

» AT&T doesn’t want you to see its slow Internet speed-test results
1 day ago from Ars Technica
AT&T convinced FCC not to publish slow results, then left program entirely.

» Apple Offers Free Genetic Testing to Cupertino Employees
1 day ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Through Apple's AC Wellness services that offer health benefits to Cupertino employees, Apple has begun providing its staff with free genetic testing, reports CNBC. AC Wellness operates on-site healt...

» Proton 4.11-10 Adds Halo: Master Chief Collection Support, Integer Scaling, Other Game Improvements
1 day ago from Phoronix
Valve has released Proton 4.11-10 and with this update to their blend of Wine that powers Steam Play is support for Halo: The Master Chief Collection among other Windows game improvements...

» Linux Mint 19.3 disc images are being tested ready for Christmas release
1 day ago from Neowin
The Linux Mint team is currently finalising the Linux Mint 19.3 disc images. It's unclear when the release will drop but it should be soon. It was earlier promised that it would come around Christmas....

» Apple to Fix Bug That Bypasses Communication Controls for Kids
1 day ago from BleepingComputer
Apple rolled out the Communication Limits feature in iOS 13.3 on Tuesday with a bug that allows kids to bypass parental controls that prevent them from talking to anyone that is not in the contacts li...

» VeChain Loses $6.6M in VET Tokens to Hacker in Attack on Buyback Wallet
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
An unknown hacker has moved 1.1 billion VeChain tokens via the VeChain Foundation buyback address to a personal wallet

» ‘Request for Exhumation’: QuadrigaCX Creditors Ask for Proof That Cotten Is Dead
1 day ago from CoinDesk
Creditors of QuadrigaCX have asked the Royal Canadian Mounted Police to exhume and conduct an autopsy of the failed exchange’s founder, Gerald Cotten.

» MARKETS DAILY: Russian Drugs and The Most Illegal ICO Ever?
1 day ago from CoinDesk
With bitcoin recovering after four straight days of decline we're talking about what may be the most illegal ICO ever, tokens for Mongolian taxi fares, Bitmain’s Texas hedge and one "suicidal" start...

» The LHC has just been connected to the High-Luminosity LHC, and other updates from CERN
1 day ago from Neowin
Workers have just connected the LHC to its successor, the High-Luminosity LHC. However, the end of Long Shutdown 2 has been extended to May 2021 and Run 3 has been extended by one year to 2024. Read m...

» With Apple's New Austin Campus Underway, Is Apple Still Looking at North Carolina?
1 day ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
A year to the day after Apple announced plans to spend $1 billion on a new corporate campus in Austin, Texas, to initially support 5,000 employees with the potential to grow to 15,000, television stat...

» These are the droids you're looking for: Softbank launches Japan cafe staffed by bots
1 day ago from The Register
Probably a better investment than WeWork If you thought the service at your local Starbucks was robotic and impersonal, you might want to give Softbank’s newest Tokyo cafe a miss. Working alongside ...

» Apple Podcasts Spotify podcasts are now available on Amazon Alexa devices
1 day ago from Neowin
Today, Amazon announced that you can now use Apple Podcasts and Spotify podcasts on its Echo devices. It will also sync with your account so you'll be able to start from the same place on your phone. ...

» Role of Mobile App Analytics In-App Engagement
1 day ago from ReadWrite
Mobile apps are evolving a great deal as the world approaches 2020. Earlier, the performance of mobile apps rested over the criticality of mobile app testing, but now the times have changed. Mobile ap...

» 'Motivating People Who Want the Struggle': Expert Advice on InfoSec Leadership
1 day ago from Dark Reading:
Industry veteran and former Intel security chief Malcolm Harkins pinpoints three essential elements for leaders to connect with their employees and drive business objectives.

» GNOME 3.36 Bringing Better Multi-GPU Handling With Switcheroo-Control, NVIDIA Support
1 day ago from Phoronix
For a few years GNOME has supported a "launch on discrete GPU" option for applications within the Shell's menu while for GNOME 3.36 that support is being cleaned up and extended to also handle NVIDIA ...

» When and how to build out your data science team
1 day ago from TechCrunch
Contrary to popular belief, successfully implementing AI to drive impactful decisions requires a diverse team with expertise in several skill sets.

» Fortinet Buys CyberSponse for SOAR Capabilities
1 day ago from Dark Reading:
It plans to integrate CyberSponse's SOAR platform into the Fortinet Security Fabric.

» Save 64% off Pixeluvo Photo Editor for Windows & Linux
1 day ago from Neowin
From simple photo cropping to complex image manipulation, Pixeluvo makes creating beautiful images easy. And now it can be yours for two thirds off the price. It also includes a lifetime of updates. R...

» Lynch was 'willing to lie' to High Court over Autonomy whistleblower, claims HPE
1 day ago from The Register
Plus: Meg Whitman and Co had 'buyer's remorse' over $11bn purchase Autonomy Trial  Mike Lynch was "thoroughly unreliable" and "willing to lie" to the High Court about the $11bn purchase of Autonomy b...

» The newest members of the $100M ARR club
1 day ago from TechCrunch
Hello and welcome back to our regular morning look at private companies, public markets and the grey space in between. Today we’re taking stock of a cohort of special companies: still-private startu...

» Libra Updates White Paper, Removes Dividends for Libra Association
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Libra removes mention of dividend payments for Libra Association in updated white paper

» Fast forward: What's coming in future versions of Chrome?
1 day ago from Computerworld News
Chrome dominated the browser market throughout 2019, starting the year by generating more than two-thirds of global browser activity and ending November at almost exactly the same place.Rivals like Mo...

» Microsoft’s Surface Hub 2X, expected for 2020, may run Windows 10X according to new report
1 day ago from OnMSFT.com
The company has several developer conferences and events lined up to slow leak more details about its next flagship operating system. 

» German Bank Launches Digital Assets Unit to Offer Custody Products
1 day ago from CoinDesk
Berlin-based solarisBank has opened a subsidiary to offer a white-labeled custody product to nonbanks interested in offering crypto products.

» AR headset maker Magic Leap shifts to enterprise focus
1 day ago from Articles on TechRepublic
Mixed-reality startup to support 4 key areas: communication, collaboration and co-presence, 3D visualization, learn and assist, and location-based services.

» Amazon Echo Devices Gain Support for Apple Podcasts
1 day ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Apple Podcasts are now available on Alexa-enabled devices as of today. Amazon announced the news earlier this morning, confirming that Alexa device owners in the United States can now ask the smart as...

» Project Ragnarok: Digix Integrates Dissolution Mechanism for DigixDAO
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Digix adds quarterly dissolution project to its DigixDAO platform

» iMac Pro Works With Apple's New Pro Display XDR, But Limited to 5K Resolution
1 day ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Shortly after the Pro Display XDR became available to order this week, Stephen Hackett of Relay FM noted that the iMac Pro was not included in the list of Mac models compatible with the display on App...

» Silk Road Darknet Marketplace Founder: BTC Will Reach $100,000 in 2020
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Silk Road’s Ross Ulbricht has predicted that BTC will hit $100,000 in 2020

» Blockchain – Impending Revolution in Global Stock Trading?
1 day ago from ReadWrite
What started out as a ledger for Bitcoin transactions, turned out to have so much more potential. It has become clear that blockchain technology has many promising applications. It’s immutable and ...

» Can ‘Dogfooding’ Altcoins Find Real Users in 2020?
1 day ago from CoinDesk
Dogfooding - or using your own product - is normal among crypto startups. Is it indicative of a lack of real demand?

» Admins sigh as Microsoft pushes Teams changes – let everyone play!
1 day ago from The Register
The 'experience' will be available from mid-January, 2020 Microsoft has been alerting admins today to changes to its Microsoft Teams Exploratory "experience", which effectively allow users to sign up ...

» Tech event calendar 2019: Upcoming shows, conferences and IT expos
1 day ago from Computerworld News
Tech Events Event Description Starts Ends Location CPX 360 2020 (Asia) Check Points CPX 360 conference provides insights and information about how to prevent the latest cyber threats and off...

» New York Attorney General Calls Bitfinex’s Legal Stance ‘Deeply Perverse’ in New Filing
1 day ago from CoinDesk
In a sharply worded brief, the New York Attorney General's Office has criticized the exchange's tactics in its case involving the Tether stablecoin's backing.

» Smite gets full keyboard and mouse support in latest Xbox One update
1 day ago from OnMSFT.com
There is a new update to Smite, the free-to-play, MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game for Xbox One. As noted in a post on Xbox Wire, the newest Smite update, “The Vigilant,” is now availab...

» AI is Not the Holy Grail of Sales, at Least Not Yet
1 day ago from ReadWrite
For the past few years, we’ve heard that Artificial Intelligence is the game-changer that will enable people to work more efficiently. We’ve understood that AI will create more opportunities for b...

» Endpoint Protection: Dark Reading Caption Contest Winners
1 day ago from Dark Reading:
Trojans, knights, and medieval wordplay. And the winners are ...

» AT&T Launches 5G Network in 10 Cities
1 day ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
AT&T today announced that it has launched its 5G network in its first ten markets: Birmingham, Indianapolis, Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Pittsburgh, Providence, Rochester, San Diego, San Francisco, an...

» Will Microsoft stop updating its Security Essentials on Jan. 14? Are you sure?
1 day ago from Computerworld News
You know that businesses will be able to pay for Win7 security patches after Win7 hits end-of-life on Jan. 14. Many of Microsoft's Extended Security Update program details aren't clear to me — How d...

» FIN8 Targets Card Data at Fuel Pumps
1 day ago from Threatpost
Paying at the pump has landed in the sights of the notorious PoS-skimming group.

» Can Apple do more to transform the health industry?
1 day ago from Computerworld News
Apple CEO Tim Cook frequently makes the claim that his company’s greatest contribution to humankind “will be in the health area.”And it's taking a number of steps to make that effort a reality.W...

» Mortal Kombat 11 is getting cross-play support between Xbox One and PlayStation 4
1 day ago from OnMSFT.com
Mortal Kombat 11 is likely to get cross-play support soon, allowing Xbox One and PS4 players to play head-to-head. As noted in a post on the Mortal Kombat FAQ page, the game developers are working on ...

» Creative cloudy types still making it rain cash for Adobe
1 day ago from The Register
Maker of cloudy PDF and services software ... yes, that's Perpetually Dosh Forming It was ho-ho-ho and a kerching for reassuringly expensive graphic design software maker Adobe last night as it danced...

» Bonobos founder Andy Dunn to leave Walmart in 2020
1 day ago from TechCrunch
Andy Dunn, the founder of menswear site Bonobos which sold to Walmart in 2017 for $310 million, is now parting ways with the retail giant. The executive, who joined Walmart as SVP of digital consumer ...

» Celsius CEO Says Entire Internet Will Become an Application on the Blockchain
1 day ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Celsius CEO Alex Mashinsky stated the entire internet will become an application on the blockchain during his keynote at ELEV8CON

» Mozilla to force all add-on devs to use 2FA to prevent supply-chain attacks
1 day ago from ZDNet | security RSS
New rule to enter effect starting next year, in 2020.

» Microsoft Rolls Out Giant Full-Page Reminders That Windows 7 Is About to Die
1 day ago from ExtremeTechComputing – ExtremeTech
If you're a Windows 7 user, it's time to think about upgrading before security updates for your OS stop dropping -- and MS wants to help. The post Microsoft Rolls Out Giant Full-Page Reminders That W...

» Chicago’s Sprout Social prices IPO mid-range at $17 per share, raising $150M
1 day ago from TechCrunch
On the heels of Bill.com’s debut, Chicago-based social media software company Sprout Social priced its IPO last night at $17 per share, in the middle of its proposed $16 to $18 per-share range. Sell...

» Week in security with Tony Anscombe
1 day ago from WeLiveSecurity
ESET's Cybersecurity Trends 2020 report is out – New Chrome feature boosts account security – Hundreds of thousands of birth certificate applications leaked online The post Week in security with T...

» Benchmarking Mozilla's Firefox Performance Over The Past Two Years
1 day ago from Phoronix
With 2019 quickly drawing to an end, I figured it would be interesting to see how the performance of Mozilla Firefox has been trending over the longer term. So for this article today is a look at the ...

» Lessons Learned from 7 Big Breaches in 2019
1 day ago from Dark Reading:
Capital One, Macy's, FEMA, and others: key takeaways from the year's most notable breaches.

» What DeFi Needs Next Year: Three Priorities
2 days ago from CoinDesk
DeFi took off this year but it remains a small deal in the scheme of things. Here's how that changes.

» Xbox Series X: Gee thanks, Microsoft! Just what we wanted for Xmas 2020 – a Gateway tower PC
2 days ago from The Register
Redmond tears wrapping on new retro-look gaming console It's always interesting to see where industrial designers source their inspiration. Tesla, in creating the futuristic CyberTruck, looked to the ...

» Bitcoin Miner Riot Blockchain Announces Additional 1,000-Rig Purchase
2 days ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Riot Blockchain completes upgrade to Oklahoma City mining facility with the purchase of an additional 1,000 Antminer S17-Pro machines

» Lisk's Lightcurve Lays Off 40% of Workforce to Decrease Overheads
2 days ago from Cointelegraph.com News
The Lightcurve blockchain development studio has laid off 40% of its employees earlier this week in order to remain nimble

» Jaguar IPace Electric Car Gets Range Boost, Porsche Taycan Disappoints
2 days ago from Fossbytes
The Jaguar IPace electric car has received a battery range boost thanks to the company’s EV racing team. The increased range boost comes courtesy of the Jaguar IPace eTrophy electric racing series, ...

» Swiss Government Quashes ‘E-Franc,’ Says Current Risks Outweigh Benefits
2 days ago from Cointelegraph.com News
The Swiss government has quashed the idea of offering a digital currency, saying it currently presents more problems than opportunities

» Feral's Lead Vulkan Developer Leaves The Company For Sony
2 days ago from Phoronix
Last year one of Feral's top Linux developers left the company and now another top developer has sadly left the game porting firm...

» Bitcoin Whale ‘Defends’ $7.2K Price With 800 BTC to Win $0.01 in DOGE
2 days ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Bitcoin whale determined to win 5 million Dogecoins ends up boosting BTC price

» Guidemaster: Nine gift ideas for the tech enthusiast in your life
2 days ago from Ars Technica
The last of our holiday gift guides is all about high-end and enthusiast tech.

» The Microsoft Surface Laptop 3 Showdown: AMD's Ryzen Picasso vs. Intel's Ice Lake
2 days ago from AnandTech
Occasionally the stars align. It is very rare in the laptop space that we're able to test two devices, with two very different CPU platforms, with the fewest number of variables possible. But those st...

» GlaxoSmithKline ditches IR35 contractors: Go PAYE or go home
2 days ago from The Register
Flexible workforce look to pre-election promises Contractor organisations are insisting the Tory government sticks to promises to revisit IR35 reforms as it emerges that GlaxoSmithKline is ordering co...

» Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker trailer to be revealed in Fortnite
2 days ago from Technology | The Guardian
Players of the popular online shooter will be able to lay down their weapons and watch exclusive footageThe next trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will not be shown in the cinema or on TV ...

» Spammers force Keybase to stop Stellar Space Drop cryptocurrency handouts
2 days ago from ZDNet | security RSS
A rush of new fake accounts has forced Keybase to rethink its free Lumen drops.

» Tim Cook Visits Bangkok, Thailand to Meet With Photographers, Students and WWDC Scholarship Winners
2 days ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Tim Cook continued his tour of Asia this week with a trip to Bangkok, Thailand. The Apple CEO has been documenting the journey on his Twitter account. Cook kicked things off with a visit to the Wat ...

» Chainalysis to Provide Bitfinex With ‘Privacy-Safe’ Tools to Combat Crime
2 days ago from Cointelegraph.com News
Blockchain intelligence firm Chainalysis will provide crypto exchange Bitfinex with tools to monitor and combat suspected financial crime

» Flatpak 1.5.2 Continues Work On Authentication Support In Push To Handling Paid Apps
2 days ago from Phoronix
Introduced last month was the Flatpak 1.5.1 development build that provided initial support for protected/authenticated downloads of Flatpaks as the fundamental infrastructure work towards allowing pa...

» Hit one up on Insta, would you? Her Maj is after a social media manager
2 days ago from The Register
Like Trump’s Twitter feed, except not Her Majesty the Queen is after a head of digital engagement to run a small team of specialists based at Buckingham Palace.…

» Electronic Swiss franc? Not so fast, government says
2 days ago from Reuters: Technology News
The Swiss government took a downbeat view of creating a central bank digital currency for public use, saying it could do more harm than good and destabilize the financial system.

» AMDVLK 2019.Q4.4 Released With Navi 14 Fixes, DoW 3 Perf Optimization
2 days ago from Phoronix
As anticipated, AMD has now formally released a new version of their AMDVLK open-source Vulkan driver following this week's Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Windows driver release...

» 6 efficiency-enhancing Android apps
2 days ago from Computerworld News
Your phone is now essentially your personal assistant — and like any aide, it needs the right set of tools to do its job effectively.The good news? As an Android user, you've got no shortage of effi...

» The usual suspects
2 days ago from Computerworld News
One morning Wilma, the print shop manager at a beer distributor, discovers that her computer has a virus. It’s no big deal — sometimes bad things happen to good computers — so she cleans up the ...

» QEMU 4.2 Released With Many Improvements For Linux Virtualization
2 days ago from Phoronix
QEMU 4.2 is out this morning as a key piece of the open-source Linux virtualization stack...

» China detains CEO of U.S.-listed P2P firm Fincera for suspected financial crime
2 days ago from Reuters: Technology News
Chinese police on Friday detained the chairman and chief executive officer of New York-listed Fincera Inc for suspected financial crime.

» Samsung Electronics executive receives jail term over union-busting: media
2 days ago from Reuters: Technology News
Samsung Electronics vice-president Kang Kyung-hoon received a 16-month jail term on Friday on charges of union-busting activities, South Korean media reported on Friday.

» Flaw in Elementor and Beaver Addons Let Anyone Hack WordPress Sites
2 days ago from The Hacker News
Attention WordPress users! Your website could easily get hacked if you are using "Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder," or "Ultimate Addons for Elementor" and haven't recently updated them to the late...

» Ever wonder how hackers could possibly pwn power plants? Here are 54 Siemens bugs that could explain things
2 days ago from The Register
Arbitrary code execution in a controller, what could go wrong? Siemens industrial control systems designed specifically for energy plant gear are riddled with dozens of security vulnerabilities that a...

» 2FA: Double down on your security
2 days ago from WeLiveSecurity
The second authentication factor might be a minor inconvenience, but it provides a major security boost The post 2FA: Double down on your security appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

» Italian prosecutor presents bankruptcy request against CHL
2 days ago from Reuters: Technology News
An Italian prosecutor has presented a bankruptcy request against information technology and e-commerce group CHL , the company said, adding it was notified on Dec. 9.

» Microsoft names its new games console Xbox Series X
2 days ago from Technology | The Guardian
The machine previously known as Project Scarlett will be four times as powerful as Xbox One X with a range of next-gen features Microsoft has revealed the name for its new games console – Xbox Serie...

» Attention! Very important science: Tapping a can of fizzy beer does... absolutely nothing
2 days ago from The Register
But Danish boffins tapped cans on the side, not the top – we demand a retrial Should you be faced with the horrors of a shaken can of beer and an urgent need to open it, science has solved the quest...

» Facebook, Google Fail To Make It To “10 Best Places To Work” In 2020
2 days ago from TechWorm
Glassdoor, the renowned career job site, on Wednesday, said that Facebook and Google have dropped out from the top 10 “best places to work” in the U.S. in 2020, according to their annual list rank...

» Apple Watch With Cellular Officially Launches in New Zealand
2 days ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Last week, Apple started taking pre-orders for Apple Watch models with cellular connectivity in New Zealand. Those orders are now arriving into the hands of customers, and New Zealand carrier Spark is...

» Stable Android 10 and One UI 2.0 update for Galaxy Note10 now rolling out
2 days ago from Neowin
Samsung has started rolling out the stable Android 10 and One UI 2.0 update for the Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ in Germany. For now, the update is rolling out to users running the One UI 2.0 beta. Read ...

» Fake: DMCA Notice Targeting Apple Jailbreaks on Reddit Was Fraudulent
2 days ago from TorrentFreak
A DMCA notice that targeted Reddit's /r/jailbreak sub-Reddit earlier this week was fraudulent. Fingers were pointed firmly towards Apple on the basis it had previously targeted a tweet containing an e...

» A complete guide to making an iPhone Mockup
2 days ago from TechWorm
iPhone mockups are one of the best ways to attract users from all around to your mobile/computer apps. Regardless of whether you are looking for iPhone 8 mockups, iPhone X mockups, or just a plain iPh...

» Trying Out The Skia+Vulkan Powered LibreOffice 6.5 Development Build
2 days ago from Phoronix
While LibreOffice 6.4 isn't even coming out until the end of January, we are already stoked about the follow-on release to this open-source office suite... Currently the development builds are towards...

» Norway's Telenor picks Ericsson for 5G, abandoning Huawei
2 days ago from Reuters: Technology News
Telenor has picked Sweden's Ericsson as the key technology provider for its fifth-generation (5G) telecoms network in Norway, it said on Friday, gradually removing China's Huawei [HWT.UL] after a deca...

» Mmmm... fresh, delicious tenders: Forget G-Cloud, this £6.5bn Technology Products and Associated Services framework is where it's at
2 days ago from The Register
Will no one think of the SMEs? Oh, actually some have made the grade The UK's central government is dangling up to £6.5bn under the noses of resellers to supply commodity hardware, software and servi...

» Guru3D 2019 December 13th contest: Win 32GB G.Skill Trident Z Neo 3600 MHz DDR4
2 days ago from Guru3D.com
Eight, sixteen, or is -two Gigabytes of DDR4 memory is the magic number for champions? Speaking of champions, are you interested in a 32GB Trident Z Neo DDR4 kit from G.Skill. Optimized for AMD Ryzen...

» Google Adds Verified SMS And Spam Protection For Messages On Android
2 days ago from TechWorm
Google on Thursday announced the rollout of two new features in the Messages app for Android users. The first feature is called “Verified SMS”. This will help the user confirm the true identity of...

» Google Now Bans Some Linux Web Browsers From Their Services
2 days ago from BleepingComputer
Google is now banning the popular Linux browsers named Konqueror, Falkon, and Qutebrowser from logging into Google services because they may not be secure. [...]

» Microsoft reveals partnership update for Flight Simulator, Tech Alpha 2 recruitment closed
2 days ago from Neowin
Microsoft has described the experience of visiting its aircraft partner CubCrafters in regards to the development of Flight Simulator. Tech Alpha 2 recruitment has now been closed as well. Read more.....

» Resident Evil 3 is coming to Xbox One consoles in 4K Ultra HD, Digital pre-orders open
2 days ago from OnMSFT.com
The remake of Resident Evil 3 due out on April 3rd next year is now available to digitally pre-order on Microsoft’s family of Xbox One consoles. This new version of the classic game features the sam...

» Why is the printer spouting nonsense... and who on earth tried to wire this plug?
2 days ago from The Register
A tale of entry-level electrical skills On Call  There's just one more day to get through before the weekend is upon us so burn a few minutes by chortling at the misfortune of others with On Call.…

» The 2020 Mazda CX-30 is a crossover you’ll actually enjoy driving
2 days ago from Ars Technica
Mazda's insane attention to detail really shows here in this sub-$30,000 CUV.

» Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II announced for Microsoft’s Xbox Series X video game console
2 days ago from OnMSFT.com
Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II was officially announced during The Game Awards 2019 earlier today with a rather impressive trailer featuring entirely in-engine footage rendered on an Xbox Series X, Micr...

» Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker items are now live in the Fortnite video game on all platforms
2 days ago from OnMSFT.com
As part of a cross-promotion with the upcoming Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker movie which premieres next week, the popular Fortnite video game has added several skins and items from the movie for ga...

» VideoProc Is Perfect For Processing and Editing 4K Videos With GPU Acceleration
2 days ago from Fossbytes
Converting a 4K video can become your worst nightmare if the video processing software is sloppy and inefficient in handling large files. An incompetent video converter not only slows the conversion b...

» Are you an AI guru? Can you teach ML skills to Register readers? Great! Our MCubed call-for-papers is open for you
2 days ago from The Register
We want to hear you share your insights, experiences, and plans Event  Our machine-learning conference MCubed returns to London next October, and we’d love to hear about your latest adventures in t...

» 5 Best Free Proxy Servers To Visit Sites Anonymously In 2020
2 days ago from Fossbytes
A proxy server can help you mask your identity on the internet. Maybe you want to access suspicious websites, bypass internet censorship in your country or on your office/school network — having a p...

» Digital pre-orders open for Ori And The Will Of The Wisps on Xbox One and Windows 10
2 days ago from OnMSFT.com
The highly anticipated sequel to Ori and the Blind Forest, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, is finally available to pre-order digitally on Windows 10 and Xbox One consoles ahead of its March 10th releas...

» Intel CPUs: Ten-year plan to includes 1.4nm and a two-year cadence
2 days ago from Guru3D.com
Intel has the means to return to a new process technology every two-years with a new roadmap showing 10nm up-to 1.4nm fabrication processors, it was ASML that made this slide public, not Intel....

» 11 Best Free Music Websites To Download Songs Legally In 2020
2 days ago from Fossbytes
The internet offers a lot of things and among them is free music. You can find plenty of websites that offer free downloadable music; however, not all of them are legal. So if you are looking for song...

» Epic Games Store to host 12 days of free games, starting December 19
2 days ago from Neowin
Epic today announced its plans for holidays - 12 Days of Free Games. It will begin on December 19, along with a holiday sale. The Wolf Among Us and The Escapists are free to claim, for now. Read more....

» Gigabyte releases Radeon RX 5500 XT graphics cards
2 days ago from Guru3D.com
Gigabyte announced the launch of the Radeon RX 5500 XT GAMING OC and Radeon RX 5500 XT OC, powered by the AMD advanced 7nm RDNA architecture. ...

» ASRock Launches the Radeon RX 5500 XT Challenger D 8G OC & RX 5500 XT Challenger D 4G OC Graphics Cards
2 days ago from Guru3D.com
ASRock, launches the ASRock Challenger series graphic card – Radeon RX 5500 XT Challenger D 8G OC and Radeon RX 5500 XT Challenger D 4G OC series graphics cards. These graphics card, powered by the ...

» EK Launches Quantum Line Tubular D5 combos at 179~199 USD
2 days ago from Guru3D.com
Blimey, that's expensive! EK is releasing a new Quantum Line of genuine D5 pump  based combo units. the new units have twice as much ports. EK-Quantum products come with sophisticated 5V addressa....

» Next-Gen Xbox Series X And First PS5 Game Announced
2 days ago from Fossbytes
Microsoft just revealed their next-generation Xbox at the Game Awards 2019 and it will be called the Xbox Series X. Xbox CEO, Phil Spencer, came up on stage to reveal the new console along with its ga...

» Thermaltake Announces S500 Tempered Glass Snow Edition Case
2 days ago from Guru3D.com
Thermaltake is thrilled to announce that the S500 Tempered Glass Mid Tower Chassis now comes in a white version- the S500 Tempered Glass Snow Edition Mid Tower Chassis- is now available for pre-order...

» PowerColor Announces its Radeon RX 5500 XT Red Dragon Series
2 days ago from Guru3D.com
TUL Corporation, parent of the leading and innovative AMD Graphics Card Manufacturing brand, PowerColor, announces their latest cards in their lineup, PowerColor Red Dragon RX 5500 XT 8 GB and PowerCo...

» 100 mysterious blinking lights in the night sky could be evidence of alien life... or something weird, say boffins
2 days ago from The Register
Either way, we'll take a one-way ticket, please. Now. Thanks. Good A hundred red objects blinking in and out of existence across Earth’s skies over the past 70 years have left scientists giddy: they...

» Netflix's The Witcher final trailer
2 days ago from Guru3D.com
The game we've all been playing for years has made its wat to Netflix. The final trailer for The Witcher is out which will premiere on December 20th. In the new trailer you can see some more characte....

» Reviews: Radeon RX 5500 XT MSI, ASUS, Gigabyte, Sapphire, and PowerColor
2 days ago from Guru3D.com
You better grab some coffee as we have five Radeon RX 5500 XT reviews ready for you. We'll test the 4GB and 8GB models. The new cards in an MSRP configuration will sell at $169 (4GB) / $199 (8 GB) i....

» Fedora 32 Will Feature Bleeding-Edge Compilers Again With LLVM 10 + GCC 10
2 days ago from Phoronix
Fedora Linux is on track to deliver another bleeding-edge compiler toolchain stack with Fedora 32 due out this spring...

» The Wolf Among Us 2 re-announced by Telltale, first game is free on Epic Store
2 days ago from Neowin
The Wolf Among Us 2 is back with the revived Telltale Games announcing today during The Game Awards that it has re-entered development. The game is coming to PC first as an Epic Games Store exclusive....

» Phoronix Test Suite 9.2.1 Released
2 days ago from Phoronix
Released earlier this month was Phoronix Test Suite 9.2 while now available is a point release with a couple of fixes...

» XCOM-like title Gears Tactics is coming in April for PC via Microsoft Store and Steam
2 days ago from Neowin
Microsoft today unveiled during The Game Awards 2019 event a new trailer for Gears Tactics, the upcoming XCOM-like tactical game. The title is releasing in April next year as a PC exclusive. Read more...

» Ori and the Will of the Wisps gets a new gameplay trailer, delayed to March 11, 2020
2 days ago from Neowin
Moon Studios' upcoming installment in the Ori series has gotten a brand new gameplay trailer during The Game Awards, showing off big bosses and new moves. It's also been delayed to March 11, 2020. Rea...

» CD Projekt RED shows off a behind the scenes look at Cyberpunk 2077 music
2 days ago from Neowin
Today, during Geoff Keighley's The Game Awards 2019 event, CD Projekt RED showed off a glimpse into the soundtrack of its upcoming title, Cyberpunk 2077. It features Refused, Grimes, and many more. Re...

» Senua's Saga: Hellblade II announced by Ninja Theory for Xbox Series X
2 days ago from Neowin
Ninja Theory is working on a brand new game for the Xbox Series X console, with Microsoft announcing Senua's Saga: Hellblade II alongside the new console during The Game Awards today. Read more...

» Microsoft Announces Xbox Series X: Available Holiday 2020
2 days ago from AnandTech
Microsoft this evening has finally given their long-awaited next generation gaming console a name, announcing the Xbox Series X. The device, formerly known as Project Scarlett, is said to be four time...

» Apple Adds 'Ultimate Rivals' Sports Game Franchise to Apple Arcade
2 days ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Apple today announced the addition of "Ultimate Rivals" from Bit Fry Game Studios to its Apple Arcade gaming service. Ultimate Rivals is a sports game franchise that brings athletes from hockey, bask...

» Square Enix announces Bravely Default II for the Nintendo Switch
2 days ago from Neowin
During this year's edition of The Game Awards, Square Enix announced the next installment in the Nintendo-exclusive franchise, Bravely Default. It's coming to the Switch sometime in 2020. Read more...

» Microsoft reveals Xbox Series X, the next-gen Xbox console coming in holiday 2020
2 days ago from OnMSFT.com
Microsoft today announced the official name for their upcoming next-gen Xbox console and also unveiled what it will actually look like. Previously referred to under the temporary codename of Xbox Proj...

» Microsoft unveils the Xbox Series X console, its next-generation Xbox, at The Game Awards
2 days ago from Neowin
Microsoft today surprise-revealed the Xbox Series X console, its next-generation Xbox. The updated Xbox Wireless Controller that will ship with the console in 2020 was also given a first look. Read mo...

» The next Xbox has a name and a new design: Behold, 2020’s Xbox Series X
2 days ago from Ars Technica
Revealed at The Game Awards alongside new game series, slightly new controller.

» Hands-On Photography 8: It's About The Light
2 days ago from All TWiT.tv Shows (Video HD)
This week on Hands-On Photography, Ant Pruitt discusses the effects of light in your photos. What is hard light?What is diffused light? Why does light placement matter in your photos? Ant shares tips ...

» U.S. regulator weighs action against Facebook over how its apps interact: report
2 days ago from Reuters: Technology News
The U.S. Federal Trade Commission is considering asking a court to stop Facebook Inc from moving ahead with plans to integrate its WhatsApp, Instagram and Messenger subsidiaries, The Wall Street Journ...

» Nintendo shows off first trailer for No More Heroes III at The Game Awards 2019
2 days ago from Neowin
No More Heroes III, the first game in the franchise in almost ten years, has received its first trailer during this year's edition of The Game Awards. The game is coming next year. Read more...

» Microsoft Security Essentials updates not included in Windows 7 ESU
2 days ago from ZDNet | security RSS
Companies will have to go with another antivirus.

» NPM swats path traversal bug that lets evil packages modify, steal files. That's bad for JavaScript crypto-wallets
2 days ago from The Register
Trio of vulnerabilities made registry full of uncertain code even more of a risk On Wednesday, NPM, Inc, the California-based biz that has taken it upon itself to organize the world's JavaScript packa...

» AMD Pushes Updated AMDVLK Vulkan Code Following Adrenalin 2020 Unveil
2 days ago from Phoronix
Earlier this week AMD unveiled the Radeon Software Adrenalin 2020 Edition driver and we await a Radeon Software for Linux / AMDGPU-PRO driver update for Linux users on supported distributions. But AMD...

» VISA Warns of Ongoing Cyber Attacks on Gas Pump PoS Systems
2 days ago from BleepingComputer
The point-of-sale (POS) systems of North American fuel dispenser merchants are under an increased and ongoing threat of being targeted by an attack coordinated by cybercrime groups according to a sec...

» Larry Ellison sets the Catz among the pigeons: Safra officially sole Oracle CEO
2 days ago from The Register
Think of a number, triple it, add seven, multiply by zero, and that's pretty much this tech giant's Q2 revenue growth Oracle's financial figures were more or less flat in its latest financial quarter ...

» Apple Avoids iPhone Tariffs as U.S. and China Reach Trade Deal
2 days ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Apple won't be hit with hefty tariffs on the iPhone, iPad, and MacBooks as U.S. President Donald Trump this afternoon signed off on a trade deal with China. Speaking in a note to investors shared by ...

» This Week in Computer Hardware 544: The 1080p GPU to Beat!
2 days ago from All TWiT.tv Shows (Video HD)
AMD's new Radeon RX 5500 XT: Is this THE 1080p GPU??? Intel's new CPU process roadmap is ridiculous. The New Mac Pro, AMD's Adrenaline 2020, Magic Leap, Oculus Quest hand tracking, and much more with ...

» Broadcom's full-year forecast fails to impress Wall Street, shares down
2 days ago from Reuters: Technology News
Broadcom Inc's fourth-quarter earnings beat Street estimates on Thursday, but investors were put off by slowing growth in semiconductor business and a lukewarm revenue forecast for 2020, sending its ...

» OK. We're off. Water ice found just below the surface of Mars. Good enough for us. Let's go. Impulse power, Mr Sulu
2 days ago from The Register
Let's grab a nice cold drink on the Red Planet. Don't forget to pack a shovel There’s water ice buried below the surface of Mars, and all you’ll need is a shovel to dig some up, according to resea...

» Review: Castle Rock’s signature slow burn pays off in tight, twisty finale
2 days ago from Ars Technica
"People around here, they forget. They forget the past. It's written in blood."

» Update: Sales of Samsung Galaxy Fold Are Nowhere Near 1 Million Units
2 days ago from AnandTech
Update 12/14: While claims were earlier made by Samsung's Chief Strategy Officer that the company had sold 1 million Galaxy Folds, the company has since stepped in to correct the executive. Speaking t...

» Lyft expands rental car program in San Fran Bay Area, Los Angeles
2 days ago from Reuters: Technology News
Ride-hailing company Lyft Inc on Thursday said it is offering rental cars to a wider group of users in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles.

» Tech News Weekly 111: Go Go Bananas!
2 days ago from All TWiT.tv Shows (Video HD)
Mike Masnick of Techdirt joins us to talk about Twitter's interest in Bluesky — a group looking to implement a social media protocol in place of social media platforms.Upload VR's Ian Hamilton expla...

» Judge serves up sizzling rebuke of Arkansas’ anti-veggie-meat labeling law
2 days ago from Ars Technica
The judge ordered a temporary injunction and said Tofurky is likely to prevail.

» Microsoft unveils more redesigned icons for its apps and services, including Windows
2 days ago from OnMSFT.com
Microsoft today detailed redesigned icons for Windows and its other apps in a blog post, all inspired by Fluent Design.

» FTC might block Facebook's plans to unify its messaging infrastructure
2 days ago from Neowin
The United States Federal Trade Commission is reportedly considered an injunction against Facebook, which would prevent the social network from merging its messaging infrastructure. Read more...

» Nebula VPN routes between hosts privately, flexibly, and efficiently
2 days ago from Ars Technica
VPN mesh networks allow nearby nodes to rapidly communicate peer-to-peer.

» Western Digital: Expect More Energy-Assisted Tech For 24 TB & Beyond
2 days ago from AnandTech
Western Digital has been promoting its microwave assisted magnetic recording (MAMR) technology for over a couple of years now, yet surprisingly, its upcoming 18 TB and 20 TB drives are not really usi...

» Using Voice Control in iOS 13 to Operate an iPhone Hands-Free
2 days ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Apple in iOS 13 added a Voice Control feature as an Accessibility option designed for those who need to use their iPhones and iPads without their hands. It allows for complete control of the operating...

» Android App Analysis Uncovers Seasonal Shopping Risk
2 days ago from Dark Reading:
Researchers scanned 4,200 Android apps and found many exhibit malicious behavior or have a dangerous level of permissions.

» Wave of Ring surveillance camera hacks tied to podcast, report finds
2 days ago from Ars Technica
The bad actors harassing folks for fun got more attention than they meant to.

» Critical Remote Code-Execution Bugs Threaten Global Power Plants
2 days ago from Threatpost
Seventeen bugs could be exploited to stop electrical generation and cause malfunctions at power plants.

» Google rolls out Verified SMS and Spam Protection in Android
2 days ago from ZDNet | security RSS
Android's default SMS app -- Messages -- to receive two new features: Verified SMS and Spam Protection.

» Are you writing code for ambient computing? No? Don't even know? Ch-uh. Google's 'write once, run anywhere' Flutter is all over it
2 days ago from The Register
Techies lay out modest ambition to provide development framework for everything. Where have we heard that before? Google has translated Java's "write once, run anywhere" promise into the words "ambien...

» Cyberattacks on Retailers Could Increase 20% this Holiday Season
2 days ago from Dark Reading:
Commodity malware and ransomware continue to be the biggest threats, says VMWare Carbon Black.

» Apple Buys UK-Based Company 'Spectral Edge' to Bolster iPhone's Photographic Capabilities
2 days ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Apple has purchased UK-based photography company Spectral Edge, reports Bloomberg. The Spectral Edge website is now defunct, but the company had developed a mathematical technique for improving photog...

» New Echobot Variant Exploits 77 Remote Code Execution Flaws
2 days ago from BleepingComputer
The Echobot botnet is still after the low hanging fruit as a new variant has been spotted with an increased number of exploits that target unpatched devices, IoT for the most part. [...]

» Facebook pledges $130 million to content oversight board, delays naming members
2 days ago from Reuters: Technology News
Facebook said on Thursday it committed an initial $130 million to fund an independent oversight board, but said it would not announce its members this year, as originally expected.

» Cops storm Nginx's Moscow offices after a Russian biz claims it owns world's most widely used web server, not F5
2 days ago from The Register
Rambler claims code creator was working for them at the time and so they own tech worth $700m Nginx's Moscow office was raided today by police after the ownership of the popular web server's source co...

» How OKR’s Completely Transformed Our Culture
2 days ago from ReadWrite
Any business owner will tell you there is a massive chasm between “concept” and “execution.” More than half of the time, business owners and entrepreneurs will come up with amazing concepts ...

» Apple Working on Fix for Screen Time Communication Limits Workaround Exploited by Kids
2 days ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Apple on Tuesday released iOS 13.3, a new update that includes Communication Limits for Screen Time, designed to allow parents to limit who can contact their children and who children can contact. As...

» Mesa 19.3 Released With Big Updates For Intel's Open-Source Drivers, Valve ACO Option
2 days ago from Phoronix
After a few weeks worth of delays due to blocker bugs the release of Mesa 19.3 is out today as a big end-of-year upgrade to the open-source OpenGL and Vulkan drivers for Linux systems. Intel and AMD R...

» Microsoft Office 365 to Add Message Recall in Exchange Online
2 days ago from BleepingComputer
Microsoft is planning to add the highly popular Message Recall feature among Outlook for Windows users to the Exchange Online hosted cloud email service for businesses. [...]

» The Most, Least Insecure US Cities for SMBs
2 days ago from Dark Reading:
A new report looks at computer activity in the 50 largest metropolitan areas.

» The secret to winning at customer experience: 3 takeaways
2 days ago from Articles on TechRepublic
If organizations want to be leaders in customer experience, they must start with data, Forrester and Deloitte found.

» Report: IoT and blockchain integration is booming among US businesses
2 days ago from Articles on TechRepublic
Gartner finds 75% of organizations that have implemented IoT plan to pair it with blockchain tech.

» Apple Pay With Express Transit Mode Coming to D.C. Metro and More Chinese Cities in 2020
2 days ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Apple Pay with Express Transit mode is coming to the Washington Metro in 2020, the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority announced today. No specific timeline has been provided yet. Starting...

» Another Ransomware Will Now Publish Victims' Data If Not Paid
2 days ago from BleepingComputer
The operators of the REvil Ransomware, otherwise known as Sodinokibi, have announced that they will use stolen files and data as as leverage to get victims to pay ransoms. [...]

» Gallium: The Newest Threat Group on Microsoft's Radar
2 days ago from Dark Reading:
Hacking group has been targeting telecommunication providers.

» AMD introduces Radeon RX 5500 XT aimed at 1080p gamers
2 days ago from Neowin
AMD has launched a new budget-oriented GPU aimed at improving the experience for gamers at 1080p resolution. The Radeon RX 5500 XT is available from partners today starting at $169. Read more...

» USMCA Trade Deal Keeps DMCA-Style ‘Safe Harbor’ for ISPs
2 days ago from TorrentFreak
The United States, Canada, and Mexico have signed a new trade deal that will replace NAFTA. The USMCA deals with a wide range of trade topics including copyright issues. Despite warnings from rightsho...

» TechBargains: Apple iPad 10.2-inch for just $329, Inspiron 3671 only $450 & more
2 days ago from Neowin
The 128GB Apple iPad 10.2-inch is back at its Black Friday price for just $329. Also, for select users, get an Amazon Smart Plug for just $0.99 with coupon code, the Inspiron 3671 is just $450, & ...

» 988 will be the new 911 for suicide prevention—by sometime in 2021
2 days ago from Ars Technica
1-800-273-8255 is current suicide hotline; 988 would eventually redirect to it.

» Microsoft's Surface Hub 2X might launch with Windows 10X
2 days ago from Neowin
Microsoft seems to have scrapped its plans for a specialized version of Windows Core OS for the Surface Hub 2X, and will instead ship the device with Windows 10X, according to a new report. Read more....

» Amazon.com to open distribution center in Northeastern Brazil in 2020
2 days ago from Reuters: Technology News
Amazon.com Inc said on Thursday it will open a distribution center in the northeastern state of Pernambuco, its second in Brazil, strengthening its logistics infrastructure to speed up deliveries and ...

» Russian Police Raided NGINX Moscow Office, Detained Co-Founders
2 days ago from The Hacker News
Russian law enforcement officers have raided the Moscow offices of Nginx—the company behind the world's second most popular web server software—over a copyright infringement complaint filed by Ram...

» Here's how to watch The Game Awards 2019 show today
2 days ago from Neowin
The Game Awards 2019 is going live later today, and alongside the awards ceremony will be brand new announcements, exclusive trailers for upcoming games, and more. Here's how to watch! Read more...

» Get Organized Like a Villain
2 days ago from Dark Reading:
What cybercrime group FIN7 can teach us about using agile frameworks.

» Watch the Game Awards on Mixer tonight to get free “MixPot” digital rewards
2 days ago from OnMSFT.com
The Game Awards, presumably in collaboration with Microsoft just tweeted out a promotional that includes an exclusive MixPot of free in-game rewards if people watch the event using Microsoft's streami...

» How change managers can craft an effective resume
2 days ago from Articles on TechRepublic
Change managers can be a vital piece of an efficient and well-run organization. Here's how to show off your talents to get that great change manager job.

» HTML Essentials - free cheat sheet download
2 days ago from Neowin
This free to download cheat sheet contains concise descriptions of various tags, attributes, objects, and other important HTML elements. You can dip into it anytime for quick recall! Download today! R...

» All in the (Ransomware) Family: 10 Ways to Take Action
2 days ago from Threatpost
Check out our list of top 10 things to do to protect your organization from the deepening scourge of ransomware.

» Apple TV+ Show 'Little America' Renewed for Second Season Ahead of January Debut
2 days ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Apple has renewed "Little America," a series created by Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon, for a second season, according to Variety. "Little America," described as an immigrant anthology series, h...

» Google Assistant's Interpreter Mode is rolling out to phones today
2 days ago from Neowin
Google has announced that Google Assistant's Interpreter Mode will be rolling out to Android and iOS users today. It helps users communicate when they are in a foreign country through text or speech. ...

» Chrome 79 will continuously scan your passwords against public data breaches
2 days ago from Ars Technica
By default, Chrome will now let users know if their credentials are public.

» Cadillac vehicles shifting to electric from gas by 2030: executive
2 days ago from Reuters: Technology News
The head of General Motors Co's Cadillac luxury brand said on Thursday that a majority, and possibly all, of the brand's models would be electric vehicles by 2030.

» Iran says it staved off cyber attack but doesn't blame US
2 days ago from The Register
Here's a rundown of some of the Middle East's cyber argy-bargy Iran claims to have staved off a major cyber attack on its national infrastructure, a couple of months after the Middle Eastern theocracy...

» Google introduces Verified SMS and spam detection in Android Messages
2 days ago from Neowin
Google has announced a couple of enhancements to the Android Messages app, like Verified SMS for messages from businesses and real-time spam detection. The features are rolling out now. Read more...

» Thanks, Larry!
2 days ago from Dark Reading:
A no-tech trick, a la social engineering, can lead to huge corporate security consequences -- and it might just score the criminal a new car.

» Jura Anchor Uses the AirPods Lightning Port to Add a Carabiner
2 days ago from MacRumors: Mac News and Rumors - All Stories
Jura's new Jura Anchor and carabiner setup are designed to add a little handle to the charging case of the AirPods and AirPods Pro, so you can attach it to a bag, backpack, belt loop, or keys. The se...

» Microsoft unveils more new colorful icons, shows off new Windows 10 logo
2 days ago from Neowin
Today, Microsoft posted another blog post about its new icons, unveiling even more Fluent Design-inspired, colorful images. There are new icons for Tips, Messaging, Notepad, and even Windows. Read mor...

» Google's worst kills of 2019
2 days ago from Computerworld News
It's no big secret that Google has a pesky little habit of, y'know, cold-blooded murder.You know what I'm talking about, right? Everyone's favorite Android keeper has had more than a few instances of ...

» Save up to 70% off Resident Evil 2, Borderlands 3, and more during the Xbox Game Awards sale
2 days ago from OnMSFT.com
Until tomorrow, you can take advantage of up to to 75% discounts on games such as Tom Clancy’s The Division 2, A Plague Tale: Innocence, Borderlands 3, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, Control, Destiny...

» Google's self-driving car project buys British AI firm Latent Logic
2 days ago from Technology | The Guardian
Purchase of Oxford University spinoff gives Waymo its first presence in the UKWaymo, Google’s self-driving car sibling company, has acquired the Oxford artificial intelligence company Latent Logic f...

» Samsung has sold 1 million Galaxy Fold units worldwide [Update: Nope!]
2 days ago from Neowin
Samsung has sold one million units of the Galaxy Fold, its first foldable device. This is despite its steep price tag of $2,000+ and how easy it is to cause damage to the device's display. Read more.....

» Londoner admits illegally accessing National Lottery accounts
2 days ago from The Register
Sentencing due in January for Sentry MBA shenanigans A London hacker is facing jail after he admitted illegally accessing National Lottery gambling accounts.…

» Thyssenkrupp in talks with Tesla about German factory: Handelsblatt
2 days ago from Reuters: Technology News
Thyssenkrupp is hoping to win contracts for a planned factory Tesla plans to build near Berlin, a board member of the German conglomerate told a business daily.

» What's in the latest Chrome update? A baked-in hacked-password alarm
2 days ago from Computerworld News
Google this week launched Chrome 79, touting the browser's warnings when a site password may have been divulged and patching 51 vulnerabilities.The California company paid $80,000 in bug bounties to r...

» Vim 8.2 Released With Support For Popup Windows
2 days ago from Phoronix
For those preferring the Vim text editor, Vim 8.2 is out today and its primary new feature is support for "popup windows" and for demonstrating those new capabilities is even a new Vim-based game call...

» Realme's upcoming Buds Air to support Qi wireless charging
2 days ago from Neowin
Today Realme's CEO Madhav Sheth took to Twitter to reveal further information about the company's upcoming true wireless earphones. Named the Realme Buds Air, they will support Qi wireless charging. R...

» Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaces
2 days ago from ReadWrite
Would you prefer to look for the air conditioning remote, which is probably down the back of the living room couch, or use your smartphone to do the exact same thing? Even better — the connected dev...

» Schneider Electric reveals industry's first chassis-based immersive cooling server rack
2 days ago from Articles on TechRepublic
The liquid-cooled solution promises lower operating costs, better efficiency, silent operation, increased reliability, and a smaller economic footprint.

» VirtualBox 6.1 Released With Better 3D Support, UI Enhancements
2 days ago from Phoronix
Oracle has released VM VirtualBox 6.1 with better integration around the public Oracle Cloud, continued work on their new 3D support brought forward in VirtualBox 6.0, user-interface improvements, and...

» Save 98% off a lifetime membership to Whizlabs Online Certifications
2 days ago from Neowin
Are you a practicing professional but wanting to learn more? Learn new skills and knowledge at your own pace with Whizlabs. For a limited time only, you can save thousands off the cost. Read more...

» Maze Ransomware Behind Pensacola Attack, Data Breach Looms
2 days ago from Threatpost
Maze exfiltrates data as well as locks down systems. Officials said they don't know yet whether any residents' personal information has been breached. 

» Oracle leaves its heart in San Francisco – or it would do if, you know, Oracle had a heart
2 days ago from The Register
OpenWorld moving to Vegas, baby: SF now too expensive not to mention the filthy streets, open drug use... Oracle's massive OpenWorld shindig is relocating from hipster central to the desert, or put an...

» Smart Building Security Awareness Grows
2 days ago from Dark Reading:
In 2020, expect to hear more about smart building security.

» Attackers now use process hollowing to hide cryptocurrency miners on your PC
2 days ago from ZDNet | security RSS
The malware’s dropper is a skeleton that avoids detection as a malicious file.

» HPE to Mike Lynch: You told either El Reg or High Court the right version of why former Autonomy execs won't testify
2 days ago from The Register
You know it's solid reporting when trial lawyers start quoting it Autonomy trial  The Autonomy trial has resumed – with The Register being furiously quoted in legal arguments as Britain's biggest f...

» Intel’s Manufacturing Roadmap Shows a Return to Regular Cadence Through 2029
2 days ago from ExtremeTechComputing – ExtremeTech
Intel is shipping 56-core solutions now, like Cascade Lake-AP. Those didn't exist when 14nm was new. Intel's manufacturing roadmap through 2029 has been released and it shows an aggressive t...

» Trends Driving the Loyalty Marketing Industry
2 days ago from ReadWrite
Do you know who a loyal customer is? It’s those who circle back to your brand again and again and again. Loyalty marketing is when you give customers a strong reason to come back to you. These custo...

» Fortnite now supports split-screen multiplayer on Xbox One and PS4
2 days ago from OnMSFT.com
In Fortnite’s newest update, v11.30 contains a number of bug fixes, performance updates, and now offers split-screen multiplayer support on Xbox One and PS4.  As noted in a post on the Fortnite v11...

» How to keep your employees happy: Give them good tech
2 days ago from Articles on TechRepublic
Employees who are unhappy about their workplace technology are more likely to quit, a study finds, and it's up to employers to fix it.

» Microsoft Edge Insider beta channel gets a new update ahead of stable release next month
2 days ago from OnMSFT.com
Microsoft has quietly shipped a new build for the Microsoft Edge Insider beta channel yesterday, which should be the last update before the browser's stable release in January.

» NZ utility cuts power outage time using IBM's AI from The Weather Company
2 days ago from Articles on TechRepublic
Using IBM's The Weather Company, Vector uses AI and data analytics to predict and preempt downed poles and lines.

» Shopin founder charged by SEC for running $42 million scam cryptocurrency ICO
2 days ago from ZDNet | security RSS
SEC alleges that investor funds were spent on dating services and shopping sprees.

» No box shifting, no Buck Rogers. Bezos-backed Blue Origin blasts off once again
2 days ago from The Register
Postcards from the edge... of space? It has been a while but after a hiatus of more than seven months and a weather-induced delay, the rocket outfit bankrolled by billionaire box-flinger Jeff Bezos ha...

» Lessons from the NSA: Know Your Assets
2 days ago from Dark Reading:
Chris Kubic worked at the National Security Agency for the past 32 years, finishing his tenure as CISO. He talks about lessons learned during his time there and what they mean for the private sector.

» Samsung to Use SiFive RISC-V Cores for SoCs, Automotive, 5G Applications
2 days ago from AnandTech
At the annual RISC-V Summit this week, Samsung disclosed the use SiFive’s RISC-V cores for upcoming chips for a variety of applications. The company is joining a growing list of leading high-tech ...

» Waking Up to Third-Party Security Risk
2 days ago from Dark Reading:
You can't rely on the words, intentions, or security measures of others to guard your company, customer and brand.

» Forza Horizon 4 new battle royale mode launches on Xbox One and Windows 10
2 days ago from OnMSFT.com
Forza Horizon 4 has a new game mode launching later today. “The Eliminator” is a new battle royale game mode where you play a 72-player battle royale. The Eliminator is part of the Series 17 updat...

» Organizations moving toward more rigorous security testing to ensure compliance
2 days ago from Articles on TechRepublic
More companies are using third-party vendors and crowdsourced testing to meet their security needs, according to a new survey from Synack.

» Microsoft enables phone calls from your Windows PC (as long as it's paired with an Android)
2 days ago from The Register
Plus: Insiders yanked from their rings Microsoft has decided that the Calls feature of its Android-bothering Your Phone app is ready to be unleashed upon the wider world.…

» Industrial IoT company gets $8M and vote of confidence from Qualcomm
2 days ago from Articles on TechRepublic
Augury uses sensors and machine learning to track the health of fans, cooling towers, and other industrial equipment.

» Fallout 76, DayZ and Soulcalibur VI are free to play with Xbox Live Gold this weekend
2 days ago from OnMSFT.com
As noted in a post on Reddit, Fallout 76, DayZ and Soulcalibur VI are available to play free for Xbox Live Gold subscribers. Free Play Days are Xbox One games offered to play for free with the option ...

» Your Smart Christmas Lights Are Safer Than They Were Last Year
2 days ago from Threatpost
Manufacturers of the Twinkly IoT-connected lights slightly boosted security by switching out the Wi-Fi module, according to Pen Test Partners.

» Hands On with Surface Hub 2S: Say goodbye to your Whiteboards?
2 days ago from OnMSFT.com
I went hands-on with Surface Hub 2S and was very impressed, finding that it'll make you want to say goodbye to your office whiteboard.

» AMD Radeon RX 5500 XT Linux Performance
2 days ago from Phoronix
AMD today is shipping the Radeon RX 5500 XT as the new sub-$200 Navi graphics card. This 7nm graphics card offers 22 compute units, 1408 stream processors, up to 5.6 TFLOPS of compute power, 4GB or 8G...

» Logitech Releases 4K Pro Magnetic Webcam for Apple Pro Display XDR
2 days ago from AnandTech
This week Apple launched its all-new Pro Display XDR monitor that happens to be one of the most advanced LCDs around, but one thing it lacks is a built-in webcam. When Apple releases its all-new prod...

» KDE Applications 19.12 Released With Big Improvements To Kdenlive + Other KDE Programs
2 days ago from Phoronix
KDE Applications 19.12 is out today as the collection of 120+ KDE applications tailored around the Plasma desktop and largely built using Qt and KDE Frameworks...

» Disgrace of Base: Scammy hordes force Keybase to end cryptocoin giveaway
2 days ago from The Register
It's Lumen awful: Space Drop halted due to excessive douchebaggery Citing an explosion in fraudulent accounts, Keybase says it is ending its maligned Stellar Space Drop giveaway.…

» Hey Dixons, you know what's mobile? Your rapidly shrinking sales
3 days ago from The Register
Loss-making unit still putting hurt on 'puters 'n' phones biz If ever there was a good time to release bad news, it is today. As luck would have it, Dixons Carphone has filed a set of crappy half-year...

» The AMD Radeon RX 5500 XT Review, Feat. Sapphire Pulse: Navi For 1080p
3 days ago from AnandTech
Launching today are AMD’s Radeon RX 5500 XT cards. These cards are aimed at the sub-$200 market for 1080p gaming, effectively (and finally) replacing AMD’s long-lived Radeon RX 580 and RX 570 card...

» Post Office coughs £57.75m to settle wonky Horizon IT system case
3 days ago from The Register
Split between 550 subpostmasters accused of theft, that's not much The UK's Post Office has finally agreed to settle a long-running case brought by postmasters the company accused of theft based on ev...

» Review: MSI Radeon RX 5500 XT GamingX 8GB
3 days ago from Guru3D.com
For our 3rd Radeon RX 5500 XT review we peek at an offering from MSI, this 8GB version is, you guessed it already, the most silent card we have had our hands-on. Not just that's he's quite a looker .....

» Review: PowerColor Radeon RX 5500 XT Red Dragon 8GB
3 days ago from Guru3D.com
For our next Radeon RX 5500 XT review we move towards PowerColor who is releasing their Red Dragon edition, they submitted the 8GB model of the Radeon 5500 XT this version follows a dual-fan design fr...

» Review: Gigabyte Radeon RX 5500 XT Gaming 8GB
3 days ago from Guru3D.com
Guess what we'll be reviewing, yes our 4th Radeon RX 5500 XT review we peek at Gigabyte with their Radeon 5500 XT Gaming, in specific the OC 8G  edition, this 8GB version follows the traditional thr....

» Review: ASUS Dual Radeon RX 5500 XT EVO 8GB
3 days ago from Guru3D.com
It is time to look at Navi14, the codename for the GPU that empowers the Radeon RX 5500 XT. We review the ASUS DUAL RX5500XT EVO OC (8GB) model, AMD's new mainstream GPU will be king of 1920x1080 res....

» Review: Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 5500 XT 4GB
3 days ago from Guru3D.com
It is time to look at the 4GB version of the Radeon RX 5500 XT. We review the Sapphire Pulse Radeon RX 5500 XT 4GB model, AMD's new mainstream GPU posed to be AMD's king of 1920x1080 resolution ga.....

» Chrome now warns you if your password has been stolen
3 days ago from WeLiveSecurity
The browser’s latest version also aims to up the ante in phishing protection The post Chrome now warns you if your password has been stolen appeared first on WeLiveSecurity

» It's a billion-ton, 14-million-mile long mysterious alien formation – and Earth is heading right into it
3 days ago from The Register
Yes, it's the debris tail of asteroid 3200 Phaethon, the source of the annual Geminids meteor shower Asteroid 3200 Phaethon's thick trail of debris, which is the source of the annual Geminids meteor s...

» LG’s Lightweight Gram 17-Inch Laptop Gets Intel’s Ice Lake CPU
3 days ago from AnandTech
Thin-and-light notebooks with a 17-inch display are rather rare, as most 17-inch laptops are intended to be high performance desktop replacement-class machines. LG’s gram 17 has been a stand-out in ...

» San Diego to suspend facial recognition tech program used by police, ICE access blocked
3 days ago from ZDNet | security RSS
The EFF’s campaign against facial recognition scanners used by law enforcement has borne fruit.

» It's time you were T0RTT a lesson: Here's how you could build a better Tor, say boffins
3 days ago from The Register
Uni brains pitch smart math for speeding up establishment of circuits in anonymizing onion network Academics in Germany say they've found a way to make Tor and similar onion networks more efficient an...

» Retail Cyberattacks Set to Soar 20% in 2019 Holiday Season
3 days ago from Threatpost
A couple of factors this year are making the 2019 holiday shopping season a circus for cybercriminals when it comes to cyberattacks against retail orgs.

» Throwback Thursday: Just our way of saying thanks
3 days ago from Computerworld News
Pilot fish takes a job at a big manufacturing plant — one with big IT problems.“It was a mess,” fish says. “No backups, bad networking, you name it.”So he gets to work hammering things into ...

» ERP disaster zone: The mostly costly failures of the past decade
3 days ago from The Register
Billions wasted, lawsuits launched Enterprise resource planning projects are notoriously difficult to get right. While everyone wants the latest tech, that is less than half the challenge, and whether...

» WhatsApp to sue companies that abuse the platform for bulk messaging
3 days ago from ZDNet | security RSS
The abuse of WhatsApp Business functions to spam customers will not be tolerated.

» Microsoft movie tried to Azure Ignite attendees about CPU side-channel flaws, but biz wouldn't be drawn on details
3 days ago from The Register
'Sir, they're about to disclose the vulns!' 'Damn it. Accelerate the rollout!' How does Microsoft mitigate the risk of speculative-execution bugs on its Azure platform? The US goliath is unwilling to ...

» Google Chrome Will Now Alert You If Your Passwords Have Been Hacked
3 days ago from TechWorm
Google yesterday rolled a new stable version of the company’s web browser, Chrome 79 for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. The new web browser comes with several security improvements and bett...

» Capita lights One Revenues and Benefits bug bonfire: ALL reports older than 12 months to be ignored
3 days ago from The Register
Problem: We have to do work. Solution: Delete all the work! Capita has told local councils up and down Britain that it will be closing all bug reports for its One Revenues and Benefits software suite ...

» Apple Hits Encryption Key With DMCA Notice, Panic Shuts Down the Jailbreak Sub-Reddit
3 days ago from TorrentFreak
A sub-Reddit dedicated to jailbreaking iOS devices put itself into lockdown yesterday after several DMCA notices were filed against the discussion forum. Various sources reported that the notices were...

» Guru3D 2019 December 12th contest: Win an Aorus 360 Liquid Cooler
3 days ago from Guru3D.com
So you want some serious bling and cooling in your PC? Well, check out the 229,- USD/EUR Aorus 360 Liquid Cooler that you can win today, it even has a full-color LCD that dynamically monitors temper...

» LightAnchors array: LEDs in routers, power strips, and more, can sneakily ship data to this smartphone app
3 days ago from The Register
Talk about gone in a flash Video  A pentad of bit boffins have devised a way to integrate electronic objects into augmented reality applications using their existing visible light sources, like power...

» Can DuckDuckGo replace Google search while offering better privacy?
3 days ago from Technology | The Guardian
The alternative search engine markets itself on protecting users’ privacy, but is it worth using?So is DuckDuckGo no good? Surprised you did not mention it. MurrayFollowing last week’s article abo...

» Report: These cities are the best for tech professionals
3 days ago from Articles on TechRepublic
If you're a tech professional willing to relocate, one of these five cities is worth considering, CompTIA said in a new report.

» Game publisher 2K announces new BioShock game
3 days ago from Guru3D.com
Right, this one slipped though, Publisher 2K announced on Monday to work on a new game in the popular BioShock series. The game is made by Cloud Chamber, a newly created studio especially for the new...

» Free to grab: Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut Digital Classic Edition (GOG)
3 days ago from Guru3D.com
GOG is giving away FREE copies of a post-apocalyptic RPG Wasteland 2 Director’s Cut Digital Classic Edition, for 48 hours, starting today and lasting until December 13th 2019....

» MSI Announces Radeon RX 5500 XT Gaming and MECH cards
3 days ago from Guru3D.com
MSI is proud to introduce its full line up of graphics cards based on the new AMD Radeon RX 5500 XT series with remarkable performance.  Built on the 7nm FinFET process and delivering higher performa...

» Ring Alarm review: Amazon's smart security upgrade
3 days ago from Technology | The Guardian
DIY wireless home security system is a great alarm that’s smart enough without trying to do too muchAmazon’s new Ring Alarm smartens up the traditional home security system without radically chang...

» You cannae break the laws of physics, cap'n... Boffins call BS on 'impossible' black hole, fear readings were botched
3 days ago from The Register
We knew it was too good to be true Updated  An impossibly massive black hole that defied conventional theories has been called into question after multiple researchers suggested the data used to esti...

» Revealed: NHS England bosses meet with tech and pharmaceutical giants to discuss price list of millions of Brits' medical data
3 days ago from The Register
Nine 'commercial models' to access central database mulled at hush-hush meeting Exclusive  Talks to package millions of British medical records into a vast, commercially valuable database that may th...

» Ham Nation 432: Tower Safety Part 2
3 days ago from All TWiT.tv Shows (Video HD)
The Santa Net with Pete Thomson and a special guest! Bob Heil on his move, show you are a Ham Nation fan with a special offer from HamCrazy.com, Gordo works with the new Heil Parametric Receive Audio ...

» You had one job, Cupertino: Apple's Intelligent Tracking Protection actually gets tracking protection
3 days ago from The Register
Gap in browser privacy tech embarrassingly detected by Google Apple on Tuesday updated its Intelligent Tracking Protection (ITP) system in its WebKit browser engine because it could be tracked.…

» Space Force is go, go, go! Because we have a child as President of the United States
3 days ago from The Register
House of Representatives OKs Trump plan because it wants federal parents to take time off President Trump’s dream of a special space force have come true just before Christmas, with the US House of ...

» This Week in Google 538: The Third Most Hated Video of All Time
3 days ago from All TWiT.tv Shows (Video HD)
This Week's Stories: YouTube Rewind and Google's 2019 Year in Search Google Glass Explorer Edition gets its final update Magic Leap isn't there yet Twitter funding decentralized social media Fortnite ...

» How many steps was that, then? Uncle Sam's lawyers, watchdog race to probe Google's Fitbit gobble
3 days ago from The Register
Justice Department wins chance to track fitness-tracking purchase The US Department of Justice has beat out the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) to become the top dog in an antitrust review of Google’...

» Early TSMC 5nm Test Chip Yields 80%, HVM Coming in H1 2020
3 days ago from AnandTech
Today at the IEEE IEDM Conference, TSMC is presenting a paper giving an overview of the initial results it has achieved on its 5nm process. This process is going to be the next step for any customer c...

» Trickbot Operators Now Selling Attack Tools to APT Actors
3 days ago from Dark Reading:
North Korea's Lazarus Group - of Sony breach and WannaCry fame - is among the first customers.

» The Great $50M African IP Address Heist
3 days ago from Krebs on Security
A top executive at the nonprofit entity responsible for doling out chunks of Internet addresses to businesses and other organizations in Africa has resigned his post following accusations that he secr...

» FLOSS Weekly 559: Open Source Chat
3 days ago from All TWiT.tv Shows (Video HD)
On FLOSS Weekly, Randal Schwartz, Aaron Newcomb, and Jonathan Bennett talk about the various things going on within the world of open-source. Hosts: Randal Schwartz, Aaron Newcomb, and Jonathan Benn...

» Intel Issues Fix for 'Plundervolt' SGX Flaw
3 days ago from Dark Reading:
Researchers were able to extract AES encryption key using SGX's voltage-tuning function.

» Cisco slips on a Tolkien ring: One chip design to rule them all, one design to find them. One design to bring them all...
3 days ago from The Register
And in the darkness bind them – to next year's IT budgets Cisco has launched a single chip architecture that it claims will work well in network routing and switching gear, and manage data better th...

» Intel Hires Fab Veteran, Former GlobalFoundries CTO Dr. Gary Patton
3 days ago from AnandTech
Intel has hired Dr. Gary Patton, the former CTO at GlobalFoundries and an ex-head of IBM Microelectronics business. Dr Patton was leading Global Foundries leading edge processes before that project wa...

» Windows Weekly 651: Frampton's Still Alive
3 days ago from All TWiT.tv Shows (Video HD)
Windows 7, we had a good run Microsoft will push a full-screen EOL warning to Windows 7 users in January Windows 7's Security Essentials AV software is going away after January 14, too Have our expect...

» All Android users can now make phone calls on PC with the Windows 10 Your Phone app
3 days ago from OnMSFT.com
After a period of beta testing with Windows Insiders, Microsoft is finally ready to make the calling feature in Your Phone on Windows 10 mainstream.

» Colorado cryptocoin execs spark up blunt '$722m ponzi scheme' criminal charges after investments go up in smoke
3 days ago from The Register
Dude, pass the indictment Three men have been arrested and charged with masterminding what prosecutors claimed is a $722m cryptocurrency ponzi scheme.…

» 3 million gamers played Halo: Reach on PC and Xbox One during launch week
3 days ago from OnMSFT.com
The long-awaited Halo Reach remaster had a “monumental launch” last week according to Aaron Greenberg, Xbox Games Marketing General Manager at Microsoft.

» EUV Wafers Processed and TwinScan Machine Uptime: A Quick Look
3 days ago from AnandTech
One of the interesting elements that came out of some of our discussions at the IEDM conference this year revolve around the present deployment of EUV. Currently only one company makes EUV tools, ASML...

» The Next Security Silicon Valley: Coming to a City Near You?
3 days ago from Dark Reading:
The high cost of doing business in California's San Francisco Bay Area is just one factor driving infosec companies - established and and startups, alike - to pursue their fortunes elsewhere. Here's w...

» Macronix to Start Shipments of 3D NAND in 2020
3 days ago from AnandTech
Macronix, a Taiwan-based manufacturer for special-purpose memory solutions, will start volume shipments of its own 3D NAND memory in the second half of next year. The company will become the first fla...

» Non-unicorn $700 e-scooter shop Unicorn folds with no refunds – after blowing all its cash on online ads
3 days ago from The Register
Early adopters left out of pocket as winter and Facebook costs kill biz In a savage blow to the notion of nominative determinism, e-scooter startup Unicorn is shutting down after blowing all its money...

» Most Active Copyright Trolls Have Stopped Filing U.S. Piracy Lawsuits, For Now
3 days ago from TorrentFreak
The two companies behind nearly all U.S. file-sharing lawsuits in recent years haven't filed any new complaints recently. Instead of submitting hundreds of new complaints, there are none. It's unclear...

» Microsoft details the most clever phishing techniques it saw in 2019
3 days ago from ZDNet | security RSS
This year's most clever phishing tricks include hijacking Google search results and abusing 404 error pages.

» How much cheese does one person need to grate? Mac Pro pricing unveiled
3 days ago from The Register
El Reg checks all the boxes. Dell: 'Hold my beer' Apple's Mac Pro turned up on the company's website this week and, yep, it's eye-wateringly expensive.…

» Should Discord Be in Your Incident Response Toolbox?
3 days ago from LinuxInsider
Cybersecurity incident response teams have choices when it comes to communication tools: Microsoft Teams, Slack, Zoom and numerous others. Some require a subscription or commercial license -- others ...

» 5 Tips for Keeping Your Security Team on Target
3 days ago from Dark Reading:
In nearly every security environment, competing priorities are a constant battleground. Here's how to keep the focus on what's important.

» Intel’s Manufacturing Roadmap from 2019 to 2029: Back Porting, 7nm, 5nm, 3nm, 2nm, and 1.4 nm
3 days ago from AnandTech
One of the interesting disclosures here at the IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) has been around new and upcoming process node technologies. Almost every session so far this week has ...

» Microsoft Ends Support for Windows 10 Mobile
3 days ago from AnandTech
Microsoft this week has finally retired Windows 10 mobile, ending support for its smartphone OS. However, in a quirk of differing lifecycle policies, the software giant will continue to support its Of...

» Microsoft begins Windows 10's 1809-to-1909 compulsory upgrade
3 days ago from Computerworld News
Microsoft has begun forcibly upgrading Windows 10 PCs running version 1809 with the latest, the November 2019 Update, aka 1909, which the company launched less than a month ago."We will slowly start t...

» $13m+ Swiss Army Knife of blenders biz collapses to fury of 20,000 unfulfilled punters
3 days ago from The Register
Not cool, Coolest Cooler backers say If you want to hear a tale of woe, you don't need to dust off some Dostoyevsky – just head to Kickstarter, which has no shortage of stiffed punters and failed pr...

» Google Chrome Now Automatically Alerts Users on Compromised Passwords
3 days ago from Dark Reading:
A series of security enhancements seek to protect users from phishing and warn them when credentials have been compromised.

» Younger Generations Drive Bulk of 2FA Adoption
3 days ago from Dark Reading:
Use of two-factor authentication has nearly doubled in the past two years , pointing to a new wave of acceptance.

» Careful with that Axe, Eugene: Excessive use of body spray causes school bus evacuation
3 days ago from The Register
You are the weakest Lynx A salutary warning arrived this week for those seeking to impress at the Christmas disco after a school bus had to be unloaded due to an excessive discharge of body spray.…

» Microsoft jumps in Glassdoor’s “Best Places to Work” list as Facebook and Google drop out of top 10
3 days ago from OnMSFT.com
Microsoft has quietly moved up in the rankings from 34 to 21 in over the past year.

» Intel: Lakefield Today For Consumer Devices In Holiday 2020. Possible 5G on Foveros
3 days ago from AnandTech
At the IEEE International Electron Devices Meeting (IEDM) 2019, Intel had two package integration presentations, one on its Omni-Directional Interconnect and one on its 3D stacking Foveros technology....

» FBI shares security advice for online shopping
3 days ago from ZDNet | security RSS
FBI: Use credit cards rather than debit cards, don't use public WiFi, keep your devices updated, and more.

» Bad news: KeyWe Smart Lock is easily bypassed and can't be fixed
3 days ago from The Register
Good news? There is no good news File this one under "not everything needs a computer in it". Finnish security house F-Secure today revealed a vulnerability in the KeyWe Smart Lock that could let a st...

» Microsoft Teams comes to Linux
3 days ago from Computerworld News
Microsoft Teams is now available on Linux as a public preview, the first time an Office 365 application has been brought to the open source operating system.A native Linux client has been one of the m...

» New Zeppelin Ransomware Targeting Tech and Health Companies
3 days ago from The Hacker News
A new variant of Vega ransomware family, dubbed Zeppelin, has recently been spotted in the wild targeting technology and healthcare companies across Europe, the United States, and Canada. However, if...

» Ready to finally give up on Windows Phone? Here are some of the best new phones you can buy
3 days ago from OnMSFT.com
If you're giving up on Windows Phone, there's still plenty of great phones you can choose from to get the Microsoft experience you were once accustomed to.

» Remembering Windows Phone, the OS that tried to break the iOS/Android duopoly
3 days ago from OnMSFT.com
Yesterday, Microsoft finally dropped support for Windows 10 Mobile, the mobile OS that succeeded to Windows Phone 8.1 back in 2015. The OS has been pretty much on life support for two years, with Micr...

» Twitch fights back, signs top (remaining) gamers to exclusive deals
3 days ago from OnMSFT.com
Popular streamers DrLupo, LIRIK, and TimTheTatman have all signed multi-year contracts with the Amazon-owned streaming giant.

» Apple is forcing the ad industry to change
3 days ago from Computerworld News
Advertising has become too personal.Modern systems learn too much about your personal life, tastes and aspirations, and while this is manna from heaven for advertisers, it’s an invasion of privacy f...

» Patch Tuesday brings a reprise of the Autopilot debacle, now quashed, and another Win7 nag
3 days ago from Computerworld News
Patch Tuesday in December rarely brings anything worthwhile — everybody’s on vacation, or wants to be on vacation — and this month’s no exception. We got patches for 36 separately identified...

» Huawei 5G kit in Faroe Islands: Chinese ambassador 'linked Huawei contract to ... trade deal' – report
3 days ago from The Register
Hot mic snafu reportedly caught by TV station Updated  China's ambassador to Denmark has reportedly threatened to kill off a proposed free trade deal unless the semiautonomous Faroe Islands sign a de...

» Microsoft launches new Xbox support website
3 days ago from OnMSFT.com
icrosoft has launched its revamped Xbox support website.